Ch 141 – Bull-Headed Fiendgod

Pelagon was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect Lei Yu would disregard everything and commit a desperate attack. Holding his golden axe in front of himself in a defensive posture, he was preparing for Lei Yu’s powerful frontal attack.


A loud sound of metallic items clashing was heard. Lei Yu’s fist had directly smashed into the flat side of the blade. And the next moment, the golden axe had actually flew out of Pelagon’s hand landing over ten meters away on the ground.

The look of surprise on Pelagon’s face was more obvious now. Lei Yu did not give him any chance; his body still hadn’t landed on the ground yet and he kicked out his foot and used Pelagon’s body as leverage. He twisted his body in mid-air and made a half revolution and did a perfect roundhouse kick directly at the side of Pelagon’s neck.

Both their bodies flew off in opposite directions crashing against the walls.


The two simultaneously smashed against the the thick labyrinth walls leaving a body shaped crater and fearsome cracks spreading outwards. The loose gravel showered onto the ground as the two slid down the wall, each breathing heavily.

One of Lei Yu’s hand was pressing against his chest as he exerted pressure over a wound in order to stop the blood from gushing out. The sweat on his forehead had dripped down off his face, leaving a small puddle on the ground.

Pelagon wasn’t better off. The instant Lei Yu knocked the golden axe out of his hand, and since he couldn’t react in time, he has yet to regain any control or feelings of his body from the sudden furious kick by Lei Yu. From his neck down to his chest area and his arms, they all felt like they were paralyzed. Perhaps Pelagon should be thankful for being so comfortable for now. Once the paralysis effect wears out, the severe pain will arrive giving him a taste of unbearable agony.

Straining to use the wall as support, Lei Yu took the lead to stand up first. His chest was heaving up and down yet he still managed to say in-between gasping for breath: “You still want to continue fighting?”

“My duty is to guard this place; to stop and kill any intruders!” Replied Pelagon stubbornly.

Lei Yu’s unfaltering steps drew closer and closer to Pelagon; the latter’s entire arm still feeling paralyzed could not even more a finger. This meant that even if he wanted to wiggle his fingers to recall his golden axe, it was now an impossible task.

Lei Yu stopped when he was about a meter away. “I was already being merciful to you previously but you wouldn’t listen to my advice and still wanted to fight me. There’s no other way because I can’t continue being kind-hearted. As a former emperor, you don’t even have a bit of willpower. A mere sentence by that bastard and he was able to control your mind… there’s no point for you to keep living anymore!”

Lei Yu raised his hand, but in reality he didn’t have much internal energy left; he still had to put up a front though. Extracting the limited energy he had left in his Sea of Energy, he controlled a thread-like thickness internal energy that was linked to one of his meridians. Even though this last bit of internal energy was thin, it still contained a fearsome amount of power. The internal energy slowly condensed in Lei Yu’s right arm, actually making the lightning brand start to shimmer.

Clasping his left index and middle fingers together, he stroked his right arm from top to bottom. A clearly visible line of internal energy could be seen moving towards the fingers of his right-hand. One could see an attack that was impossible for Pelagon to resist was about to burst forth.

At this moment, a ghostly shadow started floating down from the air heading straight for Lei Yu.

“Now’s the time!”

Lei Yu shouted and suddenly turned around, his internal energy was at it’s last point before erupting out. The instant Lei Yu turned around, a purple energy with the power of lightning and the thickness of a finger flew out, it’s target being the shadow that had just emerged.



The shadow did not have its guard up at all, his attacking posture had not even changed yet his body had already been blown away. On his chest, a finger-sized hole allowed one to see all the way through and behind him.


With a “plop,” Lei Yu fell next to Pelagon’s body, completely out of strength. Being able to stay conscious was completely relied on the trace internal energy he had just recently absorbed.

“Blugh!” A mouthful of black and red blood sprayed out of the shadow’s mouth. The power of the sudden attack wasn’t capable of taking a life, but it came too suddenly so he didn’t have his guard up.

Lei Yu carefully looked at the features of this shadow. The thin face looked look a skeleton had slapped on a piece of skin. It’s already pale look became even more horrible looking after Lei Yu’s attack, capable of giving those who laid eyes upon him to have chills in their heart. Deep inside its eye sockets, a yellow eyeball with black pupils that no matter how you looked at it, it wasn’t something a human would have. The shape of its pupils looked like something from a lizard or a snake’s.

Lei Yu sucked in a cool breath, was this still considered a look of a human? It was too scary looking! This person was none other than the master of the labyrinth – Crete.

“You dare to actually hurt me?! I want your life!” Crete ignored his heavy injuries as his body suddenly rushed over. Lei Yu went ahead and closed his eyes because he didn’t have any strength to resist anymore. It looks like he won’t be able to fulfill his so called destiny that was laid out by the Prophet Kalchas and Telephassa.

At this moment, Lei Yu’s entire mind was filled with the images of Ai Er; the way she frowned and smiled, the words and actions she made; the little sweet words of love they whispered into each other’s ears; all of this making Lei Yu unwilling to leave.

“I’m sorry Ai Er, this time I really have no way of getting out alive.” Lei Yu had given up, the first time he had truly given up on living. It wasn’t his choice give up but he had truly used up all his internal energy. The Spiritual Bead of Longevity he once had was no more, and because of that incident in the Kou country, that green energy had been completely used up as well. Add the fact that Lei Yu didn’t even have the strength to run away at all, one could say that if an ordinary person appeared in front of him could effortlessly kill him on the spot.

Lei Yu tightened his fists but found that he didn’t even have the strength to maintain it. Thus he was sprawled on the ground as he awaited the arrival of his death.



