Ch 127 – Powerful Influence

With much difficulty, Lei Yu finally calmed down and entered a calm state. He then started circulating his internal energy throughout his meridians.

Lei Yu found a very strange phenomenon; whenever his internal energy circulated to his heart vessels, he felt an inexplicably warm feeling vibrating in his chest area. The feeling was really comfortable but Lei Yu couldn’t figure out what was the cause of it.

The odd thing was that his heart vessels were much stronger than his other meridians. Whether it be its tenacity or its absorption capability, it was far more superior to other places.

“Something not right.” Lei Yu was in deep thought. Cultivators stressed that their energy protected the heart since the heart was like their spring of life. Regardless of any person’s heart, it was an extremely fragile organ that couldn’t protect itself, that’s why it relied on a person’s internal energy to protect it. So why had Lei Yu’s heart vessels become tougher than any of the meridians in his body?

This phenomenon caused Lei Yu to have many questions without answers. But this wasn’t anything bad after all, with such a tough and strong heart vessel would definitely help Lei Yu in the long run. He then calmed himself down again and began to cultivate according to the methods imprinted into his mind.

His internal energy went through two cycles before Lei Yu spit out some turbid air. Compared to before with the Spiritual Bead of Longevity’s help of expelling impurities, relying on himself wasn’t any fun at all. But there’s no other way, he could only acknowledge his fate. Lei Yu also understood that his so called genius destiny had come to an end. Without the help of the Spiritual Bead of Longevity, cultivating now will have many added cumbersome processes.

But of course Lei Yu was determined not to give up. Although he had reached the Sixth Order Warrior rank, it was still in the early stages. Comparing this to Shangguan Xi Hong and Celestial Court’s two Sixth Grade Celestials, he was still too far behind. Moreover, Lei Yu had to find the killer who murdered his grandfather so this made him continue to put more effort into cultivating. Even if the process was slow, he couldn’t slack off one bit.

Changing into a set of clean clothes, Lei Yu opened the door and happened to leave the room the same time as Lafayette. They both smiled at each other and Lafayette gracefully walked next to Lei Yu. Gently holding on his right arm, she then said: “Let’s go downstairs to eat breakfast.”

Lei Yu’s smile became somewhat awkward. Perhaps for Lafayette, her actions didn’t mean much but for Lei Yu, he wasn’t too used to things like this. “Ah, I’m grateful to Miss Lafayette for accompanying me, but I need to look for my fiance since there’s some things I need to tell her; if you don’t mind going down to breakfast first.”

“That’s fine then, I’ll see you later.”

“See you in a bit.” Lei Yu sighed in relief and walked towards Ai Er’s room. As he was about to knock on the door, with his amazing hearing ability, he heard Ai Er’s voice from the inside.

“Where is the investigative team now? Brother, what should we do then? Brother Yu is still in danger so he can’t go out. Okay, right, the people in the investigative team may not be their opponents. These past two days, I heard the strength of this group is really strong, even brother Yu is kind of worried. Also, his friend was captured by these people. Okay, I understand. I will call you if anything new comes up.”

Lei Yu shook his head; this investigative team is really a pain in the ass making a big deal out of nothing. Coming to the U.S. to investigate this, why don’t they think about comparing the medical costs to the travelling expenses; which one was more expensive?

Then again, there’s no other way. He is after all the son of Eagle Group’s commander.

Sometimes avoiding isn’t the way. Lei Yu had been wondering about one thing – what if he appeared out of his own initiative? No matter how strong Dr. Tony’s influence was, would he actually send out a dozen or so Ultimate Mutants out to a public area? There are probably not that many mutants in the U.S. under his control, but if there were, wouldn’t he be able to disrupt the world’s order? One or two of them could already cause a lot of chaos.

Lei Yu currently had the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior and was considered evenly matched with the Ultimate Mutants. Even if an Ultimate Mutant joined forces with Hasegawa, an Ultimate Ninja, Lei Yu still has the ability to escape. He had absolute trust in his own speed. Not to mention that green energy had disappeared, so the situation where he goes berserk and out of control should no longer occur.

