Ch 123 – Easy Gains

“Dr. Tony? Who is he?” Lei Yu asked in confusion.

“Aren’t you a bounty hunter?”

“Uh… I guess I’m considered one.” Lei Yu nodded.

“Code name Lightning right?”

Lei Yu was shocked. “How did you know?” Lei Yu clearly remembered that Hu Jiong had always respectfully called him young master and never used his code name, so how did Bianca know? Also, who was this Dr. Tony and why did he want to kill him?

Pausing for a bit, Bianca then said: “Ever since you came to the U.S. and joined the Bounty Hunters Guild, people already had their eyes on you.”

“Why? How could this be?” Lei Yu asked confused.

“There’s someone you’ll definitely recognize – Hasegawa.”

“Where is he!?” Lei Yu’s mood suddenly changed as he asked with hatred.

“In reality, there are many things you don’t know about and there’s no way to investigate this. I can tell you but you have to promise me to leave the U.S. You can return to your country or go somewhere else, just don’t stay here anymore!” Said Bianca filled with concern, she didn’t want anything to happen to Lei Yu. As to why she’s so concerned about him, even she didn’t know why.

“No way!” Lei Yu firmly shook his head. “I came to the U.S. just to look for Hasegawa. Do you know what he’s done? His underlings developed a bacterium, and this bacterium was extremely harmful to society especially by threatening the lives of ordinary people. Would you allow this type of person to keep on living in this world?”

“But you aren’t his match! Hasegawa is an Ultimate Ninja, and Dr. Tony is even more formidable!”

Hearing Bianca’s words, it appears that she was familiar with Hasegawa and Dr. Tony and knew a lot about what was going on.

The day that Hasegawa killed Lei Yu, he escaped to the U.S. and reached out to Dr. Tony. The two originally had a close relationship, so Hasegawa and Dr. Tony got together and began plotting their next sinister plans.

“Do you know them?” Lei Yu asked with a frown.

Bianca frowned while clenching her teeth and nodded helplessly. “Yes, I do know them.”

“You seem to know about everything going on… are you perhaps a mutant as well?!” Lei Yu warily looked at Bianca, his eyes filled with doubt.

But as he said this, Lei Yu felt something wasn’t right. The spiritual essence of mutants compared with cultivators was completely different. Bianca clearly did not have any unique characteristics that a mutant would have. Since she could release a scorching hot energy, it should be some type of cultivation method and not something that would manifest itself with a mutagen injection. So what on earth was going on?

“No, I’m not. And I can’t be put in the same category as a mutant. I can’t tell you anything for now but please believe me. Lei Yu, I know all about you. You were once the popular figure that everyone in the world paid attention to – the young master. I also know that with your powers alone, you were able to destroy the Yamaguchi-gumi and cause the Kou country to enter an abyss of misery. You are a hero so your life shouldn’t end here. There are too little heroes in this world… Nowadays, no one cares about a savior stepping forward to accomplish something and no one will remember you in the future. Believe me, leave, just leave the U.S okay?” Bianca was extremely emotional. No one knows why she was so concerned about Lei Yu and his safety.

Heavily sighing, Lei Yu then smiled. “I don’t know why you are so concerned about me but I have to thank you for that. I don’t need people to remember me and I don’t need them to treat me as some heroic savior. The only thing I know is that I have the strength and I will do things that my ability allows me to take on. If I had the strength but still shirked my responsibility, then what rights do I have to deserve this power?”

Bianca was shocked. Was this tall and handsome youth in front of her a fool? No, he wasn’t! Then why was he like this? There’s always a story behind every person; Lei Yu had one, Bianca also had one. But no one wanted to touch that scab because hiding it was an easier way for them to stay strong.

Bianca submitted to Lei Yu’s manner, she was thoroughly subdued. There were billions of men in this world but there’s probably only one or two of them that was truly able to move a woman’s heart. And Lei Yu happened to be one of the few men that could move the heart of this exotic foreign beauty.

The unhinged Bianca didn’t know what else to day. Lei Yu smiled, “I’m grateful to you for chatting with me here today. I would be even more grateful if you could tell me the details of this situation. But if you aren’t willing to tell, it doesn’t matter because I will refuse to give up!” Lei Yu’s eyes were firm. “And I will investigate this myself. No matter how difficult it will become, I will see it to the end!”

Lei Yu turned around and intending to go back into his car. Gently clearing his throat and silently admiring himself – shit, I am so manly, so f*cken cool!

“Wait a minute!”

Lei Yu turned around and made his signature smile. “Please don’t say anymore if you still intend on stopping me.”

“I’ll help you!” Bianca’s reply was truly unexpected for Lei Yu. She knew so much about Hasegawa and this so called Dr. Tony; this meant she must have some sort of relationship with them. Lei Yu was unwilling to resort to any means to interrogate her so he decided to leave. But never would he have thought that Bianca was willing to help him, which was like a godsend right now.

“How are you going to help me?” Asked Lei Yu.

“You and your friend Ancient Moon must immediately leave the Bounty Hunters Guild. You can’t enter that place anymore or else something bad might happen.” Said Bianca.

“Oh? What type of bad thing? It shouldn’t be…” Lei Yu’s heart had a faint bad feeling but didn’t say it out loud.

Bianca paused a bit before saying: “This whole thing is too complicated and isn’t something I can explain so easily. But the simplest way I can explain to you is that the mutagen was developed by Dr. Tony. And the Bounty Hunter’s Guild was founded by him as well. His goal was to use people like Ancient Moon to eradicate his failed products!”

Lei Yu gasped, “What’s their ultimate goal?”

“A successfully developed mutagen after being injected into a human body will cause tremendous changes, and Dr. Tony is able to control these transformed mutants. The failures are those that have been absorbed by the human body making him unable to control them, that’s when he would have the bounty hunters go out and destroy them. His ultimate goal is to gain control of all the mutants to fulfill his ambitions!”

Lei Yu was stunned, but then suddenly thought of something. “That doesn’t make sense; I clearly remember seeing on the mission lists showing bounties on the European werewolves and vampires. What’s up with that?”

“The forces of Dr. Tony are way too vast. Although in name he is simply a Doctorate of Science, but the fields he dabbles in are very broad. Not only does he have a strong influence in the U.S., he even has a strong relationship with the Vatican in Europe. By using the outside resources, he can help the Vatican eradicate these demonic existences. Of course they would develop an enmity with the werewolves and vampires, but in return they gain the favor of the Vatican.”

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  1. tachibanabot says:

    heh, wonder how long it’ll take our MC to start up his harem instead of focusing on OTP.


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