Ch 117 – No Clues Found

The bare young man on the ground was considered pretty good looking. He had golden blonde hair with blue eyes, an aquiline nose with slightly protruding cheekbones, making him look quite dashing. Being yanked out through the window without any strength to fight back, this male understood he could not take on his opponent. He gingerly asked: “Sir, I am indeed Charles Reese, who might you…?”

Lei Yu laughed. Directing his voice at the maid inside that was hurriedly putting on her somewhat sexy underwear, “throw his clothes out here.” The maid didn’t dare to be slow. Being caught red handed, she was naturally feeling timid to the extreme. She hurriedly grabs Charles Reese’s clothes on the bed and threw them out the window.

“Put on your clothes and follow me.”

With a carefree manner, Lei Yu grabbed Charles Reese’s collar and dragged him out through the main gate. Because Charles Reese was a bodyguard in the residence, no one would stop him. While Lei Yu looked like he came to teach him a lesson, so who would dare to intervene? But one thing they thought was strange – how did this person get into the compound?

Getting into the car, Charles Reese started forming his thoughts: This roadster was a convertible so if he were to jump out while on the road and roll in the opposite direction; he should be able to escape. Who knows where this guy will be taking him? What if this guy wanted to take his life?

But Lei Yu seemed to have read his mind. Placing his palm against the back of Charles Reese, internal energy was poured inside and the latter started trembling before losing conscious. It appears Lei Yu had shocked him until he became unconscious. This was fine too since it saves a lot of trouble.

Who would have thought that Lei Yu’s way of undertaking missions were this unique and so blatant? Bounty hunters usually operated during the night yet Lei Yu can be regarded as breaking a precedent, and he even directly taking the target away from the scene in broad daylight. This entire scenario was definitely considered unprecedented.

Lei Yu carried the unconscious Charles Reese into the hotel in a carefree manner, causing a lot of people to stare in astonishment. But Lei Yu didn’t care and didn’t show any signs of being nervous. At times people’s suspicion would be aroused when you act secretively, but when you openly do something like this, it becomes the best protective measure.

“What… what the…” Hu Jiong’s jaws dropped to the ground when Lei Yu brought back this person, exactly the look everyone was giving him in the lobby.

“He’s my target but I wanted to ask him some questions first. As for afterwards, I hope you would offer your assistance in helping me complete the mission.” Lei Yu said very casually.

Hu Jiong swallowed hard before nodding. “Catching him alive, the guild would double the bounty but to this day, no one has been able to do that. It’s not that bounty hunters aren’t capable of it; it’s just that high ranking bounty hunters aren’t allowed to pick low ranking missions. But thinking back on it, with the young master’s strength, this is just a walk in the park for you. Formidable, too formidable!” Said Hu Jiong as he gave a thumbs up.

It appears Charles Reese still needed some time before he wakes up. Lei Yu wasn’t in a hurry, what he had plenty of was time. He picked up a cup of instant coffee before slowly sipping it.

Almost an hour later, Charles Reese finally woke up regaining his conscious. He looked around to see his surroundings before his gaze landed on the two people in front of him. He immediately scrambled to get up from the ground.

“What do you guys want from me?” Asked Charles Reese as he swallowed hard.

“Nothing much, we just want to have a chat with you.” Replied Lei Yu with a smile.

“A chat? What’s there to talk about?” Only someone strong would be capable of capturing him and bringing him here. Charles Reese could only readily admit this fact… As long as they don’t kill him, he’s not afraid to chat for a bit.

“I would like to know everything about you mutants, like how the whole system works. Also, I want to know how you became a mutant.” Lei Yu asked.

With his eyebrows slightly raised, Charles Reese began by saying: “I only did this to make a living; I don’t know what system you’re talking about. As long as you have money, you can go out and buy some mutagen agent. I only know where they sell it and don’t know any so called systems.”

His words managed to shock Hu Jiong and Lei Yu. Lei Yu not knowing about this situation was considered normal, but Hu Jiong who had been a bounty hunter for a long time actually didn’t know about this?

“Ancient Moon, you didn’t know about this?” Lei Yu was very careful. A bounty hunter was a very unique job so it’s best not to mention their real names in front of others.

Hu Jiong shook his head, “I really didn’t know. We only had to complete the missions and as for anything else, we never asked about it.”

“Tell me where they sell these mutagens?” Said Lei Yu in a cold tone at Charles Reese.

Not daring to conceal anything, Charles Reese replied: “As long as it’s some large pharmaceutical company, they’ll have it. But you still need some connections in order to purchase this drug.”

Lei Yu slammed his hand on the table and cursed: “F*ck, there goes my trail of clues. If all large pharmaceutical companies sell them, then it looks like the situation is not as simple as it looks. The extent of what they control in the palm of their hands is indeed quite large, so could there be some sort of huge secret existence behind the scenes?”

Since he couldn’t find any clues from this First Rank Mutant Charles Reese, Lei Yu could only give up on this end. He could only hope for some harvest from Hu Jiong’s target once they undertake the mission at night.

“So what should we do with him?” Hu Jiong asked while pointing at Charles Reese.

Lei Yu shrugged, “I don’t know, how should we deal with this? Do we really need to get rid of him?”

Hu Jiong shook his head, “there’s no need for that. You can deliver him directly to the guild and the guild would dispose of him.”

Hearing the conversation of them two, Charles Reese was suddenly bathed in cold sweat; his lower body could not help trembling. When he was about to beg for mercy, Lei Yu’s mouth twitched before standing up. He hadn’t even grabbed onto Charles Reese yet and felt something wasn’t right.

His originally deep blue eyes instantly turned yellow and one could not see his pupils, they had actually combined together with the eyeball. His yellow hair gradually became longer as it started flowing down his back. Unknown when but a pair of transparent wings emerged from his back. The most hard to believe thing was his tailbone that actually grew out a sharp bone spike. The spike was black while a crystal clear drop of liquid was dripping off the pointed end. Lei Yu concluded that the spike was definitely poisonous.

Lei Yu recovered his palm incredibly fast and watched with great interest in the mutation process.

“You guys forced me!” Charles Reese didn’t want to die and didn’t want to be brought back to the whatever guild since his life would probably be over there. He clearly knows what he has done in the past so he’s probably suffering the consequences now. If that was the case, he might as well fight to the end.

As he finished saying this, Lei Yu still didn’t really care. The amazing transformation was now over so it was probably time for him to make a move. In the eyes of Lei Yu, a mere First Rank Mutant was nothing more than a flea to him.

A slap flew towards Charles Reese while he only saw a blur; this was followed by a “pak!” After hearing this sound, a five finger palm print with the smell of grilled meats was found on Charles Reese’s face.

Both of their noses twitched before looking at each other and laughing out loud. Poor Charles Reese had already fainted from the slap.

Among the bounty hunters, there were of course some bastards mixed in with them. Fortunately, the majority of them were decent people. They were only there to make a living and didn’t bother with the complicated stuff. And the missions that the Bounty Hunters Guild issued were usually against scums that were detrimental to society. So, there was no need to be merciful to these scums or else they’d just end up hurting more people in the future.

Lei Yu delivered the unconscious Charles Reese to the guild and earned double the bounty. Of course he didn’t care about the reward since it was only a few thousand U.S. dollars; it was considered nothing in his eyes with his wealth right now.

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