Ch 122 – Doctor Tony

Lightly stepping aside, Lei Yu barely escaped the full force of Xiao Fei’s attack. Xiao Fei’s sharp claws still managed to inflict a slight wound on Lei Yu’s arm. Because Xiao Fei’s attack was too fierce, he couldn’t stop himself in time when he brushed by Lei Yu. The attack ended up striking towards the head of the bald guy. Due to having both arms broken, there was no way for bald guy to block. The sudden strike out of nowhere did cause some hesitation in Lei Yu but he quickly recovered and directly grabbed onto Xiao Fei’s arm. He then forcefully broke Xiao Fei’s arm, bending it in an unimaginable degree. Unfortunately, it was too late. Xiao Fei’s sharp claws were already embedded into the skull of the bald guy by the time Lei Yu broke his arm. The bald guy had died with his eyes still wide open.

“You f*cking bastard!” Lei Yu cursed. It was only then did he discover Xiao Fei was already crying out with piercing screams as his arm looked like they were about to fall off.

It was obvious that Bianca knew who Xiao Fei was. Not only were they in the same University, they all studied the same concentration. Even though she had no contact with Xiao Fei, he was still a fellow student of hers. Seeing her fellow student injured, it was inevitable that she felt somewhat uncomfortable. She could only frown while looking at Lei Yu.

“What are you looking at me like that for?!” Lei Yu turned his head, “If I didn’t dodge that, I’m afraid the person to die would have been me!”

As the two recalled the scene, Xiao Fei’s sneak attack was quite fast and sudden. If Lei Yu had not dodged sideways at the last minute, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

In actuality, who could really take Lei Yu’s life? This was just Lei Yu’s rhetoric.

Lei Yu was now dispirited. For something like this to happen especially in a public area, the U.S. government will definitely intervene. How was he going to explain this?

“Bianca, call for an ambulance.”

Bianca wasn’t being evasive about this; she dialed a phone number and told the operator their exact location. Lei Yu pulled the other two and quickly left the scene, leaving the depressed Xiao Fei there with large drops of sweat.

Gently sighing, Lei Yu was somewhat gloomy. Not only was he unable to explain to the U.S. government, how was he going to explain this to Tenglong country’s Eagle Group? How was he going to explain this to Martial Sect?

But this whole situation was not really Lei Yu’s fault, he was actually afraid of some scoundrel behind the scene would exaggerate certain things. After Xiao Fei suffered such a serious injury, it’s possible his entire arm would become disabled. So of course Xiao Fei would describe Lei Yu as being as wicked and heinous as possible.

Directly driving Bianca back to the school, they two exchanged phone numbers and called it a day. Lei Yu was in no mood to ask her questions about things anymore. Hu Jiong and he then returned to the hotel after that.

“Young master, are you still worried about what happened tonight?” Asked Hu Jiong.

“That’s of course. Do you know the identity of the person who sneak attacked me? He’s the son of Eagle Group’s commander. For something like this to happen was really unexpected. Our country’s Eagle Group I can still kind of explain to, but we killed someone in public in front of a large crowd, how are we going to explain that to the U.S. government?” Replied Lei Yu full of dejection.

“You don’t have to worry.” Hu Jiong smiled. “The information the Guild provided was on this nightclub, and apart from this place, there weren’t any other places for us to make the move. Therefore, the Guild will explain themselves to the government so there’s no need for us to worry about it. Once the government realizes the deceased was a mutant, they will naturally confirm this with the Guild. And once our identity’s been confirmed as well, then no one will question us about this incident ever again.”

“That’s how it works?” Asked Lei Yu with raised eyebrows.

“That’s right. The good thing about us bounty hunters is that as long as the people we kill aren’t ordinary people, then we aren’t bound by the laws of the court so don’t worry about a thing.” Hu Jiong smiled.

Lei Yu thought for a bit before realizing the validity of this. Not everyone is capable of posing as a bounty hunter. Even though becoming a bounty hunter was a very simple procedure, but who would have nothing better to do than to go kill mutants for fun? Wouldn’t that be throwing their lives away?

Xiao Fei’s side was indeed problematic and Lei Yu didn’t have any solutions to deal with it just yet. He could only wait and see what type of news will come out of Tenglong country.

Lei Yu stretched his body; he wanted to lie down on the sofa to rest for a bit but his cell phone suddenly rang. Looking at the caller ID, “that’s way too quick!” Said Lei Yu with a frown.

“Who’s calling?” Asked Hu Jiong.

“Who else could it be?” Pressing the accept button, Lei Yu said into the phone: “I am Lei Yu, nope, listen to my explanation! Hey! Hey!”

Hanging up the phone, Lei Yu threw his phone on the table. “F*cking hell, Eagle Group is seeking to punish me!”

Hu Jiong didn’t know what to say or what words to comfort Lei Yu. But he was clear that if it wasn’t for Lei Yu, today’s mission would be very difficult for him to complete. Not mentioning how strong the bald guy’s ability was, with how crowded the nightclub was, Hu Jiong would have a difficult time in stopping the bald guy from escaping.

Sure enough, Lei Yu wasn’t willing to return to Tenglong country so they sent in a small investigative team to look for him. Eagle Group commander’s son was injured so it wasn’t a small matter, yet if we flipped it around and the injured person was just an ordinary person, then even if he died would not cause much of an issue.

Xiao Fei being crippled was quickly spread to even Ai Er’s ears. The sun wasn’t even up yet and she called over to ask: “Brother Yu, what’s going on? How could Xiao Fei be…?”

“How did you find out?”

“One of my fellow students told Mona and Mona told me.”

“This whole situation isn’t something I can explain easily. Once morning comes, stay where you are and don’t go anywhere!”

“I understand.”

Coincidentally at dawn, Lei Yu’s phone rang again. He wasn’t usually this busy so what on earth was going on?

“Oh, it’s you Bianca. Is something the matter?” Asked Lei Yu.

“I’ll be waiting for you at the base of the Statue of Liberty on the mouth of Hudson River.”

Lei Yu changed his clothes which perhaps was a habit of his. Regardless if his clothes were clean or not, he would always change into new ones at the start of the day¹. “Ancient Moon, you’ll have to go to the guild alone today to complete your mission because I have something to do. If anything comes up, just give me a call.”

Driving his car, Lei Yu drove towards the location Bianca mentioned. The distance wasn’t too far and with the height of the Statue of Liberty, Lei Yu was able to see it from far away.

A blue Lamborghini sports car was parked on the roadside. From far away, Lei Yu could already see a blonde beauty wearing a short skirt. Her perky butt was sitting on the hood of the car while a cell phone in her hands was constantly being twirled around. It looked like she was anxiously waiting for something, attracting the eyes of many men passing by².

Lei Yu parked behind this luxury sports car which made his own car seem kind of bland.

“What’s up with making me meet you here so early?” Asked Lei Yu as he got out of the car.

“I received some news about Dr. Tony; they are currently investigating you and want to kill you. You have to quickly escape and leave the U.S.! Don’t stay here any longer!” Seeing Lei Yu, Bianca rushed up to Lei Yu and said this anxiously.


¹ – Maybe the author is very poor and wears the same thing to bed and to work every day?
² – I verified the words and the author did say meet at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Either the author didn’t do his research properly or this imaginary world he created has the statue attached to the mainland instead of on an island.

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