Ch 110 – The Kou Country Is Finished

Such a unique person could be considered unprecedented in the Tenglong country; it wasn’t possible for a second to appear.

Returning to Dragon Group, Lei Yu was enjoying his time with his fellow brothers. After all, these were the team members, his good brothers that he was hanging around day in and day out. Before leaving Dragon Group, Lei Yu handed a hard drive over to Nuo Yi Long. Inside Dragon Group, apart from Nuo Hu, the other people he trusted the most were Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng. Originally, Lei Yu wanted to hand this hard drive directly to Chairman Lin. But after hearing Chairman’s words, Lei Yu changed his mind.

“Uncle Nuo, could you give this to Chairman Lin for me? Inside contains the life’s work of a research scientist from the Kou country. According to his words, the data inside could propel a country’s economy ahead by at least ten years; it could also cripple a country’s economy for ten years. You should discuss this with the Chairman, I personally think a disaster should befall the Kou country, make them suffer and reap what they sowed. This is my wish, to repay the humiliation our country had once suffered.” Lei Yu solemnly said.

Nuo Yi Long patted Lei Yu’s shoulder with force, his eyes filled with appreciation. Lei Yu, a twenty something year old kid, not only was he highly valued by the country, he was even quite well-known internationally. Hundreds of thousands of families knew his title as the mysterious young master. Not only that but he was a person everyone dreamed of becoming, including himself since Lei Yu had achieved the rank of a Sixth Order Warrior which he desperately wanted. With such achievements, who would not be satisfied with him? As someone that may become the father-in-law of Lei Yu, Nuo Yi Long could not even put into words how gratified he was. It’s possible that he could rely on Lei Yu’s strength to avenge the death of his wife.

Tenglong country discovered that the hard drive Lei Yu gave them contained many scientific formulas as well as advanced technologies. A majority of them were based on the foundation of viruses, and from there, it branched into different paths developing a variety of unimaginable viruses and bacterium.

Tenglong country decided to use this information to extort the Kou country in an unprecedented fashion, an eye for an eye was their excuse. The Tenglong government officials announced to the public that the bacterial infections manufactured by the Kou country had once appeared in the country. Their ploy was to use this horrible bacterium to cause a great plague in Tenglong country. The Kou country would then sell the antidote at high prices to profit from this. With that, we can see how sinister these Kou people were. Using this, Tenglong country proclaimed that the Kou country must compensate for their damages and suffering because it had caused a major panic amongst their citizens.

Once this news got out, it shocked the entire world. All the countries expressed their condolences to the Tenglong country. In reality, Tenglong country did not suffer any losses; the Kou country was the one that had a huge loss. But when dealing with such a heartless country, there was no need to pity them or give them any sympathy.

Through clench teeth, the Kou country unwillingly decided to pay Tenglong country one hundred and twenty billion U.S. dollars as compensation. But this was only a small figure between the two countries; the most important issue was trade.

At the same time this was going on, Tenglong and the Kou country signed an agreement. The Kou country agreed to reduce the trade tariffs of importing raw materials while also increasing the amount they were going to purchase; they were going to increase that by thirty times. The extent of this trade was valued at about sixty trillion U.S. dollars.

The matter was originally considered settled, but what the Kou country never imagined was at the same time when the trade agreement was signed, Tenglong country decreed a new law. This new law prohibited anyone in the country from importing any Kou country made products which included raw materials. Whether they were related to the light industry, heavy industry products, electronic products or automotive industry, all Kou country products were to disappear.

Prohibiting all trade goods related to the Kou country? They were finished, completely and utterly finished. Tenglong country was one of Kou country’s biggest exporter. When we add the total figure of import sales of all their products to the world, at least 70 percent of it was to Tenglong country. Now that all trade was stopped, that huge trade of raw materials had become a wasted effort. Not only did they sign a bad trade agreement, they were now working with a pissed off customer that is making their life miserable.

The original economic powerhouse Kou country had now become one of the world’s largest debtor nation. Not only did they have to bear the cost of such a large import trade, they also had to eat all the miscellaneous costs. The Kou country’s economy was in a crisis, or one could say they’ve become a country akin to begging on the streets in order to survive.

