BTFTLIAW Chapter 127 – The Future

*** Some terms may be different than Trung’s because mine are direct translations, there will also be plenty of grammatical errors and mistakes***

However Laura didn’t think this situation was a good thing. This was all brought forth by Zhao Hai’s radishes. And all these specific radishes from Zhao Hai had been sold out. If others where to hear this news and came to buy the other radishes and realize they weren’t magical at all, then the Magic Lily Store may not benefit and actually become problematic for them.

Laura immediately ordered the sales clerk in their shop to notify customers who bought radish that the special ones were all gone. They had to wait until new inventory to come in.

After giving her order, Laura immediately had Kun look for her in her private room. She relayed all the information to Kun. After Kun heard the situation, he then said to Laura: “Young miss, I think we should immediately go to Mr. Zhao Hai’s place and see how much magical radish he can provide us each month. If he can provided us with a large amount, we can do a large scale cooperation with him immediately. What do you think?”

Laura nodded and said: “Sounds good, early tomorrow we will go to Stony Mountain and see Mr. Zhao Hai. I never thought that the magic radishes would have such an effect. Grandfather Kun, can you tell what’s going on? Why would so many children after eating the magic radishes would suddenly be able to sense the magic elements and be able to meditate?”

Kun glanced at Laura once before forcing a smile and saying: “My little Laura, you think that everyone can be like you and eat magical vegetables while growing up since childhood? Up until now, apart from taste testing dishes, when have you actually ate magic radishes? Within a year, the common people are barely able to eat a bit of magic vegetables. Their children may have very high magical talent but because they cannot eat that much magic vegetables, their sensitivity to magical elements won’t be that good. Therefore their study of magic and battle qi, when compared with the large noble clan’s children, are much slower. But inside the magic radishes of Mr. Zhao Hai, the magical elements inside are in abundance. For people like us that often eat magic vegetables, the radish may not have a very strong effect. But for those people that rarely get to eat magic vegetables, the effects would be quite intense for them. This is similar to a person that doesn’t take any medicine would feel that what they took was very effective. While a person that frequently takes that same medicine may feel like it doesn’t work very well anymore.”

Laura nodded as she realized this truly was the case. When she was at Zhao Hai’s place and ate the magic radish, she didn’t have any particular feelings, she only felt the magic radish tasted quite delicious. Although she felt the magic radish produced by Zhao Hai had stronger magical elements than the ordinary magic radish, the reason she didn’t care was that when compared to other high-grade magic vegetables, the magic elements in the magic radishes wasn’t that big of a deal.

However, she had actually forgotten that someone like her in this world that ate magic vegetables since her childhood were in the minority. The were some common people that had never eaten any magic vegetables in their lifetime.

Kun looked at Laura’s expression before saying: “We must form some type of cooperation contract with Mr. Zhao Hai as soon as possible. There’s also one thing, and that’s Mr. Zhao Hai’s growth potential.”

This made Laura a bit confused. With a puzzled look, Laura asked: “Grandfather Kun, what do you mean by that?”

Kun looked at Laura. He couldn’t help but silently sigh in his heart. Laura was still too young. Even though she was very intelligent, she wasn’t able to look far ahead enough for this matter. He could only explain: “Even though I have only made contact with Zhao Hai once, I was still able to discover some things. Behind Zhao Hai should be some developed territory, and this territory he possesses should be extremely fertile since it can produce such high quality magic vegetables. Zhao Hai possibly may have offended someone, therefore he cannot allow us to see his face and does not dare to seek the cooperation of the big commercial entities. That’s why he looked for us; because he knows you and that you owe him. Compared to the other commercial entities, we are someone that he can trust.”

Once Laura heard Kun’s explanation, she couldn’t help but nod and say: “Right, I feel like this is the case as well. If Zhao Hai didn’t offend someone, based on the products he has, there’s no need for him to work with us.”

Kun nodded and then said: “Zhao Hai can be said to be a very intelligent person. He knows that he just started cooperating with us so he has to guarantee the cargo’s quality and spread its name. Therefore he gave us the highest quality magic radishes to us. But little Laura, you must pay attention to one point: He has given us the highest quality ones so where are the low quality ones then? If he isn’t cooperating with other people, then these vegetables won’t be able to be sold and can only be eaten.”

After hearing what Kun said, Laura looked like she understood something. But the look she gave Kun was like she understood some things and not others. Seeing Laura’s expression, Kun faintly smiled before saying: “If he gave those lower magic vegetables to his subordinates, then the bodies of these people should be stronger compared to the average person. Looking at Zhao Hai, you can tell he doesn’t have a lot of subordinates for now. If he had enough magic radish leftovers, then his subordinates could be eating magic vegetables everyday. Think about it, within this continent, who has private soldiers that can eat magic vegetables everyday? None, no clans are capable of it. Even those big aristocratic families, amongst their private soldiers, only the elite of them can eat magic vegetables everyday. If the private soldiers of Zhao Hai had such a treatment, what do you think his future would look like?”

