Ch 120 – The Burly Bald Guy

“This pretty girl is your girlfriend?” Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Bianca actually took the initiative to speak to a guy. This was something no one could believe was happening, and she was even talking to a guy who already had a girlfriend. This caused all the guys with dubious intentions to be filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred!

Lei Yu smile and said: “Your dancing was quite good and very unique.”

Bianca gave a slight bow. “Thank you. Can I treat you and your girlfriend to coffee later on?”

Lei Yu responded politely with an apologetic smile. “It should be my treat, but we can’t do it today because I still have some things to take care of. How about tomorrow?”

“That’s fine then.” Bianca seemed disappointed but then said: “I am very interested in the words you’ve said today. Tomorrow we can have a good chat about it.”

Bianca gave a sweet smile. Her smile had never been exposed to the public before and the guys that saw it became completely dazed and captivated by it.

Lei Yu nodded in agreement but his face didn’t seem particularly interested in Bianca. As Bianca walked by Lei Yu at a really close range, her body emitted a faint fragrance that could make a man tremble. Lei Yu deliberately shifted away since his girlfriend was next to him, there’s no way he wouldn’t take into account Ai Er’s feelings.

Ai Er pouted and revealed a really cute but strange expression. “What did you say to her to pique her interest?”

“You’re jealous? There’s no need to be Ai Er. My immunity to beauties has always been high, but of course I have no resistance when it comes to you.” Lei Yu gently touched Ai Er’s hair as he said this.

For the rest of the night, Ai Er would be catching up with her two friends and other classmates. They haven’t seen each other for two years so naturally there will be many things to talk about. As for Lei Yu, he had something to do at night and Ai Er didn’t want to bother him. One of the great qualities about Ai Er was that she was trusting and considerate of Lei Yu.

Leaving the school in a hurry, the time he agreed to meet Hu Jiong was less than half an hour away. If he drove a bit faster, he may be able to make it on time. After all, Lei Yu wasn’t someone that likes to be late. To him, being punctual was a way to earn someone’s trust.

As his car just left the main gates of the school, a person’s figure he was familiar with was standing out there. Lei Yu thought for a bit before slowing the car down to a stop.

“If you want to follow and leave with me, then you better hurry up. I have something very important I need to take care of.” Lei Yu bluntly said.

Bianca jumped into Lei Yu’s car without hesitation, thus these two disappeared into the night without anyone realizing it.

According to Hu Jiong’s mission objectives and the profile information, his target had no specific residential address. There were only names of places he frequented but he didn’t go there every day. But there was a nightclub that the target will go there every night at a fixed time, and also leave at a certain time. Lei Yu and Hu Jiong only had half an hour of time so they didn’t dare delay at all.

Lei Yu’s car was like a runaway horse, driving crazily through the streets of New York City. Bianca who was sitting on the side did not bother Lei Yu at all because from his facial expression, she could tell that he indeed had something important to do.

With Lei Yu leaving, Xiao Fei went into action. He drove his own car and started following behind Lei Yu at high speeds.

Hu Jiong was already waiting in front of the nightclub early on, but he was behind a flower bed trying to be incognito. Once he saw Lei Yu’s car arrive, he quickly jumped out of the shadows.

“What’s going on? Did he go in yet?” Asked Lei Yu as he was closing the car door.

Hu Jiong shook his head, “not yet, we’ll wait a bit more.”

Lei Yu sighed in relief as he luckily made it on time.

Hu Jiong looked at the passenger seat and saw a blonde girl. He then asked in surprise: “This is your girlfriend?”

“Stop messing around.” Lei Yu pointed at Bianca and introduced her to Hu Jiong. He also clearly mentioned how the two met.

This Bianca appears to only be passionate towards Lei Yu. She simply had on a different expression when meeting Hu Jiong as she nodded her head in an icy manner. But when she was facing Lei Yu, she had another expression which was one of tenderness. Why? It’s unknown for now.

The three of them were chatting behind the flower bed while their eyes occasionally glanced towards the front entrance of the nightclub. They still haven’t seen their target appear as seconds and minutes passed by, causing Lei Yu to be somewhat disappointed.

“He shouldn’t have received any tips that bounty hunters have targeted him and doesn’t dare to show up, right?” Asked Lei Yu.

“It shouldn’t be, our system is very strict so no one would dare to leak this information…” Pausing a bit, Hu Jiong continued: “But with strength like yours would be the exception since no one is capable of being your opponent!”

After Hu Jiong heard from Lei Yu about his current level of strength, he was shocked beyond belief. But he also accepted the fact since someone capable of causing the Kou country to encounter such turmoil, it would be impossible to accomplish without sufficient strength to back it up. What he didn’t know was that Lei Yu accomplished this by chance and coincidences.

As their conversation just ended, a black Mercedes S500 sedan slowly drew near the nightclub entrance. Two security guards in black suits hurriedly rushed forward to open the car door. A burly and bald middle-aged man in a white tank top and black pants got out of the car and looked around. When he didn’t find anything unusual, he then entered through the front door of the nightclub.

“That’s him!” Said Hu Jiong as he pointed to the front.

Lei Yu waved for Hu Jiong and Bianca to follow as the three walked towards the nightclub.

Since they were behind the flower bed and no one saw them, it was natural that no one was suspicious of their intent. Walking into a magnificent looking establishment, Lei Yu brought his group to an empty table and sat down. Under the dimly lit area, he started looking around for the target.

After all, a bald head was a bald head. Even if the place was dimly lit, it should still reflect light off of its baldness. Their mission’s target went through a door to a private room so Lei Yu cut through the crowd and followed. Looking through a window of the room, “oh boy, that’s a lot of people!”

The huge private room had over ten plus people and the bald guy seemed to have a high status amongst these people. The people inside made room so he could sit at the most central area of the sofa, and everyone kept try to toast him.

The bald guy simply ignored everyone and didn’t even touch the mugs of beer on the table. His hands went towards his waist where a black fanny pack was hanging, and brought a transparent bag containing a white powdery substance. From the look of it, the weight of this bag of powder was not light at all!

Lei Yu frowned; it seems that this guy came here every day to deliver goods. But as Lei Yu was deep in thought, the bald guy noticed Lei Yu standing outside staring in. The bald guy looked to some people on the side and made some eye movements, so two burly guys stood up and went towards the door. Lei Yu did not intend to run away and just stood there waiting for them.

The two burly guys suddenly opened the door and yanked Lei Yu into the room. Everyone inside appeared to be unshaven with brown hair in cornrows and didn’t look like drug addicts. Lei Yu quickly realized that these guys were small time drug dealers, responsible for receiving the goods and peddling them on the streets. And the burly bald guy was the supplier, so no wonder he was held in such high esteem.

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