Ch 134 – Sparks Of Collision

“F*ck, I’m going to end you!” Lei Yu was pissed. Repeated persuasion didn’t work and continually being chased around by this monster; whoever was in his place would also be irritated like hell. Lei Yu decided to use a finishing move or else if both of them used up their stamina, there won’t be telling who would remain standing.

While he was in the process of dodging, Lei Yu’s right index and middle finger clamped together. He slid those two fingers along his arm from the top to the bottom, causing the lightning brand on his arm to lightly shimmer. Right after that, a clearly visible purple light could be seen travelling down a vein in his arm straight towards Lei Yu’s finger. Seeing that a powerful attack was about to rush out of Lei Yu’s body, a hysterical shout from a distance was heard: “Don’t hurt him!”

Lei Yu was surprised for a moment and saw the previous goddess of beauty – Telephassa. Seeing sadness appear on her beautiful face and her willow-like eyebrows tighten up, her anxious look make Lei Yu once again infatuated.

“Whoosh, pak!”

Feeling his face heat up, Lei Yu’s head felt dazed and started seeing stars twinkling in front of his eyes.

“F*ck your uncle! Your father I, already stayed his hand yet you still attacked!” Lei Yu was finally and completely enraged by Silo. Again and again he had tolerated Silo’s actions by dodging yet Silo kept attacking over and over again.

Forcefully wiping off the bloodstains on his face, Lei Yu wasn’t going to hold back anymore. He completely released the lightning energy he had been condensing previously. A beam of purple light burst forth from Lei Yu’s finger directly into Silo’s eye.


After gasping for breath and steadying himself, Lei Yu looked at Silo who was rolling around on the ground. Lightly breathing out, “I will leave you with your life. I want to see how noble you are now… f*cking dare to say my life is lowly!”

Lei Yu’s attack had completely shocked everyone. Was this something humans were capable of? Was this person a God that had come down to the lower realm? Some even wanted to start worshipping Lei Yu right then and there.

Lei Yu started a slow jog yet his body quickly rushed towards a raised platform. He then leapt and landed amongst the crowds before directly rushing towards where Telephassa was sitting. The warrior guards surrounding her even forgot to protect their goddess from staring at Lei Yu.

Lei Yu stood in front of Telephassa the seductress, ignoring the injuries he had sustained. “What’s going on? Is he a relative of yours? I gave you face and didn’t kill him.”

With Lei Yu’s sudden appearance like a ghost in front of her eyes, this graceful and noble queen who was admired by millions suddenly didn’t know what to do. She retreated a few steps back but who knew there happened to be some sharp stones behind her making her stumble. Lei Yu’s eyes detected it and immediately reacted, quickly catching her as she fell back. With one hand around her neck, the other arm around her slender waist; touching the silky smooth skin of this elegant queen completely shocked Lei Yu.


The entire crowd suddenly erupted in shouts. In that instance, Telephassa’s shimmering and heart-moving eyes met the gaze of Lei Yu’s profound eyes that carried a hint of sadness and mysteriousness; only to find that she had absolutely no power to resist him. Still releasing a powerful aura from fighting Silo along with his profound and mysterious gaze; his strong and powerful arms along with a slightly curved lips forming a smile; there’s no way this queen wouldn’t feel her heart skip a beat.

Exquisite and white – the pair of white jade-like thighs were exposed to the crowd making many men fiercely slurp back their saliva dripping from their mouths. But for some reason, no one dared to stare for more than one second.

The warriors on the side finally regained their senses. They clenched onto their spears and immediately surrounded Lei Yu.

“Let go of our esteemed Majesty!” One of the burly warriors coldly shouted.

Lei Yu blinked a few times, “fine then.”

He let go of his hands. Telephassa suddenly didn’t have any support so her body began to fall.


Seeing her body was only a few centimeters from the ground, the warrior could only feel regret. But a pair of strong hands suddenly supported her body once again making Telephassa completely infatuated. Her eyes were not willing to leave the face of this unknown warrior that made Silo eat his own words.

With Lei Yu holding up her body, Telephassa lightly closed her eyes. The image of these two looked like some movie poster from France about some romantic story that made people obsessed and infatuated.

As he leaned forward brushing past Telephassa’s face, Lei Yu whispered: “You should really thank me or else your feet would be cut open by the stones on the ground; I really don’t understand why you people don’t wear shoes.”

Righting her body back into the correct position, Lei Yu let go of his hands. For some unknown reason, he felt it was hard to part with her. He then started severely cursing himself out since this was not fair to Ai Er.

The elegant and beautiful queen was slightly overwhelmed before regaining her senses. Her face was flushing red before she quickly turned around and left the arena.

The current scene was indeed very strange. Silo was still screaming in pain in the middle of the arena; Lei Yu was watching Telephassa leave; and a group of warriors were surrounding him with their spears out. As for the crowd of spectators who were there for some slaughterhouse excitement, they were looking at each other wondering what was going on.

The warriors had no idea what to do because the queen didn’t give any orders. They weren’t sure how to deal with this Lei Yu in front of them.

In fact, the warriors were completely unnecessary. Was there anyone of them that could handle Lei Yu as an opponent? The chance that one of them could take him on was close to zero.

Lei Yu used his fingers and pushed the spears away that were pointing at him. He then sat down on one of the seats to the side and pulled out some bandages and ointment from his storage ring. While applying ointments to his wounds, you could hear him muttering: “Who knows if that monster had rabies, I am so unlucky!”

After about ten minutes or so, two girls with pretty good looks came to the arena seats. The clothes they were dressed in were pretty simple, like a one piece cloth wrapped around their body that exposed a lot of skin. But its simplicity still made the girls quite attractive to the eyes.

“Please follow us, her majesty the queen has invited you over.” Said one of the girls to Lei Yu in a respectful tone.

Lei Yu nodded. “That’s more like it. No matter what, I did save your queen’s pure white legs so thanking me is the natural thing.” Before leaving, Lei Yu looked at Silo who was still in the arena. Silo’s single head and single eye left returned the stare at Lei Yu filled with hatred and resentment. While clutching his damaged eye, Silo returned back into the iron gate he came from.

The palace here was indeed not small. Following the two girls, Lei Yu arrived at a place filled with cloths draped all over that resembled a bed chamber. One side of the room had a huge bed, and on the bed was placed a few pieces of clothing that looked rather strange to Lei Yu. But it looks like they were considered normal clothing of nobles in this ancient Greece era.

The bed chamber walls were painted with a gold powder which made it look exceptionally magnificent. Near the corner of the chambers was a translucent curtain, and one could see water steam rising behind that curtain.

“Your honor, let us serve you while you bathe.” With these words, the two girls pulled Lei Yu behind the curtains where steam was coming from. A huge wooden barrel was placed there filled with flower petals that smelled very fragrant.

Lei Yu didn’t have time to say anything before the two girls gently pulled a cord on their waist. The white cloth they were wearing slid onto the ground revealing heart palpitating and seductive figures.

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