Ch 125 – Finally Came

Unknown how they could’ve prepared so fast, but a red carpet was rolled out from the main door of the castle onto the edge of the roadway for cars. On the left side of the carpet, ten plus maids dressed in black and white were respectfully standing there in a line. And on the right side were a line of men dressed in white suits with a black shirts showing underneath. Lei Yu was beyond surprised from seeing this, he had never expected to be received and greeted with such big fanfare. He was definitely shocked beyond words, but fortunately he had experienced a scene similar to this already in the Kou country.

But it was different for Ai Er. She was surprised and curiously looking at Lei Yu since she couldn’t understand why this scene would occur.

The old madam then came out from the castle. She was an old woman that was supported by a beautiful young girl that was followed behind by two female servants. Lei Yu instantly recognized the old woman. She was exactly the old lady he had assisted when she told him she was trapped in the Kou country.

Right after that came a woman about forty five years old being accompanied by a middle-aged man around fifty years old.

Lei Yu and Ai Er got out of the car and seemed somewhat at a loss. Lei Yu was secretly saying in his heart: Oh crap, I would have never thought this family would be this rich. Could they be some ancient clan or family?

“You’ve finally come to see me!” The old woman was the first to say something as she started walking down the steps. This was her savior so how could she not be excited?

Lei Yu recovered his senses and closely inspected the elderly person. Perhaps it was due to her returning home, but her once thin malnourished face was now rosy and plump making her become a healthy looking elderly woman. Even though her skin was still a bit loose, when compared to the agonized look their first time meeting, they were almost like two different people.

“Old madam, I never expected that…” Lei Yu pointed all around him and didn’t know what to say.

“Quick, come on in!”

Going in the castle entrance with the rest of the people, a golden floral carpet had covered the entire ground floor. With the old castle-like structure accompanied with modern amenities, it gave this magnificent palace a fresh and unique spin.

Lei Yu, Ai Er, and everyone were seated in a bright and spacious hall for receiving guests. Although Lei Yu has experienced the grandeurs and aspects of society, this was his first time seeing such a magnificently constructed private residence.

The previous middle-aged man stood up and walked towards Lei Yu. “My name is Hawes, the successor of the Burlinder family. Having heard your name from my mother plenty of times, it’s really an honor to finally meet you!”

Lei Yu politely stood up and shook hands with Hawes. The latter seemed to be using a lot of strength and looked like he was just overly happy. Seeing his own mother’s savior, how could this dutiful son not be excited?

“I’m Lei Yu; it’s really nice to meet you.” Lei Yu slightly bowed showing his courteous manner.

The still attractive forty something year old woman also stood up and Hawes introduced her: “This is my wife.”

“Hello to you, Mrs. Hawes.”

The attractive woman came forward and gave Lei Yu a polite hug before touching her cheeks to his. Lei Yu was a bit surprised, how could a forty something year old woman have such smooth skin? Of course he didn’t reveal his surprised expression in the slightest and pretended that thought never occurred to him.

The young girl who was supporting the old woman and never said a word suddenly stood up and shook Lei Yu’s hand. “Hello, my name is Lafayette.”

“Oh! Nice to meet you.” The greeting was quite abrupt and Lei Yu didn’t know who the girl was, but he could somewhat guess who she was.

“I’m sorry for her rudeness, this is my daughter.” Hawes said with an apologetic face.

Such a polite and aristocratic family caused Lei Yu to feel a bit uncomfortable. Pointing to Ai Er who was standing behind him, “this is Ai Er, she’s my… fiance.”

Lei Yu’s introduction made Ai Er’s heart feel very sweet. She quickly bowed slightly and said: “How do you do.”

When the old woman returned home, she told her son everything about her situation and how she encountered Lei Yu. Not only was he going to appropriately avenge those that had harmed his mother, he also was extremely grateful towards Lei Yu. Hawes’s mother was the soul of the entire family and with Lei Yu’s assistance; the whole family naturally treated Lei Yu as a benefactor.

Lei Yu’s arrival had suddenly caused a huge commotion in the Burlinder family. A large banquet was held in his honor which Lei Yu was not too used to. But as a guest, he should comply with the wishes of the host and just play along with their customs.

“Benefactor, is there something you need to deal with from your trip to the U.S.?” Asked Hawes.

Lei Yu smiled and said: “Mr. Hawes, you are too polite, please just call me Lei Yu. There is indeed something I have to deal with and I’ll be staying in the U.S. for a while before I can leave.”

“If there’s anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

Lei Yu gratefully smiled. How could he mention the situation he was dealing with to him? If he was to accidentally bring disaster to this family that just experienced a family reunion, then wouldn’t Lei Yu’s decision for them to return a favor turn into a calamity?

“I appreciate your kind offer, I will.”

The feast was indeed very luxurious. Lei Yu and Ai Er ate their fill to the point that they couldn’t stop burping.

Agreeing to the host’s request, Lei Yu and Ai Er spent the night in Mr. Hawes’ home. But in his heart, he was still worrying about Hu Jiong’s safety. Bianca still had not contacted him which made him feel uneasy.

“Brother Yu, what’s wrong with you? Are you worried for your friend?” Ai Er asked as she saw Lei Yu’s facial expression.

*Sigh* “That’s right; there’s still no news from Bianca so I don’t know how Hu Jiong is doing right now.”

Since there weren’t any news, worrying was of no use. Lei Yu held onto Ai Er’s hand while they strolled along the huge estate. Staring up into the sky and seeing the stars, the scene looked like a peaceful and serene painting.

“There are really a lot of coincidences in this world. Who would have thought the old woman you saved in the Kou country would actually be a member of a wealthy aristocratic family! But I wonder what they do to have so much money.” Mumbled Ai Er as she playfully strolled around.

“I didn’t expect this either. Anyway, it’s not safe out there and I believe no one should know our destination here. I really don’t want to bring any trouble to this family… Okay, shall we head back in and rest early?” Lei Yu gently touched Ai Er’s head and the latter nodded in agreement.

Complying with Ai Er’s request, Lei Yu and her had separate rooms. Ai Er returned to her room first while Lei Yu sat down at the receiving hall. Mr. Hawes then handed Lei Yu a glass of red wine.

“Mr. Hawes, this ring that you and I possess, is there a story behind it?” Lei Yu was really interested in this matter since the ring was capable for storing things inside it.

Hawes replied: “The ring does in fact have a story behind it but I’m not too clear on the details. Perhaps the only person that knows about it would be my mother.”

Lei Yu’s brow went up, “Mr. Hawes, can I take a look at your ring?”

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