Ch 139 – The Second Guardian

After attaining the golden boots, Lei Yu did not stay for too long since he didn’t use up too much of his internal energy from the previous battle. From his point of view, he didn’t even use up ten percent of his energy.

It’s not that the troll Titan wasn’t strong enough; it’s just that the troll’s strength was rather average across the board. Whether it was his defensive or offensive powers, they couldn’t match up to Lei Yu’s. Titan had to rely on the golden boots in order to exceed Lei Yu in speed, but that was simply not enough. The speed of his leg movements had been increased, but the strength of his attacks hadn’t been changed. If he was to encounter an ordinary person or someone with the strength a level lower than Lei Yu, then Titan would have easily won. But unfortunately…

After wearing the battle boots, Lei Yu felt his body was as light as a swallow. Walking now was a lot easier making him feel that there were indeed a lot of bizarre things in this world.

Even so, he did not dare to be careless because there were still three guardians left. And there’s also some super expert that was able to create such a labyrinth and seal someone in here.

Within the dimly lit maze, Lei Yu’s footsteps kept moving forward. He went down a lot of dead ends and had to change paths. Lei Yu had lost track of how many times this has happened already.

In another area.

In the throne hall, Telephassa’s originally clear eyes brimming with vigor had become lifeless. From time to time, she would look distracted or at times, she would look like she remembered something and start giggling. And there were at times that she would start sighing out of the blue. It appears that her mind was completely filled with thoughts of Lei Yu, unable to forget his haunting and dreamy smile. Especially that kiss before he left made her unable to forget it.

“Your majesty!”

There was no response from Telephassa. She was sitting upon her throne staring at one place as if she hadn’t heard anyone call out to her.

This warrior that had rushed into the throne room once again raised his voice: “Your majesty! We’ve received an urgent message!”

“Oh?” After recovering he senses, “Report.”

“Your majesty, there’s an enemy invasion coming from the West which isn’t far from our territory.” Cold sweat was already appearing on the forehead of this warrior. During this time of prosperity, they haven’t experienced any wars for a while now. The sudden appearance of a large scale enemy seems to be caused by some rumor that was spread around.

A serious look now appeared on the charming face of Telephassa. “Investigate their intentions thoroughly before reporting to me again!”


A middle-aged man with yellow hair and dressed in a gray robe stepped forward. “Your majesty, the enemy must have received news about Silo’s injury or else they wouldn’t dare to act so rashly. What should we do now? With Silo’s present condition, there’s no way he can go out to battle.”

“How are Silo’s injuries looking?” Telephassa asked.

An elderly man wearing a white robe stepped away from a side pillar and into the middle of the hall. “Your majesty, although Silo’s injuries aren’t life threatening, but in the short run, there’s no way he can participate on the battlefield. And since one of his two lives has already died, his current body’s power cannot be compared to before any longer.”

The previous middle-aged man in the gray coldly harrumphed. “It’s all the fault of that guy called Lightning! He dared to injure our guardian, he deserves to die!”

“You shut your mouth!” Telephassa suddenly stood up from the throne, her eyes staring at the minister that made the impertinent remark. “If I ever hear those words from you ever again, Silo is still capable of ripping you into shreds!”

This minister shivered, and then replied while trembling: “Yes… Yes! Understood!”

The enemy’s army got closer one step at a time but they didn’t dare to attack. Although they knew about Silo’s condition, but after all, Silo was still a terrifying fiendgod entity. There was no way the ordinary people could take him on even if he was injured.

In the barren wilderness, about a hundred thousand troops were surging forward. In the front were war horses opening up the path followed by eighty thousand infantry soldiers; their magnificent aura was enough to overwhelm everything.

At the forefront of the army, there was a horse 3 meters tall and 4.2 meters in length covered in armor. On the back of the horse was a warrior clad in a golden heavy armor carrying a sword with an extremely mighty look.

An elderly man on the side wearing a long light cloth robe looked at this mighty warrior filled with respect. “General Williams, we’re about three days from the empire right now so do we need to stop and rest?”

“We will annihilate the enemy all in one go!” The majestic aura made all the warriors on the side fill with passion. The eighty thousand soldiers in the rear started shouting out slogans in a heroic spirit. This actually frightened all the birds and beasts within a ten mile radius making them run away in fear.

Back in the Cretan Labyrinth, Lei Yu was wiping the sweat from his body with a towel. If he hadn’t taken a bath before, then he would be more in a sorry shape now. Lei Yu could not help frown as he sniffed the smell of sweat from his own body. It’s not like he was obsessed with cleanliness or anything, he was just used to bathing at least once per day.

“Crack! Crack!” *Rumbling sounds*

These strange noises entered Lei Yu’s ears. Knowing that something was about to happen, Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless. He continued moving forward cautiously and as he neared a corner of the path, Lei Yu saw a golden light flash by.

Going to the other wall, Lei Yu inched forward to take a peek. A sudden dull voice sounded out: “My brother was killed by you!”

Lei Yu frowned. What appeared before his eyes was a monster that had a wide body and looked very strong. It had green skin; a single eye and a single horn. The most prominent thing about it was a golden armor on its body that didn’t really fit it.