Lei Yu made up his mind and decided to show up amongst a large public crowd and see what they wanted. But the only problem that’s giving him a headache was what to do with Ai Er?

“Brother Yu, you haven’t gone down yet?”

“Ah! Oh, I was just about to meet with you and go down to breakfast together.”

Ai Er clasped her hands in front of her chest and narrowed her eyes, revealing a face of enjoyment. “This place is really nice, even my house isn’t even as good as this. It’s really great here.”

Lei Yu suddenly had a thought. “Ai Er, you really like this place that much?”

“Of course I do. Mr. Hawes and his family treats us so well, and Lafayette and I are really compatible with each other. Last night we chatted until really late before we went to sleep!”

“That’s good then, really good.” Lei Yu nodded his head. With one hand holding onto Ai Er’s hand, they both went downstairs.

Breakfast was so lavish that made people hard to comprehend; it was like they were treated as royalty! Lei Yu was actually kind of overwhelmed by this.

After the meal, Lei Yu pulled Ai Er aside and told her his thoughts. Ai Er’s eyes were full of reluctance and unwillingness to let Lei Yu go out by himself; she was going to be too worried. But Ai Er was a reasonable girl and knew she would be a hindrance if she came along. If something was to happen, Lei Yu would be distracted by having to protect her so she could only obediently nod in acceptance.

“Mr. Hawes, old madam, I… I have some things to take care of which requires me to leave for two days. I don’t know if it’s possible if my fiance can stay with your family for the next two days?” Lei Yu politely asked with a smile.

“Lei Yu, there’s no need to be so polite. Just go ahead and take care of whatever you need to do. Mother and I will help you in anyway so don’t worry. Oh yeah, Miss Ai Er and Lafayette are quite compatible with each other so with these two like sisters together, you should be rest assured.” Mr. Hawes obviously knew Lei Yu had things to take care of. It appears the old woman had already told him about Lei Yu’s situation.

“I’m really grateful for this.”

Lei Yu then drove away. The distance to New York was still quite a ways so he was driving pretty fast. Halfway there, he received Bianca’s call and found out some news about Hu Jiong. Hu Jiong was fine which made Lei Yu sigh in relief as his heart was somewhat eased.

Lei Yu was actually very curious about how Bianca could know so much, but it was obviously clear that she was helping him so he shouldn’t think too much.


Within Tenglong country, a middle-aged man with a thin face, phoenix like eyes, and a hook nose was holding a cell phone and pacing back and forth inside a house. His thick eyebrows furrowed together as he had been waiting for news from the U.S. side. But after a full day and night, no news came which made him extremely anxious.

“Commander Xiao, the investigative team that went to the U.S. says they couldn’t find the person called Lei Yu.”

“Humph!” With one hand like a claw, he completely crushed the cell phone into pieces and letting it scatter onto the ground. “Is the Eagle Commander’s son so easily bullied by some bastard offspring? He is not putting me in his eyes!”

“Please calm yourself sir, I will go check out the situation again. If there’s any news, I will immediately contact you.” This person hurriedly left not daring to stay for too long.


After arriving at the U.S., Lei Yu had changed his phone and only gave his number to the people he wanted to have it. It was no wonder the investigative team was having a hard time finding him. But since Lei Yu already had a plan, he would naturally have his own way of doing things. Getting the contact information of the investigative team from Ai Er, Lei Yu initiated the call to them and gave the group a meeting time and location.

The investigative team was made up of four people, each with their own roles. One was responsible for interrogation, two were responsible for recording statements, and one was in charge of investigating. “Lei Yu, why did you seriously hurt Xiao Fei to the point of crippling him?”

“He attacked me first, and it was him that killed an American.” Lei Yu said in a reasonable manner.

“According to our understanding, the person that killed the American was you and not Xiao Fei. And when Xiao Fei was trying to stop you, he suffered from your attack, is that right?” The interrogator coldly asked.

Lei Yu first smiled in disdain before standing up. The interrogator shouted: “What are you trying to do?”

