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Undefeatable Chapter 1 is ready!

By no means do I consider myself good with grammar but the title Level Up Is Getting Me Undefeatable made me cringe. I have changed it to Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable. If you look at the old translations compared … Continue reading

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I was forced!

WordPress staff kinda made me claim my .com, so when you guys come to my website, you will be auto directed to my new .com… I’m slaving away with the Undefeatable chapters while sick, but they are much longer than … Continue reading

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Have you guys noticed?

Last night, I bought the plan but didn’t switch over to a .com because I’m too lazy. But I got the function I wanted which is ad revenue. Please don’t use ad block because my new idea on bonus chapters … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it! There’s been some delay in getting the .com, but it should happen soon, I think…

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For those that don’t want to keep receiving updates, you might want to unsubscribe for now since I think I have to have an active wordpress account in order to have it monetized. So every week or so, I’ll have … Continue reading

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