Ch 11 – Averse To Accepting A Disciple

At a high-end residential villa.

“Cousin! Why did you…” (T/N: older male cousin)

“That kid is really powerful, I suspect he is a member of the Lei family, after all his surname is Lei, but it might or might not be it” said Cai Zhong, exhaling a breath as he came out of his meditative state. (T/N: this meditative state is how cultivators recoup their energy loss or to heal injuries)

“Lei family?” asked Zhao Han.

“Right, it’s the Lei family, but the brand of the Lei family should all be flame shaped, but this kid actually has a lightning shape, could it be that he tattooed it on himself?” Cai Zhong thought about it, then rejected the answer. “Shouldn’t be tattooed on, his attacks contain attributes of the lightning and I almost suffered a major loss. If he did not hold back, it’s a possibility that I would not be able to return here.”

“How could he be so powerful? Should I ask my father to go to the Lei family to ask about him?” asked Zhao Han.

“No need to disturb the elder. In three years time… wait until three years later and we will definitely see which of us is stronger!” Cai Zhong’s eyes shimmered with lights, Lei Yu unintentionally stimulated Cai Zhong’s inspiration for training.

“That young girl…”

“Give it up, I promised him, do not bother them!”

“Okay, I understand.”


Lei Yu was brought to the hospital by Nuo Hu. There, he was bandaged up and then driven home. Liu Hao left by himself in a taxi, but before leaving he said “tomorrow, I’ll come back to your house and perform the induction ceremony!” This gave Lei Yu a big headache.

“The incident has concluded, they promised not to bother you anymore” said Lei Yu with a smile.

Ai Er felt her heart ache looking at Lei Yu. She did not want to cause trouble for Lei Yu since his life was already quite pitiful. Yet these things already happened, fortunately he only suffered minor injuries, nothing major or Ai Er would die of guilt.

“Brother Yu, try to rest well.” Ai Er then placed a cup of water at the bedside for Lei Yu.

“I do want to recuperate a bit.”

Nuo Hu heard from Ai Er what had happened so he didn’t ask any further questions. “Rest well little Yu, we are leaving now.”

Lei Yu nodded his head, after accompanying the two to the door, he returned to his bedroom, took off all his clothes and sat down cross-legged. From earlier on, he felt a throbbing sensation inside his body so Lei Yu had urgently wanted to figure out exactly what was going on.

After calming his mind, Lei Yu concentrated and monitoring his internals. It was exactly as he expected, that green energy had appeared again, continuously repairing the wounds on Lei Yu. The claw wounds on his arms and back were being wrapped up by that green energy.

“What exactly is this power? Why does it have such an extensive repairing ability?”

Lei Yu still could not understand, yet the wounds were currently being repaired at a rapid rate. First to be repaired were the blood vessels, then followed by the muscles. As the wounds were slowly closing up, Lei Yu attentively experienced the warm feeling of when the green energy nourished them.

Two hours later, Lei Yu’s skin had actually completely healed, only a layer of blood was left on the surface. Lei Yu lightly pinched all around. “My god! There’s no scars!” Lei Yu really had to admire this green energy’s repairing ability. At the same time, it made him want to know the origin of this power even more. But he did not know where to start investigating because this power appeared together with the lightning brand and the Lei Yu Divine Arts.

Suddenly, his internal energy started to surge. What little left of his internal energy underwent some turmoil before slowly converging to his dantian’s Sea of Energy area. The sparse spiritual energy in the air was gradually being drawn into Lei Yu, and that yellow energy would start removing the impurities of the spiritual energy entering his body. This series of steps were completed almost instantaneously, while Lei Yu only had to propel his own purple energy according to the cultivation methods in his mind.

Lei Yu, who had entered the early [Integration stage] already felt strong enough. After all, before he came back to the city he did kill that an unknown wild beast. And this beast was able to rival the legendary qilin. But today when facing Cai Zhong did he realize he was still too weak. Since he made a battle date with his opponent in three years time, he must intensify his own cultivation. With a resolute and unyielding personality, Lei Yu naturally was not willing to fall behind.