“Haven’t you guys already fabricated the whole story? Is there any need for my statement?”

“Watch your attitude!” The interrogator pounded the table and stood up.

Lei Yu angrily grabbed his chair and smashed it against the wall causing the four chair legs suddenly split from the frame. His eyes full of anger, “watch my attitude? What’s with YOUR attitude?! What right do you have to interrogate me? Is this the right the Eagle Group gave you? Before I give in my official papers, I am still the Deputy Commander of Dragon Group. Is it that you don’t know the orders issued by the Chairman himself? I, Lei Yu am not someone you can command, and you don’t have the ability to command me either. If you really want to investigate the truth of the matter, then stop fabricating shit up! Otherwise I, Lei Yu, will not let you guys off easily!”

The several people were suddenly startled. Them coming to the U.S. were arranged by Eagle Group. And it was after Eagle Group applying for the paperwork to Martial Sect before they agreed to allow them here. But it seems this group of people had completely forgotten Lei Yu’s identity. After Lei Yu said his words, cold sweat suddenly appeared on the members of this group.

Seeing this group of people with stunned looks, Lei Yu scoffed. Acting all high and mighty after they were given a little bit of power? They were less than a dog fart! Lei Yu coldly “humphed” before walking away. The investigative group did not even dare fart at this point.

What were these fellows considered? Lei Yu was a person that Chairman Lin ordered that he was under the command of no one. And he was still the Deputy Commander of Dragon Group, which was still slightly more prestigious than Eagle Group.

In fact, everyone was already clear that the American that died was a mutant. They wanted to use this point as a point to hold him responsible. But what they screwed up on was that Lei Yu simply didn’t care, and they didn’t have the qualifications to demand anything of him.

Originally, Martial Sect agreed to let Eagle Group send out an investigative team was only a show to placate the commander. Lei Yu’s current position in Martial Sect could be said to be near the same level as the Shangguan family, so would Shangguan Xi Hong help Eagle Group in turn offending Lei Yu? This seems a bit unrealistic. Shangguan Xi Hong himself wanted to have Lei Yu firmly within his hands since he will be of great assistance in his future plans. After all, Lei Yu was a rare talent that could be referred to as a genius.

Coincidentally around this time, that day at the nightclub was all recorded by surveillance cameras and the recording was handed over to the responsible government departments of New York City. Everything was very clear; Lei Yu did not attempt to kill the bald guy and was only trying to capture him. Even though the video wasn’t too clear, you can still see the disgusting face of Xiao Fei behind Lei Yu when he quietly made a sneak attack. The truth had been revealed and the video recording made its way to Tenglong country but not to the public.

“Nonsense!” Shangguan Xi Hong shouted angrily with his hands clasped behind his back. “Chairman Lin is extremely pissed off! Commander Xiao, if you want to keep firmly sitting in your position, then you better properly discipline your son!”

Holding back his anger, he had brought his son back from the U.S and found the best doctors in the country for treatment. But even after treating him, there will still be lingering issues. Wanting to maintain his outstanding performance in Eagle Group? It looks like Xiao Fei will no longer have that opportunity. As the commander of Eagle Group, he will naturally harbor this hatred and will one day seek out his vengeance.

These few days in the U.S., it was actually peaceful and quiet for Lei Yu. No one came after him, not even mutants. This was definitely very strange for Lei Yu.

Little did he know, Mr. Hawes had secretly done some things so that Lei Yu would temporarily not be in any danger.

Lei Yu wasn’t in any in danger but he was extremely worried about Hu Jiong. Two days ago, Hu Xin Er came to the U.S. and Lei Yu came up with some excuses to not see her. But this wasn’t a solution so what should he do?

But coincidentally at this time, Hu Jiong gave Lei Yu a call and said that had been released. Lei Yu was overjoyed but couldn’t figure why this was the case. Asking Hu Jiong was of no use since he was clueless himself. As for Bianca, she shook her head and said she didn’t know either; she only knew that a very powerful influence requested Dr. Tony to do this. As for whom it was, she had no clue.

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