Ch 119 – Unwilling To Give Up

Thickening his skin, Lei Yu walked up to the girl and asked: “Can I get to know you sometime?”

Lei Yu was used to using his Tenglong language to greet and make friends, and not English. Hearing this, the young girl seemed to be not interested in him because she lightly smiled and was about to step to aside and leave.

“If you have time, I can teach you some advanced techniques!” Lei Yu didn’t know how he came up with those words, but it worked. The young girl stopped walking and turned around to look at Lei Yu with surprise. Yet it was only a brief moment before the girl turned around to leave again.

After making contact in this short period of time, Lei Yu felt there was something different with the girl’s body; a type of heat force. If she was able to somehow release that heat from her body, then the strength of it would be incredible. It was because of this that made Lei Yu even more interested. But it looks like the girl didn’t really care for Lei Yu’s statement since she didn’t even look back again and left. Lei Yu could only helplessly turn around and continue walking towards the convenience store.

After buying Ai Er’s favorite juice and several other beverages, Lei Yu returned to the three girls. But he was still thinking of the girl he encountered not too long ago.

It’s not that Lei Yu wanted play around with other girls; it’s just that being in a foreign country, meeting an existence that exceeds ordinary people was not an easy thing.

The reception was held at one of the school’s auditorium. The graduating school alumni’s and the school had an agreement to use their grounds for reunions. Ai Er began to introduce the boyfriend she was proud of to all her old classmates. Lei Yu also kept a smile on his face as he entertained each and every one of them. But this type of occasion really wasn’t suited for him; he only wanted to find a corner somewhere to get some peace and quiet.

Looking at the time, it was around 9PM already and it was about time to call Hu Jiong. Lei Yu stood up and left the huge hall as he took out his cell phone.

Inside the auditorium however, a pair of cold eyes were staring at Lei Yu without blinking. It wasn’t the girl that Lei Yu and met outside the convenience store, but someone else.

Once Lei Yu left, this person walked up to Ai Er. He gently patted Ai Er’s shoulder, “Ai Er, how come you didn’t tell me you were returning to the school?”

Ai Er turned around and started frowning. “Why would I have to tell you that?”

On the side, Kelly was snickering while Mona openly asked: “Oh, hey Xiao Fei. Ai Er already has a boyfriend so you should really stop pestering her incessantly!”

That’s right; the person who approached Ai Er also attended the same school as her. He was the guy that loved following Ai Er around wherever she went, the Eagle Group Commander’s son – Xiao Fei. Xiao Fei had never given up hope on Ai Er, especially since that time when Shangguan Xi Hong made a call to his father. This made Xiao Fei pursue her even more aggressively.

But Shangguan Xi Hong would have never thought that after Lei Yu’s accident, he would completely annihilate the Kou country’s Yamaguchi-gumi. The nation currently attaches great importance to Lei Yu, and the Lei family is even beginning to compete with Martial Sect for Lei Yu, this valuable character. He originally did this intending to force Lei Yu to leave the Kou country and return to Tenglong country, but didn’t expect Ai Er to be so strong and resilient who treated Xiao Fei as a side dish. As the daughter of Nuo Yi Long, Shangguan Xi Hong did not want to make any forceful moves so this matter was eventually shelved. He never expected that to this point, Xiao Fei was still unwilling to give up.

“They’re not married yet so I still have a chance, right Ms. Mona?” Xiao Fei put on an attitude he thought was rather chic, but actually made him look like a smiling asshole that people would want to punch out.

“Ai Er, let’s not bother with him and leave!” Kelly grabbed Ai Er and Mona and pulled them towards a crowd of people.

“You want to be together with Ai Er? You will soon pay the price!” Mumbled Xiao Fei as he coldly eyed Lei Yu who was outside the auditorium on the phone.

Lei Yu and Hu Jiong were discussing the time, and they decided to meet up at the entrance of a nightclub at 11PM.

The reception organized by the school was for the reunion of their graduates. Included in the event were some performances by current students which were worth seeing. Lei Yu was quite interested in the performance as he sat in a deserted area of the auditorium, quietly enjoying the graceful dance of a girl with an alluring figure. Ai Er noticed Lei Yu in the corner and pulled Mona and Kelly towards where he was sitting.

“The nasty guy Xiao Fei also came back to the school!” Ai Er pouted in front of Lei Yu.

“Oh?” Lei Yu’s eyebrows went up. “What’s he here for?”

“Isn’t that obvious? He still hasn’t given up. He doesn’t even know how much I love my brother Yu!” Ai Er said sweetly as she put her arms around Lei Yu’s waist. Because her chests were fully developed now, the two plump meatballs were tightly pressed against Lei Yu making his body tremble slightly as he closed his eyes to enjoy that feeling.

Ai Er’s words made Lei Yu’s heart ooze out sweetness so he didn’t bother to think of Xiao Fei any longer. Because Lei Yu believed in the feelings Ai Er had for him, and even though those two have not experienced any large hurdles, but being together for a long time made it that neither one could leave each other. Their love was like a sticky substance firmly bonding them together.

At this time, a girl appeared on the stage that was in front of the auditorium. With long blonde hair; long slender legs exposed from wearing denim short shorts; a slender waist that made any man hard to resist their temptation of want to go wrap their arms around; add this with her charming looks and a pair of deep blue eyes and this became the total lethal package.

Lei Yu looked intently. Isn’t this the girl he met in front of the convenience store? What’s she up to?

Seeing Lei Yu stare at the stage, Ai Er and the two also looked over.

“It’s her?” Said Mona as she blinked. “Why would she come to the reunion? This is really strange.”

“Who is she?” Lei Yu asked.

“Hey! You already have Ai Er, how can you be interested in other girls? This is not right!” Said Kelly jokingly.

Lei Yu shook his head and whispered into the ear of Ai Er: “She’s not someone simple. I came across her this afternoon and wanted to figure what’s it all about.”

Ai Er nodded. “Her name is Bianca, born in the U.S. and used to be one of our school’s beauty. A lot of guys wanted to get close to her but were all rejected. She’s also a very private person and doesn’t like to mingle with fellow students. She’s always alone by herself and even her dormitory was a special request so she would be by herself. I can never figure out what she’s up to all day long.”

Ai Er was saying this in the Tenglong language. But since her two best friends had been with Ai Er for quite a long time, even though they couldn’t speak the Tenglong language, they could still more or less understand some of it.

Lei Yu nodded and didn’t say anything further. He was looking attentively at the stage where Bianca was dancing in a seductive manner. She appeared to be using jazz dance movements modified with her own dance elements. The combination gave her movements a special feeling which attracted the attention of many males in the room, and the jealousy of the females.

A girl with such an angelic face and a devilish figure, how could she not be the center of attention?

There were even some guys that jumped onto the stage wanting to embrace her, but were all rejected.

“Not mentioning dancing on the stage, even chatting with other people used to be an impossible thing for her. Yet what’s going on with her today? Did she become crazy?” Mona jokingly said on the side. “Could it be that she couldn’t stand the loneliness anymore and decided to show off a bit to find a suitable partner? Hey Lei Yu, you need to be careful in case she sets her sights on you!”

Lei Yu only smiled without saying anything. As Mona finished saying that, Bianca’s dance had just come to its end to a deafening thundering applause. Bianca lightly got off the stage and went past the wall of men, heading in the direction of Lei Yu. It appears her gaze had never left Lei Yu’s figure.

Seeming to understanding something, Lei Yu lightly patted Ai Er’s back before they both started walking forward.

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