Ch 14 – Unable To Figure Out A Solution

Lei Yu nodded his head. Only Nuo Hu and him were left in the room.

“Little Yu, you are too awesome. Before, I was only able to get through eleven times the gravity, didn’t think that you could actually endure up to twelve times, formidable, really formidable!” said Nuo Hu as he laughed.

“Come on, aren’t you currently incredibly formidable as well?”

“That’s of course, everyone of the elites in Dragon team all possess a miraculous cultivating technique. But there’s a few members that I cannot even compare to” said Nuo Hu.

“There are people much stronger than you?”

“Of course there is, the elites in Dragon team all possess a cultivating technique specially tailored to them, provided by the ancient martial arts clans, they are all very powerful. The Dragon Team has a rule, anyone is eligible to challenge a fellow teammate, but the fight between teammates is only a tool to learn from each other. You have just entered Dragon Team so no one will challenge you within a year, and you are not eligible to challenge others.

Lei Yu took special interest in Dragon Team’s rule. Allowed to challenge someone more powerful than themselves was one of the best platforms for him to improve.

Three o’clock in the afternoon, Lei Yu was prepared to take the second test. When arriving at a large hall, Nuo Yi Long, Nuo Yi Feng, and Fan Hong Chang these three, were already on scene, while the rest of the elite soldiers had already disappeared. There was only one soldier standing behind the three.

“Uncle Nuo, where are the rest of the elite soldiers?” asked Lei Yu.

“They are currently on a mission” replied Nuo Yi Long.

“Your test has been cancelled” said Fan Hong Chang.

“Cancelled? How come?” asked the surprised Lei Yu, “did I do something to disqualify?”

“Nope, your abilities are in full compliance with the standards of entering Dragon Team, congratulations to you on joining Dragon Team!”

Lei Yu really did not understand what happened and how he’d so miraculously entered Dragon Team. But this was the result of Nuo Yi Long and the other two deciding after a long discussion. Lei Yu also did not want to ask too much about it.

In fact, the reason this happened was because of Lei Yu’s brand. The mysteriousness of the Lei family was well known to all, just a single person could turn the heavens and earth upside down. There were about fifty to sixty Lei family members, which in the whole Tenglong country’s population is considered so minutely small. Yet each of the major forces in the country only had about one hundred or so powerful experts. Of course, amongst these experts, there is a great number of people not accounted for because they were out wandering the world, doing their own thing.

Although the numbers of experts inside the Lei family were the least, yet they were still all elites. The most important was the family head and the family’s elder – the family head had reached the most revered place of martial practitioners, the rank of a Sixth Order Warrior, while the family’s elder was at the Fifth Order Warrior rank.

Nuo Yi Long believed that Lei Yu would become an even stronger presence, all because of Lei Yu’s statement, “why is the Lei family’s surname Lei?”

“Uncle Nuo, can I put in a request?” asked Lei Yu.

“Tell me.”

“Can I use this gravity machine in the future? I think it will help me further improve myself.”

“Of course you can!”

As this response came out, it made the people on scene a bit surprised. The most surprised person was the unnamed soldier standing behind the three, but of course he did not make a sound.


One year can be considered not a long time and not a short time either. Within this year, Lei Yu’s strength had improved steadily, from the beginning stage of [Integration] to the mid-stage. Although they are still the same stage, one could say the quality of the power had matured. Previously he was only able to consolidate his internal energy over his arms and hands, now he was able to consolidate the energy into his legs as well. Of course, this was thanks to the training while inside the Dragon Team, especially that gravity machine. Lei Yu was now able to solely rely on his body’s endurance without using any internal energy, to withstand fifteen times the gravity.

In the beginning, Fan Hong Chang wanted to provide Lei Yu a cultivation technique but was stopped by Nuo Yi Long. The Lei family had their own cultivation methods, if you introduce another cultivating method mixed in as well, it wasn’t something necessary beneficial. Of course, Lei Yu did not ask Dragon Team to provide him a cultivation method either.

Even though he had only reached the mid-stage of [Integration] from the beginning stage, Lei Yu was still very satisfied with the results. After all, he did not neglect his training this past year, but realized the speed of his improvement has been slowed down. There is no doubt that any kind of cultivating method will too see their improvement speed slow down around this point.

As for Lei Yu’s disciple, he too became determined and put in a lot of effort into training. Without giving up, he persisted with Lei Yu’s devilish method of training which was similar to torturing one’s body. His originally big belly gradually flattened out, replaced with an eight-pack abs that was essentially filled with his accomplishment. There was one particular characteristic that remained, he could still eat like no tomorrow.

