Ch 118 – Attending The Yearly Reunion

That day, there were also other bounty hunters that had completed their missions but just not as fast as Lei Yu. Even though he was only a First Rank Bounty Hunter, but how many people actually knew his true strength? Since Lei Yu had just applied to become a bounty hunter, then it was natural that he was assigned to the lowest rank.

Lei Yu didn’t go off to accept another mission, he just returned to his hotel. His purpose was to wait until the evening because Hu Jiong’s mission had to be handled at night. The guild was simply unable to find out where the target was during the day.

Since there was nothing to do but wait, Lei Yu started cultivating. Hu Jiong also followed and sat down cross-legged. Because Lei Yu no longer had the Spiritual Bead of Longevity to help him purify the spiritual energy he absorbs, there was no longer any need for him to take his clothes off. Not to mention there was someone with him here so Lei Yu definitely couldn’t do that.

But it wasn’t even a few minutes before Lei Yu’s cell phone started ringing. Looking at the caller ID, Lei Yu stood up and went inside the bedroom and over to the window before he answered it with a smile.

“My dear beloved, did you miss me?” After saying that, Lei Yu felt some goose bumps rise up; he had actually never said those words to Ai Er before.

“Did you do something against your conscience? To actually say such sweet words to me that is making me nauseous!” Said Ai Er jokingly in her beautiful voice.

“So that’s how it is, then I won’t call you that in the future.”

“No! I like being nauseous!”


“Okay, enough with the joking, I have some good news for you.”

Lei Yu scratched his head, “what sort of good news?”

“I’ll be attending my school’s reunion, are you going to meet with me? Where are you right now? You’re not together with some other girl right?” Asked Ai Er with a laugh.

“A girl?” Lei Yu looked over at the rough looking Hu Jiong whose face was filled with stubbles. He then lightly coughed, “if he was a girl, then the earth would probably stop moving.” Pausing for a bit, he then said: “Why didn’t you tell me in advance? I could have picked you up at the airport!”

“I was just waiting for those words; I’ll be waiting at the airport!” Hanging up the call, Lei Yu shook his head helplessly.

Ai Er said she came to attend her school’s reunion but in fact was using this as an excuse to see Lei Yu. Ever since Lei Yu encountered “that” situation in the Kou country, Ai Er’s heart was fearful of a repeat. She felt that staying by Lei Yu’s side would be a better move.

Putting on his coat in a hurry, Lei Yu gave Hu Jiong a brief explanation before leaving the hotel. The two agreed to contact each other during the evening.

Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of people at the airport. Lei Yu had just arrived at the airport and observed Ai Er’s figure. The first thing they did was give each other a big hug before Lei Yu immediately drove Ai Er to her school.

When Ai Er went to school abroad, it was actually a famous New York University in the U.S. She had received the school’s invitation to attend their annual reunion in the past, but because Lei Yu was still in Tenglong country for the past two years, Ai Er did not fly back to attend. And since Lei Yu was coincidentally in the U.S. this time, Ai Er had found her ideal excuse.

The university campus in New York City was very pretty. The buildings were nice and the green grounds were beautiful. The school had a large number of wealthy students so when Lei Yu and Ai Er arrived, their car didn’t attract too much attention; some students only took an extra glance and whatnot.

“Are there any themes to the reunion?” Asked Lei Yu.

“There’s none, just a simple reception. But before going in, there are some fellow students I want to meet up with first, can we wait for them?” Said Ai Er as she looked around looking for them.

Lei Yu nodded before relaxing his hands on the steering wheel. Tapping the wheel in boredom, he casually checked out the surrounding landscape of the school.

“Hey! We’re over here!” Ai Er shouted loudly in English. Lei Yu didn’t not turn to look and already concluded the fellow student Ai Er was waiting for, was a westerner.

Two beautiful young Caucasian girls who gave off an exotic aura came over. The clothes they had on was a stark contrast to what Ai Er was wearing; Ai Er was only in a t-shirt and jeans.

As for the two pretty girls, they were both wearing mini-skirts. Their shirts were extra short which revealed their seductive navels. It seems they had prepared beforehand; apart from the difference in colors, their styles were exactly the same.

Lei Yu checked out the two exotic beauties; one had long brown wavy hair with healthy skin tone that showed off her wild nature. The other girl had blonde hair and blue eyes, and her snow white skin was the lethal killer which was the preference of Tenglong people. The two girls ran forth and gave Ai Er a passionate hug.

“This is my boyfriend.” Ai Er casually pointed at Lei Yu as an introduction.

Lei Yu dashingly jumped out of the car before smiling and shaking the hands of the two girls. But it appears the girls were more direct and enthusiastic; they gave Lei Yu a close contact hug and touched their smooth cheeks against his.

“Your boyfriend is really good looking!” The two girls smiled as they praised Ai Er.

In reality, it wasn’t that Lei Yu’s looks were outstanding; it’s just that when one was observing him up close, Lei Yu’s charming eyes gave off an aura that made many girls infatuated. Add his tall and chiseled body, and the toned muscular outlines of his arms, this total package was the key that seduced the girls.

Lei Yu gently curved his lips and gave his signature smile, “Hello, my name is Lei Yu.”



“It’s nice to meet you.” The two girls said in unison.

Towards those two girls, Lei Yu wasn’t particularly friendly or cold. Following behind the three, Lei Yu watched them laughing and joking about while they reminisced. He was kind of ignored but Lei Yu didn’t care, he actually didn’t want anyone’s attention. Being in the spotlight of attention was what some people desired, but Lei Yu belonged to the type that was opposite of that and preferred to be low profile.

Fortunately, no one recognized the name “Lei Yu” as the young master that had caused a sensation online and throughout the world. If he were to be recognized, there’s a chance something sensational might happen.

The three walked under the shade of a tree. “If we only had a camera, we haven’t taken a group picture in a long time.” Ai Er said this somewhat disappointedly as she looked at the school scenery that hadn’t changed one bit.

Lei Yu scratched his head and then closed his eyes without anyone realizing it. A small black bag suddenly appeared in his hand which he passed it to Ai Er, “here’s a camera for you.”

Ai Er had a distracted look while a camera was suddenly thrust in front of her. She didn’t think too much and thought Lei Yu had the camera the whole time and she didn’t notice it. Not surprised, she took the camera and the three girls began to go crazy with selfies. They put up a whole bunch of different sexy poses that gave Lei Yu the goose bumps.

Sometimes following several girls around was kind of boring. Being alone with their girlfriends was the atmosphere guys preferred.

Time seemed to be going by very slowly. Lei Yu said in a bored tone: “Do you want me to get you girls a drink?”

Ai Er pointed to a convenience store in the distance so Lei Yu started walking towards it.

When he was about a dozen or so meters from the convenience store, Lei Yu slightly frowned. A young girl passed him which caused Lei Yu to suddenly wonder, “such a young age and she already has the strength of a Third Order Warrior?”

Looking at her hair and skin color, Lei Yu assumed this girl was an American girl. This was because the girl’s demeanor and attitude was of a typical American.

Lei Yu wanted to investigate this because the young girl did not have the spiritual aura of a mutant. But he couldn’t just follow along behind the girl’s ass right now right? Moreover, Ai Er and the two girls were still waiting for him back there so what should he do?

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