Ch 1 – Arrival of the Dragon

There are four major forces within the country of Tenglong that’s spread throughout the land. Although there were constant conflicts with each other, it never came to a full out war.

In a region to the West, there was a religion. The name itself sounded like a righteous religion but it was actually an evil religion called the Ming Sect. According to legend, this religion started in the early Ming Dynasty and was originally a righteous religion. Ming Sect started as a righteous sect by righteous people but due to the passage of time, it gradually transformed. They lost their just cause and became a despised sect by others. Amongst the four major forces, Ming Sect happened to be the most powerful. They were in charge of the country’s underground world and had a hand in many different industries. Even within key government officials, there would be Ming Sect members.

The second major force was located in the south, named the “Martial Sect”. Members of this sect were all famous for their ancient clans with a long history of martial arts. Through the history of time, they somehow gathered together with Shangguan family as the master. The Shangguan family brought together all the separate martial clans and formed the famous group “Martial Sect”. Of the Shangguan family, Xi Hong was the leader for daily affairs. The Martial Sect was in charge of Tenglong country’s military affairs and their influence was something to behold.

The third major force was called the “Celestial Court.” This group was made up of arrogant people who had an unyielding faith in their diverse training abilities. Supporting this group was a person named Shangguan Rong whom had attained the peak of the martial arts realm. Celestial Court commanded multiple prominent sects such as Wu Dang, Kun Lun, Emei etc. (famous Sects in many Wuxia novels)  Celestial Court also had an enigmatic relationship with a mysterious security force that protected the country of Tenglong.

The last great power was actually a family. This family resided on top of a mountain in the eastern part of Tenglong. This ancient Lei family inherited the teachings of their ancestors and continued to increase their family’s influence. This family was really popular in Tenglong and had also become a commercial powerhouse. Although there were less than 100 people in the family, their connections to the outside world was shocking to the extreme. The Lei family resides on a mountain with established factories and processing plants. The entire Lei family all lived within this mountain and people would describe it as its own small kingdom

The master of the Lei family, Lei Yun Tian had two sons: The eldest son was named Lei Long and the second son was named Lei Yu. Lei Yu’s origin is a mystery and full of unknowns.


Inside the Lei’s family great hall.

“He doesn’t have the family brand (tattoo) so there’s no possibility of practicing the family’s martial arts!” A white-haired old man said in a cold tone.

Looking at his right arm, a light gradually receded and didn’t leave any impressions. This little boy himself was puzzled.

Once the old man concluded his announcement, the entire hall went up into a sudden commotion. Outbursts of disdain and ridicule followed one after another.

“Ha ha, this is the clan master’s son? He doesn’t even have the family’s brand?”

“I don’t think he’s really that person’s child!”

“Probably a bastard child, posing as the son of the master!”


“Vile spawn!”

The little boy covered his head, turned and ran out of the great hall into the garden screaming hysterically: “Why?! Why don’t I have the family brand? Why?!”

Screaming at the sky: “I’m not a bastard! I’m not! Why?!”

Inside the great hall, a middle-aged man about forty years old had a very ugly expression on his face. Beside him, the white-haired old man who originally made the announcement gently patted his shoulder, “I had advised you early on, but you…”

After a sigh, the middle-aged man announced: “The baptism ceremony has concluded, time to disperse.” After finishing the announcement, the middle-aged man sat down in a chair with an exhausted look.

Lei Yu previously heard from his Uncle Liu mention he came to the Lei family when he was around 1 years old. He was left behind at the main gate by a woman whom was never seen again.

Lei Yu rushed towards Uncle Liu as he entered the doorway. “Uncle Liu, what did my father say?”

“Well… child, you should leave this place.” Uncle Liu reluctantly shook his head. Uncle Liu had watched this child grow up so he naturally had deep feelings for him. But after this incident, there’s nothing he can change or assist him with.

Lei Yu sat back on his bed in a depressed state. Uncle Liu’s words were clear, his father doesn’t want him to stay in the family. Was it just solely because he didn’t have the family’s brand? No! Lei Yu refused to believe this and insisted on staying.

It has been determined that Lei Yu did not have the family brand after the baptism so his life underwent an enormous change. No more words of flattery towards him, no one would greet him with a smile, everyone would walk by and scoff at this 10 year old child and some would even ridicule him out loud.

But Lei Yu endured all these insults and ridicule, he continued to exercise on his own. In Lei Yu’s heart, even if he did not have the family brand, he could still become powerful. Once he was strong enough, the family would accept him once again.