The internal energy inside the body was continuously being enriched, and the energy in his dantian area continued to recover and enlarge, giving Lei Yu a surprise as the scene unfolded. His purple energy originally was only the size of a baby’s fist, residing in his dantian’s Sea of Energy area. But now it had increased by a full size, containing small amounts of explosive force giving Lei Yu a shock. “This is… what the heck is going on? How could it improve so fast?”

Lei Yu clearly understood, wanting to absorb the trace amounts of spiritual energy in the surrounding air required a lot of effort. Although with the unknown yellow energy assisting him in removing impurities did save him a lot of time, but even so, the speed of absorbing the spiritual energy should not change that much. But now it had just been a few short hours, the spiritual energy inside his dantian’s Sea of Energy area had increased by a lot! Could it be that he depleted his internal energy too much, therefore it made his absorption rate increase?

All these situations were running around in his mind, yet he could not figure out an explanation.

Currently the most important thing to him was to recuperate the loss of internal energy from yesterday. Although the internal energy inside his dantian had increased by a full size, the meridians inside his body felt a bit empty, it did not have the previous feeling of being full of strength when it was filled up, it actually felt a bit weak now.

Lei Yu slightly exhaled, opened his eyes and turned around to look at his old tattered clothes. Inside still contained a few fruits. He picked one up and brought it to his mouth while walking towards the bathroom to wash up.

This Liu Hao was definitely in a rush to perform the induction ceremony. Lei Yu had just finished washing up and changed his clothes and the doorbell rang.

“Master! I came to deliver breakfast to you!” Liu Hao had brought bread and hot milk with him.

“Thank you, and don’t call me master. I’ve told you, I’ve never thought about taking in a disciple” said Lei Yu as he took the breakfast.

Liu Hao immediately put on a pitiful face, his lips quivering, his eyes shimmering back and forth, “I beg you, I beg you to accept me as a disciple!”

“How about I call you boss, can’t you just let me go! You’re even a freshman in a University!” (T/N: very prestigious to be a University student)

*Ba thump* Liu Hao knelt down. “If you don’t accept me, I will never get up from this kneeling position!”

Picking up the bread and taking a bite, the other hand holding the hot milk, Lei Yu said: “Have fun kneeling, I’m going to go run some errands, oh yea, when you leave, don’t forget to lock the door after you.” Without waiting for Liu Hao’s reply, Lei Yu fled the area.

Exiting and waving down the car, Lei Yu needed to buy some daily necessities and clothes. Nuo Hu treated Lei Yu, this sworn brother quite well, he easily took out tens of thousands of yuan (T/N: chinese currency) making Lei Yu extremely moved.

Nuo Hu helped him too much, Lei Yu was always thinking about how to repay his kindness and how to pay back, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to repay him right away, it just wasn’t the right time yet.

In the evening, Lei Yu was carrying a lot of packages and upon opening the door, he was caught completely off guard.

“Why are you still kneeling here?”

“Master, just listen to me! Oops, I mean, just accept me!” Liu Hao pitifully rubbed his trembling legs.

“You’ve been kneeling here all along?” asked Lei Yu.

“No… nope, just before I couldn’t hold it in anymore and went to the toilet.”

“I really commend you, quickly get up. You haven’t eaten the whole day right?” asked Lei Yu.

Liu Hao continued to put on pitiful face and nodded hard.

“Fortunately I just bought some instant noodles, wait a bit, I will cook it for you.” Lei Yu then added: “Stand up while you wait!”

“Master, are you accepting me?” ask Liu Hao excitedly.

Lei Yu helplessly sighed, “if you can eat five bags of instant noodles then I’ll accept you, oh, and plus five eggs.”

“Hell yeah! “Liu Hao slammed his hand down, abruptly getting up from the ground, nodded and said: “I promise I’ll complete the task!”

A full pot of noodles plus five eggs, Lei Yu watched as the pot rapidly decreased in content. Finally, even the soup was gone. He was completely impressed by Liu Hao, he didn’t think this guy could eat that much! It seems it’s best not to invite this guy over for dinner in the future just in case.

“I’ve finished eating, master!”

Lei Yu unconsciously said “Niu bi!” (T/N: Chinese slang, similar to – so awesome)

“That’s right!” Liu Hao looked up with an insufferable face.

“Oh right, I only know your name is Liu Hao, I don’t know anything else.”

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