Chapter 24 is ready!

Here’s your first chapter of the week, chapter 24.

Just found Kakemonoko’s site, he has 3 novels there, he writes them like J-novels? If you haven’t already, try it out, it will provide many hours of entertainment! I recommend The New Start for your reads.

Rant: Aren’t you guys sad that the majority of translators have school and are only releasing 1 – 2 chapters per week now? *cry*

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3 Responses to Chapter 24 is ready!

  1. nifleims says:

    I so have to agree with you 😀 and thanks for not only the chapter but the new site to check out


  2. Abhinav says:

    hell yeah ….right now though its gud…but i dont know what i am going to do after this week …


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