9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch369 – Ch372

Here’s your dose of 9HTM! We shall strive for more than 20 readers this time! Half joking aside, I should be back to 4 chapters per month in March as my in-laws will be here. I will let you guys know if I encounter any problems…

Chapter 369 – An immortal descends
Chapter 370 – Punish the evil
Chapter 371 – Volcanic eruption
Chapter 372 – Ancient gray beast

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6 Responses to 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch369 – Ch372

  1. jdrunkenfist says:

    How do you count your readers?

  2. bugaboo416 says:

    I had stopped at chapter 96 when I had caught up. I usually use reddit to get updates and only after looking at an old log, did I remember this. Are you posting updates in Noveltranslations?

    • omgitsaray says:

      Sorry for the slow translation speed! I don’t do any updates on reddit and only on this site. If you see this anywhere else, it’s considered “copied” for convenience sake or just plain old using my translation without my permission.