9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch369 – Ch372

Here’s your dose of 9HTM! We shall strive for more than 20 readers this time! Half joking aside, I should be back to 4 chapters per month in March as my in-laws will be here. I will let you guys know if I encounter any problems…

Chapter 369 – An immortal descends
Chapter 370 – Punish the evil
Chapter 371 – Volcanic eruption
Chapter 372 – Ancient gray beast

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4 Responses to 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch369 – Ch372

  1. jdrunkenfist says:

    How do you count your readers?


    • omgitsaray says:

      how many readers read on release that day and how many read in a month


      • Kuraudo Nain says:

        Lol the last time I read this was when I commented with a gif of a hair flipping Sebastian (I can’t even remember the chapter now. R.I.P.)😂 Honestly, I admire that you still translate this given the negative reviews and low popularity. Even I lost intrest long ago.

        Well, keep it up!


      • omgitsaray says:

        That was like a year or two ago? I will keep struggling how many years it takes to finish it lol.


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