Ch 116 – Undertaking A Mission

The blonde beauty made a “please” gesture before leaving. The two entered inside and a long hallway appeared that was a distance of about thirty meters. A youth came forward and took the card in Hu Jiong’s hand. The youth slid the card into a machine and a photo Hu Jiong appeared on the screen. *Click click* “Identification confirmed, Fourth Rank Hunter Ancient Moon!”

Lei Yu looked at Hu Jiong with some surprise. It appears his code name came about from breaking his surname apart¹, not a bad choice.

The youth looked at Lei Yu, “this person is…?”

Hu Jiong’s voice was deep, and with a blank face he replied: “He is my friend who wishes to join the Bounty Hunters Guild.”

“Please come with me.” Following the youth, the two came to a door to the fourth room. Gently knocking, the youth invited Lei Yu to enter. The room was simply furnished but the place was very clean. A middle-aged man in his forties asked a series of questions while Lei Yu briefly answered. After confirming his code name and password, Lei had chosen “Lightning” as his bounty hunter code name. But if he wanted to make a name for himself in the line of being a bounty hunter, then he had to show some results. It was necessary for him to complete a series of missions successfully in order for that to happen or else he will be stuck at the first rank of a bounty hunter.

Finishing the paperwork, Lei Yu received a card. The card was golden yellow with the name of the gym printed on it with some extra letters preceding some numbers that only bounty hunters had. Lei Yu asked: “Where can I get missions?”

The middle-aged man did not bother looking up at him. To people that had just joined their Bounty Hunters Guild; he had no interest in cozying up with them. He halfheartedly responded: “Room #8.”

Lei Yu left the room and Hu Jiong was outside waiting. They both went to room #8 and inside had a dozen or so machines. There happen to be three people inside standing in front of machines, each selecting something but they didn’t say a thing to each other.

Imitating Hu Jiong, Lei Yu inserted his card into a slot at the lower portion of the machine. The card was automatically swallowed and a line of English words appeared on the machine: “Welcome, First Rank Bounty Hunter Lightning.”

Right after that were some options. According to the text prompts, Lei Yu found the area for accepting missions. Since he was only a First Rank Bounty Hunter, the only missions he could pick were ranked one. As Lei Yu was going through the selections, he was surprised to find that dealing with mutants weren’t the only missions for bounty hunters.

Selections included other supernatural beings belonging to other races such as the extraordinary Werewolf bloodlines of Europe. They were a very strange race that was naturally tyrannical. Just like in legends, werewolves were aligned with evil who had suffered a millennial curse. Whenever they encountered a full moon or some type of emotional stress, they will transform to their werewolf’s true form. At other times, they would be no different from regular people but their physical fitness and strength would exceed the limits of ordinary people and even some more.

There was another race that was targets of bounty hunters and they were those with bloodlines that have existed for thousands of years or longer – Vampires. As for the specifics, it may be due to the lack of data but not a lot of information was available. Lei Yu also only briefly glanced at it since he couldn’t be bothered with them.

His purpose was very clear which was to start with the mutants to see if clues will reveal itself; therefore Lei Yu had no interest regarding the other two races. After browsing, he found a mutant called Charles Reese. Lei Yu tapped the folder for his data and the photo of Charles Reese was revealed along with some basic information – a First Rank Mutant with a genetic base of a Wasp and nothing else.

Lei Yu thought for a bit before accepting his target. Maybe he can get some information out of this… Lei Yu’s hopes were actually all placed on Hu Jiong’s mission. As he withdrew his card and wanted to approach Hu Jiong, he was stopped by the eyes of the latter. Shortly after, the three other people inside the room appeared to have also selected their mission. As they were passing Lei Yu to leave, they glanced at his screen to see what bounty hunter rank he was. They all then looked at Lei Yu with eyes of disdain for a bit before leaving the room. Still not a single person said a thing.

When the three left, Hu Jiong softly said: “Young master, this room forbids bounty hunters from chatting with each other. If you have something to say, wait until we are outside.”

Lei Yu slightly raised his eyebrows before nodding and leaving the room. Once Hu Jiong finished selecting his target, he then followed and left the room.

The two returned to Lei Yu’s hotel. Lei Yu then decided to look around the city later on to see if he’ll get a chance encounter with other mutants. He’ll wait until night falls before helping Hu Jiong complete his mission.

With Hu Jiong’s help, Lei Yu made up his mind and logged into a website behind a firewall. The site required a login and password which of course was given to him when he processed his paperwork. After quickly logging in, an alert showed he had some unread messages. Opening the message, it showed specific information on the mutant Charles Reese; his current position was in a private residence and it appears he was a bodyguard working for the owners.

“You can rest here for a bit, I’ll be back soon.” Lei Yu smiled before grabbing his car keys and leaving the hotel.

He quickly located the private residence of his target and it appears this family was quite wealthy. Lei Yu lightly leapt off the ground and landed inside the walls. After activating his extreme speed, there was no way anyone was able to notice Lei Yu’s movements. He quickly arrived behind a white column that was near the door to the living room.

With his skills and speed, it’s possible that Lei Yu was the only one in the entire world that could move like that. It’s because he’s the only that relies on the speed of his lightning power, a cultivation ability that no one else can copy.

Lei Yu then focused his spirit. After exploring the residence, he found his target. According to Tenglong country’s classification, his target had the strength of a First Order Warrior. Perhaps it was his bad timing on finding the target because the target was in the same room with an ordinary person.

Lei Yu moved to the back of the huge residence. From below a window, he carefully peeked in to take a look. Lei Yu frowned, “why is there a woman here?”

Looking at the clothes strewn around the floor, Lei Yu concluded this mutant Charles Reese was engaged in some secretive relationship with a maid. This was because the clothes strewn on the floor were typical clothes a maid would wear.

Now didn’t seem to be the right time to make a move. Even though encountering this situation seemed like bad timing, but Lei Yu thought through this a bit more. These two people dared to recklessly engage in such behaviors at their boss’s residence, it must mean the owner wasn’t home. This can be considered a perfect opportunity to make a move since if the owner was home, there’s a possibility of some small issues arising.

Lei Yu’s mouth became a sneer. He knocked on the glass panel of the window making a loud sound, and then immediately hid to the side as if he was waiting for something to happen.

The two engaging in an intimate relationship was suddenly shocked by the loud noise. The male quietly walked over to the window and looked outside, not seeing anything, he then opened the window.

A dark shadow suddenly sprung up from the side that was too fast for the male to react. A pair of strong hands clasped around his neck and directly pulled him out of the window and threw him to the ground, the sunlight exposing his naked body.

Lei Yu scratched his head before crouching down. “Your name is Charles Reese right?”


¹ – Hu Jiong, Hu is the family name, Chinese character is 胡. His code name was 古月 and 古 meant Ancient, 月 meant Moon.

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  1. There’s a Richard there instead of a Charles.


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