Ch 10 – Battle Again In Three Years

Like a bullet, the man in black’s speed suddenly increased exponentially, rushing towards Lei Yu with razor sharp nails shimmering with coldness. Lei Yu raised his hand to block his opponent’s attack. Those two were like the drifting wind, from east to west , from south to north, those clashes were almost unimaginable, each clash would result in a burst of strong wind pressure. Observing at the side, Zhao Han was scared silly. “Fortunately, this evening the kid did not fight seriously with me or I would have suffered a great deal, who exactly is he? Why is he so powerful?”

Meanwhile, within the grass was a pair of eyes with a look of surprise, but no one knew it was there.

The fight between the two had been going on for over a minute now. As Lei Yu gently deflected the man in black’s left-handed attack then quickly turned around. The man in black saw this weakness and five lines of cold sinister light flashed by. Lei Yu suddenly felt a hot sensation on his back because the man in black had used his right hand to split it. At that moment with blood pouring down, Lei Yu frowned, beads of sweat on his forehead was dripping down and he was slightly panting out of breath.

“Do I really need to use the power of lightning?” Lei Yu pondered, “there’s no other way, the opponent is just too strong!”

Clenching his teeth, Lei Yu initiated the next attack, with both hands at a knife-like form, he chopped down at the man in black. The man in black raised both of his hands, grabbing both of Lei Yu’s arms and ripped downwards. Both of Lei Yu’s sleeves were then ripped off, leaving 5 lines of bloodstains on each arm. Clenching his teeth to endure the pain, his hands did not stop, continuing to chop down on the shoulders of the man in black. Containing a burst of paralysis within a powerful force, the man in black’s body began to tremble, surprise revealing in his eyes. But more importantly he saw the brand on Lei Yu’s right arm.

Quickly retreating a few steps back, the man in black said: “You are very strong, and your internal energy is not bad, if we continue fighting both of us could end up seriously injured!”

“What do you want then?” Lei Yu asked while slightly panting.

“Tell me your name.” The man in black was most concerned with the numbness he felt and the lightning brand on Lei Yu’s arm. Currently, if one was to look closely at the man in black, you would be able to see his arm constantly trembling. In fact he had no ability to fight anymore, with his arms in a paralyzed state, there’s no way for him to continue attacking. If at this moment Lei Yu rushed forward, this person would not have anyway to fight back.

“Lei Yu!”

“A member of the Lei family household?” The man in black slightly widened his eyes.

“No! I’m not of the Lei family!” Lei Yu’s voice was slightly emotional, he wanted to rush forward and slap his opponent’s face a few times. Except his internal energy consumption had been nearly depleted, there was no strength left to battle again. But fortunately the other side announced a cease fire.

“My name is Cai Zhong, Ming Sect’s northern branch’s leader.

(So what if he’s of Ming Sect!)

“Three years, three years later at this exact same place, same time and date as today, we’ll battle it out again, how about it?” asked the man in black.

It’s rare to encounter a worthy opponent, as Ming Sect’s branch leader, Cai Zhong was naturally excited. Especially when the opponent’s age was much younger than him and already possessing such skill and strength. This inspired Cai Zhong’s fighting spirit, a fighting spirit that was not willing to lose out when compared to Lei Yu.

In fact Lei Yu’s thought process was the same as his opponent’s, when faced with someone more powerful than themselves, they naturally want to pursue them. Today it was clear he was at a disadvantage, if it wasn’t for his reliance on the power of lightning, the one being seriously injured would be himself. Lei Yu promised himself that from today onwards, he will definitely put more effort into cultivating. Yet cultivating requires an opponent to test its strength on, and in front of his eyes was the obvious best choice.

“I accept this match! But…”

“I know what you’re worried about, I assure you, this Zhao Han is my younger cousin, and from now on he will not bother you or your girlfriend.”

“Uh…” Lei Yu wanted to explain, but thinking about it, it wasn’t necessary, so he just nodded his head.

“Good, we have a deal!” Pulling along the still surprised Zhao Han, the two quickly left Lei Yu’s eyesight.

As the two left, Lei Yu fell to the ground, he had consumed too much of his internal energy. The previous fight in the evening had already depleted a portion of it, and now his final blow used all the last ounce of internal energy he had left. All these combined made Lei Yu especially exhausted. Yet with all his last strength staked in the final blow, the other side was able to leave, striding away with such ease and grace. Inside his heart, Lei Yu was inspiring himself to put in more effort to become strong. Three years, three years will pass by fast, we must seize every day. But then remembering after two weeks, he would have the opportunity to enter the Dragon Team. And inside Dragon Team would be many master practitioners of cultivating techniques. The daily training and duels will definitely make him improve faster compared to cultivating alone. Thinking about this caused Lei Yu’s blood begin to boil in excitement.

At this moment, someone suddenly came out of the bushes. The scared Lei Yu hurriedly retreated backwards raising his hands ready to attack.

With a “plop” sound, the person that rushed out in front of Lei Yu actually kneeled down and shouted: “Master! Please accept me as your disciple! You are really too handsome! So great! *clapping sound* your dashing palms landing on his body was way too cool, so brilliant!”

Lei Yu blinked a few times looking at the person in front of him, “are you trying to scare me to death?”

“My apologies master, do you have any thoughts on accepting a disciple? I am willing to serve and wait on you without any regrets! I hope you will not refuse this sincere disciple!”

“Stop joking around!” Lei Yu used his last ounce of strength to support his body before standing up, “I have never thought about taking in a disciple, and oh yeah, you best not disclose what happened here today.”

“As long as you agree to my requests, I will definitely not disclose this!”

“I already said I don’t accept disciples.”

This person helplessly watched Lei Yu. With a long face “if you do not agree to my request, I will stay kneeling here to my death and not get up!”

“You should first put your pants back on! Or else people would think…” said Lei Yu who was already exhausted, his body somewhat shaking.

“Ah!” looking down, the student said: “I was just taking a shit, students aren’t allowed to smoke cigarettes so I was hiding here to get a smoke, then seeing your exciting fight that I actually forgot to pull up my pants. Ahhhh! I forgot to wipe!

“…!” Lei Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. He currently did not have any energy left to laugh. Yet he couldn’t hold in his laughter when faced with this student in front of him.

“Help me out, give me your hand for support.”

“No problem!”

“Are you still a student?”

“First year (freshman), in that school.”

“What is your name?”

“Liu Hao!”


As they arrived at the school’s main entrance, a fast car drove towards them, getting out of the car were three people: one was the familiar face of Nuo Hu; the other was Ai Er; and the third was someone Lei Yu had seen before, it was Nuo Hu’s bodyguard Bao.

“How was it? How come you didn’t tell me sooner!” Nuo Hu hurriedly scolded as he observed the wounds on Lei Yu’s arms.

“It’s okay, everything’s alright now.”

“Brother Yu, you’ve been wounded, quick, lets go to the hospital!” Ai Er held onto Lei Yu, and with one person on either side, they assisted Lei Yu into the car.

“This brother (buddy), you are…” asked Nuo Hu sitting in the front passenger seat and looking behind at Liu Hao.

“My name is Liu Hao, first year student and I’m… I’m master’s disciple.“ Liu Hao did not know what Lei Yu’s name was so he could only answer like this.


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    A random cousin is the leader of a branch of the most powerful sect.


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