Ch 106 – Long Distance Attack

Nuo Hu naturally did not blame Lei Yu. After listening to Lei Yu’s explanation, no one would else would doubt him. The news of Lei Yu’s resurrection was transmitted back to Tenglong country which caused a big sensation. Nuo Yi Long and others wanted to come see him but was refused by Lei Yu. What he wanted was to take care of things here in the Kou country by himself, and he promised them he would be extra careful. On the other hand, Nuo Hu and Liu Hao insisted on staying so Lei Yu had to agree to it.

The next thing Lei Yu had to do was find Hasegawa, but after hearing them say what happened afterwards, he found out that Hasegawa and fled aboard a speedboat. In earnest that day, Hasegawa wasn’t afraid of the people there at all since everyone present weren’t strong enough to be his opponent. But since a Deputy Commander whom was a pivotal figure of the Tenglong country was killed, the blame was squarely on his shoulders. That elderly man who happened to be his master, had the right to execute him on the spot. But anyone was susceptible to favoritism, especially for those Kou bastards.

Because of the relationship she had with Lei Yu, Cui Ying Ying did not have any mood to take care of the company’s matters while he was in the hospital. She didn’t even bother checking on the huge construction project they had going on.

Fortunately, the two partners they were working with were focused on the project, taking care of every aspect of the company. It seems like not all Kou country people were bastards, but Lei Yu still felt a majority of them were heartless assholes.

From the beginning to the end, not a single word of this was revealed to Ai Er. Hanging up the phone with Ai Er, Lei Yu could only heavily sigh. After Nuo Hu came over, would Ai Er stay in Tenglong country? Her own brother and her lover were both in the Kou country; of course she was reluctant to stay in her own country.

However, everyone was going to conceal what happened between Lei Yu and Nami. This deception was well-intentioned, a move he could only helplessly make. Lei Yu really didn’t want to hide it, but on one side his actions were driven by the Qilin, and the other side it had saved Nami’s life. This resulted in both Lei Yu and Nami not owing each other any responsibilities.

Like everything was fine and dandy, Lei Yu took Ai Er around the Kou country to have fun. The first was to compensate Ai Er with the guilt he had in his heart; the second being he was afraid something like that would happen again, so he was afraid he would never see Ai Er ever again.

As for Nami, Cui Ying Ying, Nuo Hu, and Liu Hao, they were all busy dealing with various things. Renovations were already completed at the ocean view villa. The villa was really not bad, especially since well renowned interior designers designed the place. The renovations were something anyone would like; the inside was like a palace, a place that one wouldn’t mind dying in if they lived there.


“Black Panther, the situation has been taken care of.”

“Young master, what are your plans now? Hasegawa has already left the Kou country, our guess is that he hasn’t gotten news of your resurrection.”

“One day, I will eventually find him. I will be a coward if I don’t take revenge!” Lei Yu had every right to be pissed off since he was technically killed. If it weren’t for the Spiritual Bead of Longevity, how could he be standing here chatting with Black Panther? “Bring your people, tomorrow we’re going to the Yamaguchi Island. The first thing I want to do is make the organization, the Yamaguchi-gumi, disappear from here on!”

At the seaside, Lei Yu and Ai Er enjoyed an entire day of being carefree. As for the current situation, Lei Yu already had long-term plans for it. Since the business in the Kou country wasn’t really his, then there was no need to look after it in his plans. It was probably best to resolve this as soon as possible, so whatever responsibilities he had were passed to Black Panther and his group to manage. As for businesses that belonged to Cui Ying Ying’s family, if he could help then he definitely would, if he couldn’t then that’s that.

The most important thing for him was to find his mother. Having already reached the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior, Lei Yu had been looking forward to this for a very long time. What filial person would not want to meet their mother? Once he finds his mother, the truth will be revealed. His mother’s enemy and the murderer of his grandfather was the same person, so finding his mother was the key. After that, Lei Yu can then finally lead a quiet and carefree life with his mother and his loved ones. But would Lei Yu really get to have such a life? Everything is an unknown for now.

Little Ke had been technically avenged. Even though when he killed Otsuka, Lei Yu wasn’t conscious, yet he still had the impressions of doing it. This is the most he could probably do.

The next day, bringing along Black Panther and his group of ten plus people, along with Nuo Hu and Liu Hao, they were all heading towards the Yamaguchi Island – the headquarters of the Yamaguchi-gumi where most people were afraid to get close to.

A total of five speed boats were flying through the waters creating trails and big ripples of foam in the sea. Being amongst this wide expanse of water made one truly feel tiny in the scope of things.

Once this group of people neared the Yamaguchi Island, Lei Yu used his extraordinary eyesight and observed a boat by the island. A dozen or so people were busily working carrying some goods onto the boat. What specifically were they carrying was unknown, but noticing this point, Lei Yu cried out: “Full speed ahead!”

Getting closer and closer. When these men realized Lei Yu and his group of people was approaching, confusion was shown on their faces. Using his ability, Lei Yu could tell that the most powerful out of them all was someone with the strength of a Fourth Order Warrior, a Shadow Ninja; to him they were now simply a group of insignificant beings.

“What are you doing? Do you know what sort of place this is? Quickly turn around and leave!” The Shadow Ninja shouted harshly as he pointed at the arriving five speed boats.

Lei Yu coldly humphed, “what a joke!”

Once these people saw Lei Yu, they immediately went pale. They were also present that day when Lei Yu committed those horrific acts on the island not too long ago. That shocking scene where even strong experts approached him were instantly burnt to crisp could not be forgotten easily. Even Hasegawa’s summoned Water Beast was eventually killed by this person.

But that day, they clearly witnessed Lei Yu being killed by Hasegawa so why would he appear here now? But this question is probably something they will never be able to ask.

Lei Yu gently raised his right hand, his index and middle finger clamped together. The surrounding area around his lightning brand started trembling and from the top of his arm, a purple energy starting going down the length of his arm condensing at his fingertips.

“Go!” Lei Yu coldly cried out. A purple beam with the thickness of a finger mixed with lightning energy shot towards the chest of the Shadow Ninja dozens of meters away

Without any warning, everyone could only see a brief flash of light. The next moment, the eyes of this Shadow Ninja had already become lifeless, a thick white smoke rising from the area of his chest. Looking at it carefully, a hole the size of a finger went directly through his chest and destroyed his heart.

Everyone present could not help but gasp. Lei Yu then cried out: “Black Panther, attack!”

The dozen or so people didn’t care about the crashing waves as they jumped into the air and landed directly on the island. Rage; the insults; this group of mutants recalled the shame and ridicule they had suffered in the past. The group in front of them were the proud ninjas while they were merely the mutants that had their dignity trampled all over just to survive. Today, they finally had a chance to vent. With blood red eyes and murderous intent; a horrifying bloody scent started wafting through air from this small island along with sounds of crashing waves.

The current Lei Yu did not care about how well-respected ninjas were. In his eyes, they were comparable to dog shit and not even worth a cent. Seeing a group of mutants that had endured humiliation for many years going on a killing rampage, Lei Yu did not have a single ounce of sympathy.

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