Undefeatable Chapter 24 is ready!

February ad revenue was disappointing: $12.37 minus $8.25 for hosting equals $4.12 into the bonus bank. If you guys are curious, I received $0.36 per 1k ad views.

We had more ad views in February than January yet the revenue was so little. There’s only two explanation I have for that. The first one being more likely, is that advertisers were offering less money per 1k view since it’s early in the year and not a big shopping season. Second is that we have more international readers while the U.S. and Canadian readers continue to block the ads. If you guys don’t know, U.S. and Candadian advertisers pay almost $1 per 1k impressions while international only pay a few cents.

Here’s your weekly release, Chapter 24 – Crisis

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3 Responses to Undefeatable Chapter 24 is ready!

  1. Arthur Kane says:

    Ever thought about hosting the site yourself, and use other ad network instead of relying on Wordads?

    I can get quality hosting that’s cheaper than $8.25 per month. Wordads has terrible payout. When I got out of Wordads and used others, my ad revenue went 5x higher. It averaged to about $2.40 per thousand views.

    Assuming you got 2.5 million page views as your stat below. Let say about 60% of visitors used adblocker, leaving 40% that turned on ads. There’s effective 1 million page views showing ads, and let say you showed 3 ads per page. That’s 3 million ads view.
    Divide that by 1000 to get 3000 unit (per thousand view). Let say you have the same rate as me. $2.4. That’s $7.2k of ad revenue that you could cumulatively had.
    That’s assuming you show 3 ads per page. I used 5 per page.

    In short, you’re not monetizing your content well. Especially if you’re relying on Wordads. It might be good 2 years ago, but not anymore.


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