Day after day of exercising, Lei Yu used up quite a fortune to hire well-known martial artists for guidance. Day after day of blood and sweat, he kept on doing his daily exercises. After all of this, Lei Yu managed to forge a strong body and mind.

Eight years went by and Lei Yu had only seen his father a few times, but it was only a glimpse of his back or his shadow.

In that eight years, Lei Yu endured daily insults of being called “bastard”, “trash”, “waste of food”, but he continued to tolerate it in attempts to show everyone and prove to himself.

As Lei Yu was reading a book inside his room, Uncle Liu stood by the doorway and said: “Little Yu, you should really just leave this place, the master, he…”

“My father? What about him?” Lei Yu asked with a sudden bad feeling.

Gritting his teeth, Uncle Liu said: “The master has finally decided to make you leave this family. He said the family shouldn’t be raising useless people, so…”

Lei Yu swallowed hard, completely speechless. Looking at Lei Yu’s face, Uncle Liu sighed as he shook his head helplessly and left.

“Why? Why? Has father not seen the efforts I’ve put in these past few years? Why does he insist that I am useless? Is it really necessary to have the family brand  in order to be part of the Lei family? Why?” Lei Yu forcefully shook his head. He refused to believe such a thing would happen to him today but unfortunately, this was an undeniable fact.

“Bastard! Why aren’t you leaving? What are you still here for?!”

While in agony, Lei Yu heard these insults being screamed outside the door. After hearing this, an ugly and disgusted expression appeared on his face. The person screaming was called Lei Yun, the grandson of one of the elder’s for the Lei family. Lei Yun also happen to be the successor for the position of elder. After the baptism, this Lei Yun who was slightly older would insult Lei Yu on a daily basis. There were even the occasional beatings by him.

With cold dead eyes, Lei Yu glared at Lei Yun and screamed: “F*ck off!”

Lei Yun was suddenly stunned. He didn’t think the family’s trash would dare to use those words at him; him, who was designated as the next successor of being an elder. Lei Yun waved behind him and up came several similarly aged young adults, each with an air of menace around them.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You dare to speak to me like that?!” Looking around the surrounding people, he tells them: “Drag him out here!”

Even though Lei Yu had practiced martial arts for a few years, being surrounded by these few people that had practiced the special martial arts of the Lei family, Lei Yu was unable to resist them. Being held down and dragged by several people, they dragged him to the edge of the cliff.

“What do you people want?” Screamed Lei Yu while struggling.

While at the edge of the cliff, they started beating up Lei Yu with their Lei family’s unique fire ability. Lei Yu was similar to a normal person so there’s no way he could bear with this abuse.

Raising his hand to block a heavy punch, Lei Yu then retaliated. Using strength from the base of his legs, then controlling the strength to his upper body, he threw out a punch hitting Lei Yun in the chin. A “crack” sound could be heard. Some blood started coming out of Lei Yun’s mouth and he then spit out a tooth.

Never before had Lei Yun suffered such punishment in his life, causing him to experience an extremely angry emotion. “Drop him off the cliff!”

“Uhhh…” The surrounding people looked at each other. They were able to suffer the punishment of fighting, but killing someone, they weren’t willing to bear that consequence. But Lei Yun was the next successor of being an elder so they couldn’t resist his commands either. Each one of the young adults did not know what to do.

Seeing the people hesitate, Lei Yun angrily shouted: “Push him off the cliff, I will take full responsibility!”

Lei Yu took a few steps back. Standing on the edge of a cliff, he narrowed his eyes and coldly glared at Lei Yun. Forced to these unbearable circumstances, despised by his family and rejected by his peers, Lei Yu became utterly crazy.

“Lei Yun, if I don’t die today, I will definitely come back for revenge! If I do die, my ghost will still come back to haunt you!” Lei Yu’s tone was full of resentment. After hearing this, the surrounding people felt the hairs of their body rising and a cold shiver run through their backs.

Lei Yu left these words to them, turned and jumped off the cliff. Even in death, he will die with dignity. Lei Yu will not beg for mercy. Knowing that he would either be beaten to death or pushed to his death, why not do it himself for a quick conclusion.

“You all saw that right? He jumped down by himself, it has nothing to do with us!” Lei Yun scratched his own chin: “F#cker, go die by yourself, why did I have to lose a tooth for this!”

The sky suddenly began to change as heavy dark clouds started gathering together. Within the dark clouds, streaks of lightning started flashing about. People who saw this thought it would rain soon and ran back home for shelter.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning appeared in the shape of a dragon, “Boom!” A loud noise like a dragon’s roar was heard. Lightning shot straight down towards the body of Lei Yu who was already floating in the river. At this point, it was unknown if he was dead or alive.


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