Ch 133 – Two-headed Silo

Lei Yu heavily exhaled. With his speed, wanting to escape from Silo’s grasp was easier than eating pie, but Lei Yu wasn’t intending to do this. Silo’s fighting spirit was aroused and wanted a good fight with this opponent after seeing Lei Yu’s determination.


With a loud shout, Lei Yu wasn’t going to retreat anymore but move forward. He kicked off the ground and flew forward, intending to confront Silo head on.


Lei Yu raised his hand and blocked a tyrannical attack by Silo. Catching Silo by surprise, Lei Yu’s other hand smashed into Silo’s sternum area.


Lei Yu then dodged backwards with eyes filled with surprise. Silo staggered backwards a few steps without suffering much damage. Eyes full of anger appeared on both his heads as he bellowed into the sky, and rushed towards Lei Yu again.

Even though he didn’t use his full strength in that attack, Lei Yu still used about 60% of his power. Silo actually didn’t suffer any damage which meant his defense was not weak at all.

Lei Yu threw a heavy fist and smashed it into the ground, giving off a purple lightning energy that blasted a trench in front of Silo that was at least one meter in length. His purpose of doing that was deterrence. Lei Yu wasn’t sure if Silo could understand human words but he still shouted: “I don’t want to kill you so you better not force my hand!”

In actuality, Lei Yu couldn’t help but say this. According to records pertaining to ancient Greece, no matter which country, there was always a monstrous beast that they’ve domesticated. The kings or queens would use this beast as a tool to punish criminals or spies. You could also call this beast a plaything with a high rank that was several times higher than ordinary warriors. According to the current ancient Greece Lei Yu was in, the caste system was very strict. If he were to really kill this Silo in front of him, then he and this Queen Telephassa were going to have a big falling out. Lei Yu didn’t want this to happen since he wanted to understand this place and maybe find a way to leave.

Somewhat scared by Lei Yu’s sudden ground attack that gave of lightning energy, Silo paused for a bit. Silo then whipped both his heads together and slowly opened his large fierce looking mouth, not taking Lei Yu’s words seriously or not understanding what Lei Yu had said. Silo assumed a posture like he was going to rush forward again. Lei Yu’s body quickly flashed backwards appearing five meters away as his mind was thinking: Looks like he can’t understand human words since he’s still insufferably arrogant. So what should I do? Do I really have to kill it? Not letting him think things through, Lei Yu had to dodge really quickly while Silo kept attacking faster without any intent on stopping.



A large claw smashed towards Lei Yu but he quickly withstood it by blocking with his elbow, but Silo’s sharp claws managed to penetrate into Lei Yu’s muscles. Since Lei Yu’s skeletal structure contained metallic properties, it was impossible for him to suffer further damage yet the pain he was feeling right now angered him to his limit.

Up in the seats, the spectators were all screaming. Although Lei Yu’s performance surprised them somewhat, but once they saw Silo had resumed his wild and bloodthirsty nature, their moods were fired up once again.

Lei Yu rapidly rotated his body to dislodge the sharp claw embedded into his arm, ripping out pieces of muscles in the process.

Lei Yu clenched his teeth to tolerate the pain and shouted in rage: “Break!”

His right fist had then condensed a strong lightning power with a purple net surrounding it giving off “pak pak” sounds. Silo’s four blood-red eyes were suddenly opened up wide but Lei Yu’s attack speed was too fast so he had no time to reflect on how to resist.


Hearing that sound would make people’s heart tremble in fear. The right-side of Silo’s chest had been deeply penetrated by Lei Yu’s arm. Lei Yu had chosen not to attack the location of where his heart would be or else this monster would immediately die. This wasn’t the outcome Lei Yu wanted so he only needed to subdue him.


Silo’s pair of claws kept slashing around forcing Lei Yu to withdraw his fist and retreat backwards a few steps to escape from the random attack.

The deafening roar by Silo even overwhelmed the sounds of the crowd on the stands. Lei Yu stood his ground silently, gently massaging his injured arm. The gut wrenching pain made him angry but had also stimulated him allowing him to retain his rationality. This was the only reason he could make an instantaneous decision of not taking Silo’s life.

The previous three warriors that had brought Lei Yu to the arena were staring with eyes wide and their jaws on the ground; their faces completely filled with shock. Silo’s was a living fiendgod; no matter what battle he was in, Silo could fight one against a hundred. Yet somehow he was seriously injured by this ordinary looking human so how could they not be shocked? Not mentioning those three, even the crowd of spectators watching the fight could not close their mouths. They were so shocked that they couldn’t speak and even forgot to scream. They also forget their former disdain and scorn of Lei Yu.

Lei Yu was gasping for breath as his eyes were afraid of looking away from Silo. He had suddenly felt there was something different with Silo in front of his eyes. Once he carefully observed, he realized that one of Silo’s two heads had slowly closed its eyes; half its body was starting to droop like it was going to die. Lei Yu carefully pondered, “Shit! It can’t be that it had two hearts, one for each head right?”

Lei Yu’s guess was correct. Silo was in the beast category so how could he compare it to a human’s anatomy? Within Silo’s left and right chest contained two hearts, and one of them was shattered by Lei Yu’s fist causing the death of a life. That leaves the heart on the left side that still maintained a head that was still proud and won’t back away.

“I’m going to kill you!” Everyone was suddenly in shock; this two-headed monster Silo actually spoke human words. With the eyes on his remaining head, he stared daggers at Lei Yu.

“You… you can… you can actually speak!” Lei Yu was extremely shocked, this was something he would never have imagined possible.

“You killed my brother so I’m going to rip you into pieces!” Growled Silo as he rushed towards Lei Yu in a crazy manner. His pair of legs was making “thump thump” noises when it struck the ground. Not giving Lei Yu any chances to react, he raised his pair of claws and pounced towards him.

Lei Yu spun his body and jump up off the ground. Reaching the height of about five meters into the air, Lei Yu jumped past Silo’s head. “Since you can talk, why didn’t you listen to my previous words?”

Being asked like this, the enraged Silo actually hesitated a bit. Lei Yu saw that his words were effective so he continued speaking: “I killed your brother so you’re going to risk your life to kill me? Let me ask you then, if you ripped me into pieces, who’s going to risk their life to avenge me?”

“Humph! How can you compare your lowly human life to my noble lineage? Enough spouting crap, go to hell!” Silo once again pounced over. Perhaps it was due to the death of his brother but the control of the body was a bit awkward since the current speed was significantly less than before.

Lei Yu easily dodged left and right, there was no way Silo could even get close to him. Lei Yu once again reminded him: “I’m warning you, don’t piss me off or else you will never stand up ever again!”

Useless, no matter what Lei Yu said, it was of no use. Silo’s attacks were like before as if he reverted back to his old self that couldn’t understand human words; his eyes only seeing Lei Yu as a prey.

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