“You are the guardian giant Talos?”

“You recognize me?” The giant Talos asked.

Lei Yu smiled and shook his head. “I don’t know you but I know that you and your brother Titan are the same – you’re both dumb pigs that don’t know how to use your brains. Weren’t you guys enjoying life as a guardian of country? Why would you believe some mere slander and come to this labyrinth to be a guardian? Is this the type of life you actually like?

“I don’t like it.” Talos shook his head. “But you’ve killed my brother so no matter what, you must die so I can avenge him!”

The two brothers had similar features and their abilities were rather balanced. Whether it be attack, defense, or speed, Lei Yu would treat it as a not a big deal. Previously, Titan had on those battle boots which made his speed quite fast. Because this Talos had the sacred armor on, his defense would naturally be tough to the extreme.

You could say that Lei Yu only needed to utilize the speed one jogs at in order to dodge the series of attacks by Talos. Watching Talos’s large body stumble, Lei Yu had a feeling of wanting to laugh out loud. But in the midst of battle, Lei Yu still won’t act carelessly even though his opponent was weak.

Talos attempted to clash head-on with Lei Yu but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to succeed making him scream in anger. Lei Yu couldn’t be bothered in wasting his energy and stamina. With the battle boots, he only needed to spend a negligible strength and could easily avoid all the attacks, making him feel pretty good.

Talos had used up quite a bit of effort. After ten or so minutes, he could still not even touch a piece of clothing from Lei Yu. Even though the space inside the labyrinth wasn’t that spacious, but Lei Yu’s movements were too quick. And Lei Yu would occasionally throw out some attacks driving Talos completely insane.

“If you have the guts, stop dodging and fight me head on like a man! You have the battle boots so your speed is very fast making this unfair.” Screamed Talos as he had no other way to handle the situation.

“Hey lug head, have you even thought for a bit using your brain? What’s unfair? Could it be that you wearing armor is being fair? If you are willing to take off the armor, then I’ll take off the boots, how about that?” Lei Yu was clearly trying to trick him. But Talos’s thinking ability was kinda slow, thinking the reason Lei Yu was so fast was all due to the boots, so he didn’t even think long before agreeing to it.

Lei Yu covered his snicker; now things will be easier. Seeing Talos take off his armor, Lei Yu started chanting a spell and the boots came off floating to the ground behind him.

The two assumed their fighting stance. Talos gave a shout before rushing over while Lei Yu’s light body dodged even faster than before. Even though Lei Yu was able to easily take on this type of attack, his goal was to make Talos understand and regret. He wanted Talos to know that even without the battle boots; he could still not touch a piece of clothing on his body.

Like a ghostly apparition, Lei Yu’s speed completely shocked Talos. He looked at the ground and confirmed the battle boots were quietly lying there, and then rubbed his eyes to look at Lei Yu’s feet. His brain couldn’t understand why Lei Yu’s speed was still so fast.

With the boots, Lei Yu could effortlessly increase his speeds to unimaginable proportions. Without the boots, Lei Yu’s speed still wasn’t something anyone could exceed. His lips forming a sneer, Lei Yu walked towards Talos one step at a time. “Big lug head, your brains aren’t working well enough right? Let me assist you in improving your mind!” Lei Yu’s speed was really fast. His index and middle fingers were bent before he forcefully knocked on Talos’s forehead. “Bang!” A loud sound was heard, causing Talos to grimace in pain.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Both his arms opened up while he rushed towards Lei Yu. Lei Yu’s foot gently tapped the front which pushed his whole body backwards. Landing two meters back, Lei Yu’s used that energy like a spring and bounced forward forcefully. This combination of retreat and suddenly attacking made Talos unable to respond. Both of Lei Yu’s fists had internal energy condensed in them before he caused it to surge explosively, coating his fists with a purple lightning net. Without the protection of the golden armor, Lei Yu’s fists will be comparable to a steel drill that can directly penetrate through Talos’s chest.

Talking about this, Lei Yu was still a bit worried. Perhaps it was after fighting with Silo did he have these thoughts; just to play it safe, he actually used both fists in this attack because he thought Talos may have two hearts as well.

The eyes of Talos looked like they were going to pop out of its eye socket. He incredulously looked at two fists penetrated deep inside his chest, and then died still with that confused look on his face.

Lei Yu pulled his fists out from the body before flinging his arms around to get rid of the blood. Lei Yu wasn’t someone that liked killing but when it came to his own safety, it’s safer to finish them off than to give them a surviving chance.

Taking out some water from his storage ring, Lei Yu first rinsed his arm and hands before picking up the golden armor that Talos had on. Lei Yu was a bit confused because he didn’t feel an ounce of weight from the armor. Such a large armor that actually didn’t weigh anything was just too incredible. Lei Yu then started walking towards the battle boots he took off previously.

When his hand was about to reach the boots, “Crack!”

Lei Yu suddenly dodged backwards a few steps as a golden-edged axe blade directly smashed onto the ground two centimeters away from the boots. The ground split open which could have been Lei Yu’s hand, causing cold sweat to drip off his forehead.

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