Ch 131 – Greek Warriors

All the memory footage was playing at once in Lei Yu’s mind causing chaos. But the main thing was he couldn’t understand why his eyes won’t open.

Like watching something on a projector, once the footage was over, four objects with golden lights around it made Lei Yu surprised. These were four different objects, or one could say it was a complete article that was split into four pieces.

A huge golden axe, a golden crown, a golden armor and a pair of golden boots.

“What are these things?”

A revelation appeared in his mind telling him these were divine holy equipments. A loud eerie sound surrounded the four pieces of holy equipment before it flew off into four different directions (east, south, west and north) and disappeared without a trace.

Lei Yu stood up and realized there were some changes behind Ai Er. “How…?”

The original complex maze had now become a single passageway that lead directly to the outside. Lei Yu moved two steps forward and realized strangely enough, the previous pressure had also disappeared. Lei Yu picked up the golden bowl off the floor and directly stored it into his storage ring. He believes the bowl might have some use in the future.

Pulling Ai Er along with him towards the exit, a glimpse of sunshine could be seen ahead. The whole place felt like the unknown pressure had never happened at all. As they exited the cave, Lei Yu looked all over and even looked back inside and called out: “Old madam!”

After looking all over and not finding the old woman, Lei Yu was alarmed. “How could this be?”

“All the previous passageways had been closed off leaving only one path. Could it be…” Lei Yu thought back to what the old woman previously said. “Not good, the old madam might still be in one of those passageways. And since those passages have been closed off, there’s no way for her to get out!”

“What should we do?!” Ai Er was so anxious that she was about to cry.

After thinking for a while, he still couldn’t figure out a way to rescue the old woman from the maze. “Ai Er, wait for me out here while I go back inside to take a look.” Lei Yu went back inside the cave and called out to the old woman. He didn’t hear any responses and only heard the echoes of his voice bouncing around the passageways.

“It must be because the holy object had left its place that caused this scene!” Lei Yu concluded this was the reason and returned to the end of the passage.

Once he neared the wall at the end of the passage, a change started happening inside the cave. It started trembling violently as if the ceiling was about to fall down. Lei Yu urgently tried to exit the place but it was too late, a sudden white beam of light shot out from the wall behind his back. This light shone directly on Lei Yu’s back and everything began to blur in his eyes. Lei Yu could only feel a splitting headache as he clutched his head and squatted onto the ground, struggling with the pain.

When he heard the sound of horse hooves pounding on the ground, Lei Yu suddenly raised his head and looked about. Lei Yu was dumbfounded, “Where is this place?”

Three tall horses were galloping with warriors in gray leather sitting atop of them. Two of them had spears in their hands while one of them with a sword was quickly approaching Lei Yu.

What was most surprising to Lei Yu was that he couldn’t detect their strength! While in shock, he stepped back a bit and tried to circulate the internal energy inside his body.

Lucky! There were no changes to his internal energy; he was still at the early stages of [Detachment]. So why wasn’t he able to rely on his spiritual energy to probe his opponent’s strength? Could they be much stronger than him?

Lei Yu sucked in a breath of cool air. If that was the case, then he’s pretty much screwed. With the ill intent on their faces, Lei Yu couldn’t be careless. Raising his hands, he readied himself for a fight.

As the three men on horses got closer, they stopped and got off while they were around five meters away and approached Lei Yu on foot.

Carefully looking, Lei Yu observed these three had a Westerner’s facial feature. They had high bridged noses, deep eye sockets and blue eyes. And according to some of Lei Yu’s knowledge, these three men were dressed in clothes similar to a Greek warrior. Of course, this so called knowledge was from seeing many movies and shows on television.

The three warriors were very curious about Lei Yu since they have never seen these types of features on a person before. One of the middle-aged man with a mustache asked: “Who are you?”

(Author’s Note: How could Lei Yu arrive at this place and understand their language? There will be an explanation when we return to the labyrinth.)

“I would first like to ask what place is this?” Seeing that his opponents didn’t make any aggressive moves, Lei Yu was relieved.

The three were obviously somewhat surprised, but the one middle-aged man with the mustache still replied: “We are in the territory of Queen Telephassa.”

“What?!” Lei Yu’s eyes were wide open. He had once leafed through some random books and inside mentioned a Queen Telephassa in it but it was over a thousand years ago! “What the hell?! No way! What’s going on?!” Lei Yu shouted. The three warriors looked at each other and couldn’t understand what Lei Yu was talking about. It’s not strange since the words Lei Yu lamented in were in the Tenglong language.

“You haven’t answered my question, who are you? Why are you here? Are you a spy sent by the country of our enemies?” Asked the mustache guy while staring.

Lei Yu shrugged. “I don’t even know who I am and I don’t belong here. I don’t know what you want but as long as you don’t kill me, I’m pretty much at your mercy.” Lei Yu simply gave up resisting. As long as he could keep his life, everything else doesn’t matter.

The three warriors muttered amongst themselves for a long time before finally deciding to bring Lei Yu back with them for further interrogation.

They used some rope to tie Lei Yu’s hands tightly and then tied the rope onto some type of lock on the horseback. The three climbed onto their horses ignoring Lei Yu’s surprise and nudged the horse’s side as they started galloping forward.

Lei Yu couldn’t laugh or cry. “You don’t really have to treat me like this right?”

As for Lei Yu’s complaint, it honestly didn’t really matter much to him. The pace he was following behind them seemed quite leisurely. Maintaining a certain distance behind the horse made the rope taut, so by borrowing the horse’s strength, Lei Yu had a pretty easy time.

As the trio looked back, they were extremely surprised to see Lei Yu’s nonchalant look. Lei Yu was calmly enjoying the scenery around him which was something they’ve never encountered in their entire lives.

According to their thoughts, the current Lei Yu should be dragging on the ground kicking up dust while screaming constantly in pain.

Running for about four to five kilometers, they started going down a slope allowing Lei Yu to see a spectacular sight in front of him.

At the base of the hill, a huge city could be seen. Surrounding the city was a wall around twenty meters tall that were made from pieces of large rock piled on top of each other. On top of the city walls were innumerable soldiers patrolling and the flag flying above the city had a monster drawn on it. It had the body of a human but the head of a cow, which had the same charm as the cow monsters depicted in Tenglong people’s view of the Netherworld. But Lei Yu understood that the picture on the flag weren’t the same as Tenglong superstitions. The book he glanced through before had explained the meaning of the picture; the monster in Greek Mythology was known as a Minotaur. It enjoyed eating human flesh, especially when it came to young boys or girls. Lei Yu kept thinking over and over in his mind that there must be some connection to the labyrinth he was in earlier. But as to what the connection was, he couldn’t figure it out.

The trio led Lei Yu down the hill and into the huge city gates. After a brief inquiry, they entered into the city. Most of the city’s buildings and structures were made out of rocks and the styles were ancient looking. The people in the city were all busy with their own livelihood that showed an affluent scene. When the people saw Lei Yu, they were all surprised. Humans with his hair color and his skin color were rarely seen in this part of the world. The strangest thing about Lei Yu was the style of his clothing attire which made them extremely curious.

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