Ch 126 – Greek Prophet

Without any thought, Hawes directly took off the ring from his finger and handed it to Lei Yu.

Slightly concentrating his spiritual awareness, Lei Yu inserted a trace of spiritual energy into the ring. He suddenly experienced the same feeling when he was first exposed to his ring. And in the corner of the storage space, Lei Yu discovered an item. This item that looked like a black wooden stick gave off a mysterious atmosphere. This scroll that was recorded with Greek texts was the same as what Lei Yu had in his ring, so what was this thing?

Lei Yu was indeed really curious about the ring. But since Hawes didn’t know the back-story of it, it seems that he will need to find an opportunity to ask his mother.

Returning to his room, Lei Yu sat down on the floor ready to cultivate. It was at this time a knocking sound came from his door. When Lei Yu opened the door, the old woman was standing outside.

“Child, I apologize for bothering you at your time of rest.”

“Oh, old madam, is something the matter?” Lei Yu fully opened the door and respectfully invited the homeowner to enter his room.

After sitting down, the old woman then said: “I do know about your situation. I didn’t look for you because I didn’t want to intrude into your daily life so I hope you’ll forgive me for not seeking you out earlier.”

Lei Yu hurriedly waved his hand in front of him, “Old madam, you are too polite. I’ve never had those thoughts so please don’t say things like that.”

“I am very happy that you’ve visited me today. But when I look at your face, I can tell there’s something bothering you. Whatever it is, can you tell me about it?”


“Believe me; I might be able to help you out.” The old woman looked kindly at Lei Yu making him feel something he had never felt before. Perhaps this was the power of motherly love, so Lei Yu finally relented.

“I left Tenglong country for the Kou country…”


“From what you’ve said, you must be in a very dangerous situation right now?”

Lei Yu stood up and nervously said: “Rest assured, I was very careful before coming here. And I’m pretty sure no one was following me. Ah, if this has caused any inconveniences, I can immediately leave now so don’t worry about it.”

“Sit down child.” The old woman waved her hand, making Lei Yu sit down somewhat uncomfortably. The old woman then said: “I can try to help you out with this situation but you also need to help me with one thing.”

Even though he doesn’t know how the old woman could help him, but Lei Yu still nodded and smiled in thanks. “What do you need me to help you with?”

“Can you help me take out the two scrolls inside the rings?”

Lei Yu was shocked, so the old woman already knew there was something inside those rings! But then again, why was this so strange? Didn’t Hawes say that only his mother knew the story behind these rings?

“Of course I can.” Lei Yu nodded. “But since you knew how precious these rings were, why did you give me one?”

The old woman’s reply was simple but made Lei Yu’s heart tremble. “Because you’re a good person and trustworthy! At first I only hoped that you would look for me in the U.S. but then find out your background was a bit special. Now that you’ve came, I trust you even more so I’m willing to divulge the secret to you.”

Lei Yu exhaled heavily, looks like the real highlight of the movie was about to start. What on earth did the scrolls inside the rings really represent?

“Thank you for your trust in me.”

The old woman took out a gray colored ring from her pocket and on it was also carved with a rotating pattern. If one was to look closely at the inside edge of the ring, you could see some text on it. The text on the ring was the same as the Greek text on the scrolls and Lei Yu couldn’t understand any of it.

“I retrieved this ring from by son beforehand. I’ve never revealed the secret before because I’ve never met a reliable and trustworthy person. Today I will borrow your power to look at the secret of our heritage from thousands of years ago!”

Lei Yu activated his awareness and condensed his spiritual energy into the ring. The black wooden stick quivered as it floated and dropped into Lei Yu’s hands out of thin air. After doing that for both rings, two similar sized black scrolls appeared that gave off a mysterious aura.

Lei Yu solemnly handed the two scrolls over to the old woman like he was handing over some sacred treasure. The old woman received it with a rather serious and respectful expression.

As the scroll was unfurled, Lei Yu was carefully waiting for the old woman’s words.

After a long time… “I see, I finally understand now. Serve the Prophet for the predestined outcome!”

Lei Yu scratched his head since he couldn’t understand what the old woman was saying, and didn’t want to open his mouth to ask.

“Thank you child. I implore you to continue keeping the other scroll safe.” Lei Yu took one of the scrolls and the old woman then said: “You should be able to see that the texts in the scrolls are from the Greek language.”

Lei Yu nodded. It was precisely this reason that he couldn’t read what it was about. It wasn’t because Lei Yu didn’t go search for a Greek dictionary or something, but the reason being modern Greek words seemed to be very different from the ones on the scroll.

“This is not only Greek text, but text from ancient Greece, that’s why regular people cannot understand what is written. I was entrusted by the Prophet to preserve these. In actuality, the Burlinder family is an ancient aristocratic family and it was due to coincidence that I personally gained the trust of the Prophet. That story of how that happened isn’t important; the important part is what the scroll has to say.” Said the old woman pleasantly.

“Ancient Greece? Prophet?” Lei Yu couldn’t make heads or tails over this; he clearly couldn’t understand what the old woman was going on about.

“Wait until you resolve your matters in the U.S., then I will trouble you to take me on a trip to Athens so I can fetch a holy object. This holy object is very important and I wish to have an opportunity to lay eyes on it at least once within my lifetime.”

The more she spoke, the more bizarre this became but Lei Yu didn’t doubt a single word. With such a magical thing like this storage ring, then behind it must be something even more amazing. What Lei Yu couldn’t understand; if the old woman was so special, why would she be trapped in the Kou country? Since he was still an outsider, there were things that weren’t polite for him to ask.

Curling the scroll back up, the old woman left the room. It took a long time yet Lei Yu still couldn’t enter his cultivating state. His mind kept thinking about the things that have happened to these past two days. He never expected that everything he came into contact with was so strange and bizarre. He could still accept the ninjas of the Kou country and the mutants of the U.S. since they were somewhat related to cultivators. Tenglong country itself weren’t short of people with special abilities. But ancient Greece was a whole ‘nother deal since he’s never encountered that subject before. Could the Burlinder family’s lineage be traced back to ancient Greece? He could just wait until he goes with the old woman to Athens, then everything should reveal itself.

Furthermore, there was still Hu Xin Er to deal with. Her flight to the U.S. will be arriving tomorrow, should he see her or not? What should he say if he does meet up with her? If Hu Jiong was to really encounter some misfortune, Lei Yu would probably die of guilt. If it wasn’t for him showing up, the Bounty Hunters Guild would perhaps function like normal and not the situation it was now where they were using Hu Jiong to threaten him.

Even though he was only recently acquainted with this friend, Hu Jiong did treat him with great respect and called him young master; this made Lei Yu have a good impression on him. And since Lei Yu was a real man and hot blooded in nature, he will naturally not stand aside without doing a thing. Ultimately, this whole outcome happened because of him.

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