More than once, the Kou country’s Prime Minister kneeled on the floor kowtowing with tears and snot bubbles towards Lin Cang Hai and others. He even looked for Lei Yu but they were finally able to avenge their humiliation, so who would bother sympathizing with them?

If one was pursue deeper into this, would the debt that the Kou country owed Tenglong country merely be so little?

After much discussion, Lei Yu met with Lin Cang Hai again. But Lei Yu did not meet him to discuss establishing a new branch of the army; it was for the overwater city in the Kou country.

After the deliberation between Lin Cang Hai and other government officials, they decided to acquire a world-renowned business brand belonging to the Kou country as their entry into the country. They also established a series of agreements to transfer some Tenglong citizens to the overwater city so that they could control the Kou country’s economy in the future.

With Lei Yu’s strange and accidental circumstances, Cui Ying Ying had profited greatly from this. Not only did she have the opportunity to openly cooperate with the country, those Kou government officials that had previously stalled their construction project treated her like she was their ancestor born again. Their respectful attitude was indescribable.

We can say that Liu Hao had passed the stage of delving into his pleasures. Many stars and celebrities still flocked to his arms but they were now being shut out. Why? Because he was Lei Yu’s disciple, and Cui Ying Ying’s god-brother; who cares about the Kou people anymore? Ever since the news got out about the Kou country, Liu Hao reverted back to his character as a patriotic hot blooded Tenglong citizen.

Lei Yu had become an unsung hero hidden along with all of this. He never imagined that his role of handing over a hard drive would produce such a big benefit for his country, and a country was forced to its knees.

After things began to calm down did Lei Yu begin to organize his thoughts. The country’s hate towards the Kou was the country’s issue; he still had to avenge his own matter. Hasegawa had technically already killed him. If it weren’t for the Spiritual Bead of Longevity bringing him back to life, he would probably be ashes inside some urn now. That bastard made him waste a peerless treasure so how could he just let him go like that? Since his power was strong enough now, the hot blooded nature of Lei Yu would naturally take his revenge.

After asking around, it was determined that Hasegawa indeed went to the United States. Since he was in the U.S., then he wouldn’t let him slip through this net; Lei Yu had decided to personally head to the U.S. And this time was the same as the last; he wasn’t willing to bring anyone along with him. Having the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior was going to be Lei Yu’s best excuse. At least having this strength now would not make his loved ones worry too much.

After making up his mind, Lei Yu still spent a considerable amount of time with Ai Er because he was too reluctant to leave her again. The main headache he had to deal with was Nami, what should he do with this girl? He couldn’t pretend he didn’t do the deed with her right? Even though he did that act while his body wasn’t in his own control, he was nonetheless a responsible man, at times people just had to assume the responsibility. Lei Yu decided that before he leaves, he will explain everything to Ai Er in detail, he didn’t want to hide it anymore. Ever since he came back to Tenglong country with Nami, Ai Er was already somewhat puzzled about it.

Lei Yu didn’t really love Nami, he just felt obligated towards her. Additionally, he felt some pity towards this foreign girl.

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  1. Bardioc says:

    I remember how God and Devil World was dropped because it was rascist (which I didnt even think that much) but man this author has a hate for Kou Country (Japan clearly) which isnt normal. Seriously this author is as backward as the people calling every german a nazi even today. I just hope soon they find some better things to do than to say people from Kou country stink, are ugly, are mean, etc, etc because this really ruins the story for me. Thank you for the translation though, as always good job.


    • omgitsaray says:

      Unfortunately, they live in a communist country where everything they learn are planned and prepared propaganda by the government. I’m not defending the authors that hate Japan but they truly don’t know better. Most of these authors are poor backward people as you can tell from their projected desires in their novels. Our author is desperate to get a girlfriend and have money.

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  2. Wtf this is totally biased how can you hate an entire country honestly he’s behaving like a child he should be mature enough to know not to pin the sins of some individuals on an entire nation…..I’m totally disappointed

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  3. Taryn says:

    Thank you!


  4. At leaat he gonna take responsibility


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