Ch 140 – A Generation’s Emperor

With a back flip with both hands on the ground, he rotated his body as fast as lightning. Lei Yu couldn’t see who his opponent was but had utilized a strong leg attack. He could only see that a short distance away from him were a pair of blood-red eyes in the shadows.


Lei Yu’s spinning right leg smashed into the body of the unknown monster.

“What?!” Lei Yu’s face suddenly paled, a horrific aura had spread out from the target. It not only easily withstood Lei Yu’s attack; it was even able to launch a counterattack. Lei Yu’s body started explosively doing flips backwards in order to escape the counterattack.

“You’re courting death!”

Shouted the monster as he jumped out of the shadows, his leg chopping down like a large knife. Lei Yu used both arms to brace himself as the leg smashed down the middle of his crossed arms. He was then forced to do another back flip to escape further away.

It was only then that Lei Yu was able to see his opponent’s appearance. Blood-red eyes, a height of at least two meters, blonde hair covered his head that even connected itself to his beard, making him look like a lion standing on two legs. Underneath his gray leather armor was huge muscles that showed off how strong and powerful his potential was.

“Damn, Prophet Kalchas was right. Compared to his other two brothers, this guardian Pelagon is really strong!” Lei Yu’s heart was shocked, his face becoming grave.

Lei Yu didn’t want to think too much about this. His body becoming as soft and flexible as a willow tree, his speed as fast as lightning, he quickly condensed his internal energy and rushed towards Pelagon. Lei Yu’s body perfectly portrayed his strength of being flexible as he looked for any openings to attack.

Pelagon didn’t waste any time and concentrated. Wherever Lei Yu’s body flickered to, Pelagon’s eyes locked onto it and followed.

“This guy is too fearsome; his eyes are able to follow my every move! He’s way too strong; I can’t find any openings for an attack.” Lei Yu was truly shocked. “We can’t let this continue…”

An opportunity!

Lei Yu suddenly spun his body while condensing internal energy in his leg. His right foot was covered in a lightning net as he whipped his leg towards Pelagon’s left shoulder.


Both their bodies shook; Lei Yu spun backwards a few times landing on all fours. Pelagon had a look of surprise on his face, never expecting Lei Yu’s attack would turn out to be this strong.

At first Lei Yu was not worth anything in his eyes; being able to kill the brothers troll Titan and Talos was not considered much since he could easily do it too. He never expected Lei Yu’s previous attack contained an energy that was difficult to tolerate, even causing him to lose feeling in his arm.

“Kiddo, you have some skills.” Pelagon said in a cold tone.

“Pelagon, you too are quite powerful. Before you came to this labyrinth, you were once a Commander-in-chief of a country. According rumors, you have no flaws so I’m curious if that’s true or not.” Lei Yu stretched his body making it look like he was ready to clash with the enemy.

Pelagon lightly stroked his golden eyebrows, “You’ve heard about me?”

“Who doesn’t know about the prowess of Emperor Pelagon? But it’s such a pity.” Lei Yu said so hinting at something.

“What’s there to pity?” Asked Pelagon as he raised his eyebrows.

“It’s a pity that you were used by Crete. You came to the Cretan Labyrinth to become a guardian and gave up your country in the process. Do you know the current situation of your country? It’s at the point of perishing!”

“Nonsense! Your life is mine!” Roaring this, Pelagon’s body exuded a strong aura that forced Lei Yu back two steps. And it was at this time that Lei Yu was retreating, Pelagon’s fingers slightly moved. The golden axe that was originally embedded in the ground started shaking before suddenly flying back into his hands. An unblockable and overwhelming presence of a fiendgod appeared in front of Lei Yu’s eyes.

The furious Pelagon rushed forth. Fortunately for Lei Yu, his agility was slightly better so during this short period of time, Pelagon had no way of defeating him. The eyes would see him in front, but the next moment his body would be off to the side several meters away.


The furious Pelagon mournfully roared as his head suddenly started shaking. Lei Yu was shocked as Pelagon started transforming. His previous height of two meters had actually started growing again to a full three meters. His originally human looking hand was covered with golden hair, which gradually started covering his entire body. Due to his body becoming bigger, the leather armor he was wearing started bursting at the seams before splitting into pieces and fluttering onto the ground. His blood-red eyes started shining now making Pelagon pretty much look like a terrifyingly enraged lion.

“Phew!” The axe flew out of Pelagon’s hand towards Lei Yu, its speed no different than a bolt of lightning. Fortunately Lei Yu was fully prepared for this. The moment the axe had left Pelagon’s hand, Lei Yu had already stomped the ground and flew past the axe directly rushing forward.



The two collided together. A contest of strength was Lei Yu’s favorite since it gave him an excited feeling of his blood boiling. Each and every attack of Lei Yu was extremely cautious, not daring neglect the chance to block or dodge. He still had to reserve some strength and ensure that he doesn’t suffer any injuries.

Lightly tapping the ground with his foot, Lei Yu’s body once again flew off into the air. He had condensed all his strength into his right fist that instantly exploded forth. The right sleeve of his shirt actually burst into strips of rag that fluttered all over the place. With his lightning brand as the center point, one could see with the naked eye the lines of energy surrounding it; the muscles in his arm looked like a bulging rock with random lines of pattern that appeared to be slightly vibrating. It appears this overwhelming amount of lightning power was even unbearable for Lei Yu to handle.

Lei Yu could only rely on his own cultivation and the melee combat moves he developed on his own; his body in the air was like a Roc Eagle rushing towards Pelagon.