The older the ginger the spicier it got. Even though Kun’s analysis wasn’t quite correct, it was impossible for him to know about the special space. However, his analysis was exactly what Zhao Hai was planning for in the future, something his group had wanted to do. Zhao Hai wanted all his subordinates to eat the vegetables and meat that was produced in his space to strengthen their physique. And Kun was able to zero in on Zhao Hai’s goal.

Laura’s two brightly lit eyes looked at Kun before saying: “The meaning behind Grandfather Kun’s analysis is that Mr. Zhao Hai will become even stronger and even more formidable in the future? If this really were to happen, then this is an extremely advantageous situation for us.”

Kun replied with a smile: “We are merchants, and merchants aren’t aristocrats. We aren’t here to fantasize about being lords or conquerors. But it doesn’t stop us merchants from investing in these aristocrats. If we find an aristocrat this is worth our investment, then we must invest in them. The day this person succeeds is the day we leap to the heavens. This is the highest achievement we merchants are capable of.”

Laura nodded while saying: “Grandfather Kun thinks that Mr. Zhao Hai is someone worth investing in? Then should we give Mr. Zhao Hai some extra preferential benefits? Or should we give him some subsidization?”

Kun shook his head and said: “We definitely shouldn’t do that. Even though I’ve only been in contact with Mr. Zhao Hai once, I can tell he is a person with a very strong sense of self-respect. In other words, he is very arrogant. He will not accept any subsidies that’s similar to us giving him a charity. If we did something like this to him, it will cause him to become disgusted with us. The thing we must do now is to cooperate with him like we would with any other normal business. This already will be the biggest help he needs. But whatever matter he requests us to help him with should be done quickly and efficiently. For example, he wants us to look for a meat processing factory so this should be pushed to the forefront of our schedule.

Laura nodded and said: “Tomorrow we will go to Stony Mountain and ask Mr. Zhao Hai about his output of Blue Eyed Rabbits. Then we will make contact with a meat processing factory.”

Kun nodded and said: “That’s the right course we should take. We should first understand how many Blue Eyed Rabbits Mr. Zhao Hai is capable of supplying before we contact the processing factory. These steps would be more beneficial to Mr. Zhao Hai.”

Laura nodded. She turned around to look out of the window at the sky before muttering to herself: “I hope this is an opportunity for me. Even though I don’t care about the head position of the Markey Family, I hope that in the future I will not turn into a gift and be sent off by these ‘fellows’ of the family.”

There’s a reason why Laura is saying this. She is 18 years old this year and her position in the Markey Family has always been relatively weak. All the respected families on this Continent have a move to consolidate or increase their influence. This move has been used for several thousands of years now and it’s still being used. And it’s most likely continued to be used in the foreseeable future – marriage.

This move was a technique that has been used like a worn out rag, but it’s something those large and respected families keep on using. Although the face value of marriage is equivalent to a pile of dog shit, but you have to acknowledge it’s useful when two families cooperate with each other. Once you put marriage into the mixture, it can make the two relations more harmonious.

Laura was a member of the Markey Family. Even though her talent for conducting business was very high, her position in the Markey Family was way too weak. Now that Laura was 18 years old, it’s believed that very soon, the Markey Family will marry her off for benefits. And this was something Laura was most troubled with.

Laura clearly understood that if she didn’t want to be married off like a pawn by the people of the family, there was only one solution: make oneself become formidable. She had to grow strong enough that the people in the family would not dare to marry her off. This was the only way she could be in control of her own life.

Kun understood Laura’s thoughts. Laura had always wanted to make achievements with her business but she didn’t have the means. She was never able to get any help from the Markey Family. She couldn’t get a good supplier, a good partner, or a powerful ally. She didn’t have any of these external factors that could make a person become strong. No matter how intelligent Laura was, it was impossible for her to instantaneously increase her influence.

But the appearance of Zhao Hai had actually given her an opportunity, an opportunity that could make Laura become powerful. As long as she seized this opportunity, the Markey Family wanting to step in and manage her would become a difficult matter for them.

Although we say that Laura’s father, Klein, wasn’t that capable, but he actually loved Laura very much. From the time she reached 18 years old, she still hadn’t been regarded as an object to be married off yet. This was all due to Klein; Klein didn’t care what the people in the family said, he had always believed that Laura’s happiness should be decided by her.

In Klein’s opinion, he alone came to this tiny place called the Purcell duchy. The family didn’t really give him any assistance so naturaly, they had no authority to determine Laura’s destiny.

But just based on this was insufficient; they needed strength, a formidable strength. Otherwise sooner or later, the family will make their move on Laura. Because to these heads of large respected families, an individual’s happiness compared to the family’s benefits was not even worth a fart.

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