Ch 124 – The Huge Estate

“Then he is someone really fearsome!” Cold sweat started appearing on Lei Yu’s forehead. “Oh crap!”

Hurriedly taking out his cell phone, he called Hu Jiong. “Ancient Moon! Where are you right now?”

“I’ve just entered the hallway of the guild, what’s up?”

“Quick! Quickly get out of there!”


“Hello? Hello? Ancient Moon! Hu Jiong! Hu Jiong!” Lei Yu was screaming like crazy into the phone but no one answered at the end of the line.

“What happened?” Bianca urgently asked.

“Shit! He’s not responding and the call was suddenly cut off! Something shouldn’t have happened right?” Lei Yu was somewhat frantic.

“Don’t worry; I don’t think they’ll hurt him.”

“Why would you say that?” Lei Yu asked.

“Their main purpose was to find you so before you show your face; Ancient Moon should still be safe.”

Lei Yu tightly closed his eyes, calming his impatience and restlessness. As he gradually calmed down, his thoughts were constantly thinking on what steps he should take next.

“I have to leave for a bit but I’ll be in contact with you by phone. From about six to seven meters away, Lei Yu leaped and landed directly inside his car. Bianca didn’t ask anything further because she knew where Lei Yu was off to. But her heart could not help but ache slightly.

The Mercedes-Benz convertible roadster parked inside the New York University’s campus. Since it was still early, there weren’t too many people walking about on campus. Lei Yu dialed Ai Er’s number and only after hearing her voice did his heart finally calm down.

When the two met, Lei Yu and Ai Er both left together. As to where they would go, Lei Yu hadn’t thought about that yet. But since Ai Er was safe, then the next thing he should do was quickly contact Bianca. No matter how she knew so much, having someone with them who knew the ins and outs of the situation was more beneficial than harmful.

Meeting up at the coffee shop with Bianca, Ai Er had the right to know about everything. And then trouble seems to follow one after another. Lei Yu had just sat down when his phone rang and a voice he didn’t want to hear at this time appeared at the other end.

“Do you know where my brother his? My calls can’t seem to get through to his phone¹.”

“He’s dealing with something important right now and can’t answer your call. If you have something important, you can tell me and I will tell him.” Said Lei Yu as he gently rubbed his forehead trying to dull the ache.

“Oh, it’s nothing important. Tomorrow I will arrive in New York on my work flight. Once you see him, if you could let him know that I brought something for him. Also… I brought something for you too!” After she said that, Hu Xin Er hung up the phone. Lei Yu could not help letting out a long sigh.

“What should I do? How do I rescue Ancient Moon?” Lei Yu asked Bianca who was sitting across from him.

“What? Was that his sister that called?” Having the ability that exceeded ordinary people, it was natural her hearing was better than them. Bianca was able to hear the voice on the other end of the line as well.

Lei Yu nodded. “Right, I really don’t know how to explain this to her.”

“Since you can’t really expose your face around town, I’ll go out for a bit. When I find out anything, I’ll contact you.”

Lei Yu knew that Bianca had to figure out the situation so he didn’t say anything unnecessary and just nodded his head. With Ai Er, the two of them quietly sat in the coffee shop drinking coffee except that they weren’t in the mood to enjoy it.

“Brother Yu, the people in Tenglong country gave me a call and said the investigative team will be arriving in the U.S. this afternoon. What should we do?”

Lei Yu slammed his cup onto the table; troubling things did indeed all come at once. “Who cares about the investigative team. Dr. Tony’s side currently wants my life and Hu Jiong is under their control. I really don’t have time to care about the team. Isn’t it just some little bitch’s arm that’s broken? What’s the big deal about that?”

“But I heard that the people in Martial Sect were really pissed off. Uncle Shangguan… Shangguan Xi Hong said this was equivalent to their own people fighting against each other.” Ai Er knew Lei Yu was in a bad mood but there were things that Lei Yu had to hear about since this wasn’t considered something trivial.

“Okay, I understand.” Lei Yu lowered his head and tenderly said: “You want to come with me to a place?”

“To where?” Ai Er asked.

Lei Yu smiled. “Since we don’t have anywhere else to go, let’s go look for… an old friend.”

The state of Idaho was a beautiful place surrounded by rivers and forests. It was a good place for a vacation and Lei Yu’s destination was that.

With a distance that was pretty far away, they enjoyed the scenery as they drove across the country. Since Ai Er didn’t get any sleep the previous night, she was covered with a jacket that Lei Yu took out from his storage ring and sweetly fell asleep.

The small towns in the U.S. were different from the Tenglong country’s. Each of them had their own distinct uniqueness and embraced their ancient heritage. Some of their residences crossed the barrier of modern time and made one feel they had returned to the early colonic era.

According to the GPS display, Lei Yu had arrived at one of the largest cities in Idaho. Just to be safe, Lei Yu stopped at the side of the road and took off his ring. He then went looking for people that were more elderly in age.

“Excuse me, do you recognize this ring?”

The elderly person was stunned, “how come you have this?”

It looks like this person recognizes it which made Lei Yu silently ecstatic. It appears the old woman didn’t exaggerate herself. “Well, an old woman gave this to me and told me to look for her with this.”

Hearing this, the elderly person enthusiastically gave some directions to Lei Yu. The car came to a stop outside a huge estate, “Wow, it’s so big!” Lei Yu could not help praising.

The estate was surrounded by an iron fence that wasn’t very tall, and encompassing it was soft and delicate green grass that swayed with the breeze. On top of the grass were a variety of dogs from all over the world running around. A path that wasn’t too wide but was able to fit a car was connected from the front gate to a nearby villa that was at least 10,000 square meters (107639 sqft). No, we should really call this a castle because it was too big, too extravagant and beautiful.

“Excuse me sir, how can I help you?” Outside the main gate, a soft spoken middle-aged man with brown hair asked.

“Oh, I’m looking for an old woman; she’s the owner of this ring.” Lei Yu then showed the ring in his hand. The middle-aged man then hurriedly picked up the phone inside a small hut beside the main gate, “Mr. Hawes! Someone came with the ring! Yes…! Yes!”

The middle-aged man’s voice sounded very excited, he was so excited that he could barely speak and hurriedly opened the main gate. “Quickly come in, come in! The madam has been waiting for you for a long time!”

Lei Yu nodded and blinked a few times before getting back into his car. He then drove into the estate while people he passed were discussing something enthusiastically. “Oh my god! A car was allowed to drive into the estate? Who on earth are they?”

“They look like two young people!”

“This is really too shocking, there has never been an outsider’s vehicle allowed into the estate before!”


¹ – Plot hole, she shouldn’t know that Lei Yu was working with Hu Jiong so why would she call Lei Yu?

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