“A kid that doesn’t know the meaning of death, go die!” Pelagon furiously yelled as his eyes were emitting a frighteningly red light. His body started shaking as a huge palm in a claw shape smashed towards Lei Yu’s fist. Pelagon’s body looked like an arrow that had left the string as it flew forward to clash head on with Lei Yu.

“Bang, bang!”


The collision of fist versus palm created a violent sound, and every attack contained a fearsome amount of power. In the process of fighting, Lei Yu finally understood why Kalchas said Pelagon had no flaws. His attacks were almost perfect that did not create any openings to take advantage of. The two of them maintained their best condition without letting any attacks land on each other.

Breaking away from the long battle, Lei Yu swiped his hand by his chest and blocked Pelagon’s palm strike. His body immediately moved like a flea and bounced backwards, and by using the wall to the side, he flipped off it and made a perfect landing.

“As if you can escape!” Pelagon immediately rushed over which made Lei Yu coldly sneer: “A dignified emperor of a country won’t even listen to good advice. Looks like if you were still on the throne, your country would still eventually perish!” As he was saying this, Lei Yu had already retreated back over ten meters. And the spot he was originally at had already turned into a large crater from Pelagon’s palm strike.

“Tell me, how is my country right now? How are my subjects?” Pelagon actually stopped his attack and asked this.

Lei Yu lightly sighed. “You have already been away for over a thousand years, and over a dozen emperors have been replaced. And each one of them was worse than the one before. With that, you can imagine what your once strong and wealthy country would look like now. Additionally, the current emperor is merely a puppet because beside him is a General William that pretty much runs everything. These emperors are considered your descendants and have actually become this useless so don’t you want to go back and take a look at the situation?”

“You’re spewing nonsense!” Pelagon did not dare or want to believe Lei Yu’s word. It was due to him wanting to bring peace to his future generations that he agreed to Crete’s request to guard this labyrinth and watch over Minotaur Linos. He never imagined that his country would now actually be controlled by an outsider. This was considered the greatest insult to him and to all generations of his family.

“My words aren’t nonsense!” Lei Yu snapped. “Minotaur Linos only fought because when you were in power, you kept trying to invade. Think carefully, if it weren’t for your invasion, would he appear to fight you? Minotaur Linos did not have any ambition and only wanted to protect his own country and make it safe and secure in the process. It was all because of you that made him continuously kill that resulted in Crete sealing him. Is this not the case?!”

Pelagon became silent. After a while, the redness in his eyes appeared to dim a lot. He raised his head slightly and said: “Could it be that I was actually at fault back then?”

“No! Not only back then, you’re still at fault now and in the wrong!”

A sharp and chilling voice floated from a far off distance, “Bullshit!”

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and looked all over but did not find anyone. The voice continued saying: “You dare to come in here and make false claims and manipulate people? My honorable guardian Pelagon, don’t listen to his words. Fulfill your duty and kill him! Kill this intruder!”

“You f*cking son of a bitch! Come out if you have the guts!” Lei Yu angrily screamed, but no one appeared.

At this time, Pelagon’s eyes became bright red again. “Die intruder!”

“Pelagon! Listen to me!” Lei Yu anxiously shouted but it was of no use. It looks like he was being controlled by that voice and had once again lost his senses.

He could only feel a strong chilly air rushing towards his back, making Lei Yu immediately dodge sideways. A beam of golden light flew past his original spot causing cold sweat to appear on Lei Yu. The golden axe once again returned to Pelagon’s hand. Lei Yu’s body started swaying as if he was a gentle breeze moving about.

Lei Yu wrinkled his nose. If he formed a bond with the golden boots, then he could probably wiggle his toes and summon it towards him. Unfortunately, he did not possess such skills. Even if he did, the thought of wiggling his toes to summon something was a bit too comedic.

Lei Yu relied on his own abilities and activated his speed to the extreme. Every time Pelagon swung his axe, a substantial golden-like afterimage similar to a curved blade could be seen in the attack. Lei Yu could only focus on dodging and had no opportunity to counterattack. For the time being, Pelagon was in the dominant position.

“This cannot go on! My internal energy is gradually being depleted!” Lei Yu was extremely anxious in his heart. Even though it didn’t use up too much internal energy to continue dodging, but sooner or later it will still be exhausted.

It was probably different for Pelagon. Since Lei Yu had previously tested the weight of the armor, perhaps the golden axe was the same and did not weigh anything. This meant that there was a high possibility Pelagon was freely swinging the axe around and barely using his energy. Sooner or later, Lei Yu might be defeated.

“What should I do? What should I do?” Sweat was beading on Lei Yu’s forehead. After dodging a beam of golden light, Lei Yu jumped into the air. Both his legs used the wall as a leverage intending to burst forward for an attack. While in midair, a flash of golden light came slicing down. At the last second, Lei Yu rotated his body in midair to dodge and landed sideways on the ground. No time to even catch his breath, his body once again flipped to the side. The next moment, a deep slash mark was seen on the ground he had previously landed on.

“F*ck it, time to fight!” If he kept dodging, sooner or later he’ll meet his death so might as well put his life on the line and fight to the end!

Lei Yu clenched his teeth and dodged an attack that was less than two centimeters from his body. He then maximized his body’s speed to the limit where he himself could vaguely see the surrounding carvings on the wall.

There was an oncoming golden beam of light which Lei Yu could only see as a flash of light in his eyes. His toes tapped the ground and his whole body leapt into the air. The golden light that was aiming for his head had instead cut into his chest creating a horrendous wound. Tolerating the severe pain, Lei Yu continued to pounce forward while condensing all his power into his fist.

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