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9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch342 – Ch344

Hey guys, here’s your monthly dose of 9HTM! Chapter 342 – A very generous gift Chapter 343 – Jade revolving Chapter 344 – White scaled giant crocodile I only get about 250 readers for 9HTM each month but I will … Continue reading

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Undefeatable Ch140 Bonus

Hey guys, March ad revenue came in at $32.10 so that pushed the bonus bank to $48.98. Since it’s so close, I decided to push out a bonus chap and reset the bank back to $0. Chapter 140 – Dispelling … Continue reading

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9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch339 – Ch341

Chapter 339 – I don’t want to kill you Chapter 340 – Sea emperor’s birthday Chapter 341 – The black tortoise true god If you guys want more Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable, go to gravitytales ranking page and vote … Continue reading

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