“Master, take a look, how do I look?” That’s what Liu Hao asked while inside Lei Yu’s apartment sitting on a sofa, proudly showing off his body underneath his clothes.

“Stop thinking so highly of yourself, you’ve currently trained your physical body to an acceptable level, now you should be learning to gather internal energy. Once you are able to condense the internal energy into your dantian, then you can freely and continuously absorb it into your body, attaining the requirement to be considered a cultivator.

“How do I do that?”

“This is for you.” Lei Yu especially copied the cultivating methods in his mind down onto a piece of paper. After being together for the past year, he has developed a deeper understanding of his disciple. Naturally, he has relaxed his guard towards him, imparting some real skills to the disciple is something a master must do. Lei Yu has never been a stingy person.

Holding onto the few pages of scrap paper that his master imparted onto him, Liu Hao forcefully sniffed back his nasal mucous, this kind of gratitude on his face was self-evident. (T/N: basically sniffed back his booger like he was about to cry)

“Slowly think about it, then gradually understand its meaning. Don’t worry too much since this kind of training cannot be rushed.”

“I understand.”

Leaving Lei Yu’s residence, Liu Hao happily went back to the school’s dormitories. Of course, he obeyed his master’s command, prohibited from letting anyone else see those cultivation methods including his parents and siblings.

Lei Yu only taught Liu Hao the early stages of [Lightning Foundation]. If a person was suitable for this cultivation method, then they will gradually feel some changes. As long as they grasp this feeling of change, then they will continue to advance. After a year of contact, Lei Yu realized that Liu Hao was indeed fit for martial arts training. Endurance and tenacity of the mind were both quite good, but also able to endure and persist through suffering hardships. There was more than once that Lei Yu doubted Liu Hao’s identity, whether he was actually the son of the governor. It was only after he saw a few cars arrive to pick him up with registration plates that only government officials were allowed to use, was he thoroughly convinced.

We will currently not talk about Liu Hao’s cultivation training, but how Lei Yu never relaxed in his own training. No matter what time it was, he would always be thinking about how to improve, and also be thinking about some fighting skills. When he was fighting with the Ming Sect’s Cai Zhong, Lei Yu only used some routine fighting techniques, which came from a few years ago when he was still in the Lei family and used a small fortune to hire martial arts masters to teach him the moves. Although Lei Yu still remembers all the moves he was taught, they weren’t really of much use. No wonder his father still did not pay any attention to him during those years, and even kicked him out of the household.

Lei Yu’s power and ability to withstand attacks were quite good, and melee combat was something Lei Yu preferred when fighting. If a person held a gun or some type of hidden weapon, then the fight would be pointless and not satisfying to him.

“How to combine my internal energy and force this power to explode out of my body?” This has been the ongoing problem. Lei Yu’s power was quite strong, but he couldn’t always control it smoothly. Either he completely consumes all the internal energy or his power cannot be fully released.

Completely consuming his internal energy does help a bit in improving his cultivation, and the speed will improve quite a bit, but the main problem is not his cultivating speed. For example, if he encountered an opponent, and he spared no effort in releasing all his internal energy, then he would simply not have enough strength to even stand. In this scenario where he did not have any strength left, if the opponent could still move, then he would just become a sandbag waiting to be beaten. He would at the minimum have to reserve some strength, so if he needed to escape, he could still manage to do it.

Lei Yu currently must be more skilled in controlling the internal energy inside his body. Sitting quietly inside his room, Lei Yu monitored his body with his inner vision, then focused all his past experiences on controlling his internal energy.

The internal energy’s output from his dantian’s Sea of Energy area was the root cause. And to ensure the he would not be completely exhausted, he would have to accomplish in leaving a trace of internal energy, which was really difficult to do. Lei Yu had previously tried a variety of ways to no avail.

Using a lot of effort to extract the internal energy from his dantian, the condensed internal energy gradually began to decrease. While it slowly gathered in his arm and leg areas, gradually, the internal energy in the dantian became thinner. At the last moment when there was only a hint left, Lei Yu would stop the extraction. Once the internal energy was cut off, the same situation just like in the past happened again, once the internal energy was cut off from the dantian, the energy would dissipate everywhere, unable to gather within his arms and leg anymore.

“What a headache! Once cut off, there’s no way for me to control it!”

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