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Chapter 14 is ready!

Many thanks to charles adebambo and cade2065 for their assistance with reddit! Man hugs all around! If you haven’t read RWX’s post in reddit yet, take a peak at it. It’s exactly this honeymoon phase that I tried to avoid, … Continue reading

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Chapter 13 is ready!

Read Chapter 13 here I believe at least 90% of you out there are already familiar with the Tensei Slime novel. I think it ranks right up there with the top novels. The other 10% whom are not familiar with it, it’s a … Continue reading

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Chapter 12 is ready!

Read Chapter 12 here. Nothing much else to announce today, meh. Wait, isn’t FBT done with his one week break, does that mean there’s going to be Martial God Asura later on?!

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One month anniversary!

Can’t believe it’s already been one month since my first translation release! Thank you to everyone for continuing to read this! To celebrate, here’s a double release, Chapter 10 and Chapter 11. Took me many years nights but I was … Continue reading

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Chapter 9 and a disclaimer

A whole week without Martial God Asura! What should we do with our free time?! *twiddles thumb* So the past few days, I’ve had a huge influx of new readers. It’s either that or there’s a bunch of spam bots … Continue reading

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Chapter 8 is ready to go!

Read Chapter 8 here. Aren’t you guys happy there’s a bunch of new wuxia/xianxia novels being translated on So people should have noticed that I’ve started sharing stuff that I’m reading. I’m not deliberately promoting anyone’s site, just purely for … Continue reading

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Chapter 7 and other stuff

Go straight to reading Chapter 7 here. WordPress has a stats page that shows me how many visitors I’ve gotten and where they’ve come from etc. Thanks to someone that came from Translation Raven (Godly Hunter novel), I found a link … Continue reading

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Chapter 6 is ready!

Read chapter 6 here. Sometimes I feel this book is like Mao Ni’s novel Ze Tian Ji, lots of background story that doesn’t have the action we’re used to like in the other more popular novels. Oh well, enjoy!

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