Ch 115 – Bounty Hunter

“You are the Lei family’s second young master?” Hu Jiong asked with wide round eyes.

Inside Lei Yu’s heart, there were still some things he rejected. “You can call me Lei Yu or you can call me young master, but please don’t add the Lei family along with it.”

Knowing everything Lei Yu did in the Kou country, a sense of reverence could not help but rise from Hu Jiong’s heart towards this person who was younger than him.

“Young master, how did you know the skull on the wall was not of the cattle species and actually from mutants?” Hu Jiong was extremely puzzled; it has already become bones yet was it that obvious?

Lei Yu slightly grinned before putting on his signature smile. “Upon looking at this skull, it’s relatively small. If someone looked at it, they would assume it was a calf’s head. But remaining in the skull is a trace of essence that I could detect. And not only that, I also know you are a Fourth Order Warrior, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right!” Hu Jiong could not help but admire this young master.

“I would really like to know what’s going on with mutants here because in the Kou country, one of them escaped. You could say that he and I have a blood feud, and I came to the U.S. solely to look for him. Therefore I hope you can give me some information.” Lei Yu proceeded back to his seat and sat down.

Hu Jiong nodded his head. Facing Lei Yu, there was no more need to hide anything. For someone like Lei Yu, any Tenglong citizen would revere and respect him, let alone being face to face with him. Hu Jiong actually felt somewhat uncomfortable since he never thought that he would actually be so close to his idol.

“I receive rewards by performing services for a guild. They are responsible for intelligence gathering while I am directly responsible for capturing or killing them. Afterwards, I would then go back to the guild and receive the reward money. As for how the guild specifically operates, that I’m not too clear on. I’ve also never overstep my boundaries and asked further questions on mutants or any other transformed species because there’s no benefit in knowing too much. But if the young master needs to understand the current situation here, how about I take you along to the guild tomorrow when I accept my new mission? What do you think?” Hu Jiong tentatively asked. As a high-profile young master above many, Hu Jiong’s question was somewhat redundant and silly but why would Lei Yu care? As long as he can find the clues needed as soon as possible, there’s nothing Lei Yu wasn’t willing to try. Not to mention Lei Yu was unfamiliar with the occupation of being a bounty hunter, he too was interested in how things worked.

“Then it’s decided, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, don’t tell your sister about my identity, it’s best to keep this confidential.” Thinking about it, Lei Yu was afraid of any misunderstanding so he then said: “But it’s most likely that I will never see your sister after this so it doesn’t really matter I guess.”

Hu Jiong appeared to understand and nodded, “I understand.”

Lei Yu left and returned to his hotel. He never thought that only coming to the U.S. for two days and he would already find some clues. This was thanks to Xin Er bringing him along to see Hu Jiong. If it weren’t for Hu Jiong, wanting to find a mutant in this large city would definitely be a huge headache.

As to why Hu Jiong would leave home and go to the U.S. to become a bounty hunter, Lei Yu had no interest to know. Especially since this was someone’s private matter and there’s no reason for him to find out. But the way he was living here didn’t seem to make him look too well off. If Hu Jiong was to return to Tenglong country with his strength, then the country would surely be treating him with importance. Someone with the strength of a Fourth Order Warrior would be regarded as one of the top experts already.

When Lei Yu returned, he was scared out of his wits. He never thought that he would be so incredibly popular… As he took his first step out of the elevator, he could already feel there was something wrong with the atmosphere. Poking his head out from the elevator, a full sixteen pairs of eyes, a total of thirty-two eyeballs were staring at him. Lei Yu swallowed hard before forcing out a smile and idiotically saying: “All you pretty girls… still haven’t gone to bed?”

“Isn’t it because we’re all waiting for you? Sheesh, we’re all leaving tomorrow and you didn’t come back early to spend time with us.” While only wearing a white low-cut nightgown that showed off her bare thighs, the girl said this in displeasure as she grabbed Lei Yu’s arm.

Lei Yu didn’t know what else to say. “… I’ll treat everyone to drinks?”

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

The sound of doors closing could be heard while Lei Yu confusingly stood there. With just a little over two minutes, all the doors opened again. Each of the pretty girls was dressed to the nines. Regardless of which country the guy is from, seeing this scene will give them a nosebleed. All the girls were dressed in an extremely sexy manner, and there were two of them that came out wearing only tube tops. Lei Yu scratched his head, “who said girls take a long time to get ready? Looks like that saying should be thrown out!”

New York City was very pretty at night. There was plenty of drinking places amongst the multitude of lights so who would bother to enjoy the night scenery? All these pretty girls had the same thought, and that was if they would be able to see Lei Yu, this rich and good looking guy again.

Everyone enjoyed themselves the whole night while Lei Yu was worried for them. If the airline knew that he was the cause of all these air stewardess with two black eyes and yawning during work, wouldn’t they be pissed off?

Forgetting about them, Lei Yu was anxious to get with Hu Jiong to take a look at the so called Bounty Hunters Guild. According to Hu Jiong, wanting to become a bounty hunter wasn’t something difficult. As long as he gave them a codename, the guild would give him a card. On the card would be a number on it, and he would input that number every time he took a mission. Once the mission was completed and confirmed by the guild, the bounty reward would be transferred to their bank account the next day.

And the reason why Hu Jiong was the only bounty hunter with the Tenglong nationality was very simple, he had the strength. With the generous treatment by the Tenglong government, who would bother to come all the way here to endanger their lives? And it’s only in foreign countries would these extraordinary existences do this. They did not want people to know about their differences because it made them feel uncomfortable.


With Hu Jiong giving directions, their car arrived in a busy downtown area. There was heavy vehicular traffic and throngs of people walking about. Lei Yu was skeptical, would such a unique guild be established here? Lei Yu would understand everyone very soon.

Hu Jiong and he arrived on a floor of the building and it was actually a gym. Lei Yu spread out his awareness and detected most of them were ordinary people. A lot of them were running on treadmills sweating like they were drenched by the rain. There were also a few unordinary existences here, but Lei Yu no longer cared about them. If he had never met Hu Jiong then he would definitely be interested in them. Now Lei Yu’s entire interest was place on this Bounty Hunters Guild.

The strange thing was Hu Jiong brought out a so called identity card that looked exactly like a gym membership card. The only difference was the beginning few letters on the card, which denoted a different status. A blonde beauty brought them two towards a door at the far end of the gym. She then punched in some codes on the door before it opened for them.

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