Two strange sounds were heard, then Lei Yu felt something warm hit his face. Using his last ounce of strength, Lei Yu opened his eyes and was suddenly completely shocked at what he saw.

Crete’s attack that was meant for him had actually penetrated deeply into Pelagon’s stomach. The latter was supporting his body on the ground with his two hands as he protected Lei Yu’s body. The blood flowing out onto Lei Yu’s face came from Pelagon’s stomach. Lei Yu could clearly see that although he was struck by a deadly attack, his face still showed a smile on it. The red that shrouded his eyes had disappeared. It gave Lei Yu the feeling that the Pelagon now was his true self; his dignified face gave one a feeling of kindness and friendliness – this was the face an emperor should have.

Lei Yu looked up and his mind becoming even more shocked. The half squatting Crete had eyes wide and round in surprise. His slit-like pupils strangely became round as well and his thin pale face was continuously trembling. A huge shiny golden axe was deeply embedded into the back of his head, one can say pretty much the whole axe was inside. Yellow blood had continuously flowed down his back and dripping onto the ground.


They both fell to the ground simultaneously. Pelagon’s huge body fell on top of Lei Yu robbing him the ability to breathe and almost killing him.

Crete was pretty much deader than a doornail. Lei Yu could somehow guess why Pelagon had helped him. Perhaps the previous attack had made him recover his senses, or perhaps in his mind he couldn’t let go of his descendants and subjects.

Lei Yu could clearly detect that Pelagon’s heart was still beating, except it was becoming slower and slower.

“I… I request… that you help me! Help me save… save my… save my people!”

The voice that came out of Pelagon’s mouth was barely audible while he gasped for air, but Lei Yu could still clearly hear everything. With great difficulty, Lei Yu replied: “I will!”

At this point, even though Lei You couldn’t see it but a bright smile was on Pelagon’s mouth. This was probably the happiest moment of his life because he had finally made a decision that felt was the right thing. He had saved Lei Yu and in return, Lei Yu promised to help him save his people; now he can be rest assured to leave.

No one will remember the mistake he made before; no one will remember Pelagon in his armor attacking Greece; but today Lei Yu will forever remember and be deeply grateful for his actions.

A few minutes later, the labyrinth started shaking and all the walls surprisingly started moving. Lei Yu could only stare with wide eyes as he couldn’t move at all. At this moment, Pelagon’s body that was crushing Lei Yu and Crete lying to the side with a horrific look both started becoming illusory. Lei Yu clearly felt the weight on top of him disappear, and the next instant both bodies vanished. The labyrinth then started undergoing astonishing changes.

This was exactly like last time when Lei Yu had finally found the sacred object, all the walls closed off the junctions leaving only one path. This current path was much more wider than before leaving Lei Yu the only one here. Clenching his teeth, Lei Yu used all his strength to get off the floor by using the wall as support.

The labyrinth had once again restored its calm but had become a single lane tunnel. Lei Yu looked at the three golden items but didn’t have the strength to pick up; this feeling was way too painful for one to bare.

Noticing to the right was some sort of distortion and Lei Yu slowly turned to face it. “Minotaur Linos!”

Covered in a golden color, a monster appeared in front of Lei Yu. With a bull’s head and two sharp horns, terrifying blood-red eyes, and his body not much different than ordinary a ordinary person except for being much more muscular.

Thick chains were seen restraining his arms and legs restricting his movement. The most horrific thing were two gleaming sharp hooks had penetrated his shoulders locking his shoulder blades. Behind the hooks were chains extending all the way back attaching to the top of the walls.

It looks like any slight movement would bring him unbearable pain. At this time, Minotaur Linos’s pair of huge bull eyes was strangely looking at Lei Yu. It seemed like Lei Yu was more of a monster than him. Being able to defeat Crete and the three guardians, was he a human or a ghost?

“Hey, what are you looking at? I’ve suffered a lot because of you!” Lei Yu had a funny expression on his face. Because no matter how he looked at Minotaur Linos, this bull was actually quite cute looking and not as fearsome as depicted on the flag.

“Who are you?” Minotaur Linos asked as he blinked his eyes.

“Shit! Hold up, let me recover a bit before we talk more!” Lei Yu simply closed his eyes and began to replenish his internal energy. But the spiritual essence around here was too pitiful so time seemed to pass in slow motion.

After about an hour, Lei Yu finally opened up his eyes and stood up. Although he was unsteady on his feet, the little bit of internal energy inside him still helped him to walk albeit grudgingly.

This Minotaur Linos was indeed a virtuous person, he actually didn’t utter a single word during that hour. He just stared at Lei Yu until he regained his consciousness.

“You… you’re here to rescue me?”

“No shit Sherlock!” Lei Yu went up close to Minotaur Linos and looked around. “I’m really doubting whether you’re really the fiendgod Minotaur Linos. No matter how I look, you don’t look like a monster that likes to devour little boys and girls.”

Gently poking the two chains pierced through his shoulders, Minotaur Linos cried out in pain. “Who told you I liked to devour little boys and girls?!”

“Then why do you require yearly sacrifices of little boys and girls?” Lei Yu asked.

“That’s what Crete needed, so he could use those little boys and girls to increase his strength. It has nothing to do with me. Since I’ve been locked up here, I haven’t dared to move a single inch! Hey! Stop poking the chains! It hurts a lot!” The big bull head hysterically shouted. Lei Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he never expected he would suffer through such hardship to rescue such a wimpy bull head.

Walking towards the golden axe shimmering with a golden light, Lei Yu picked it up. Surprised, he actually felt some type of connection with the axe. Merely testing this on a whim, he put the axe back down and wiggled his fingers. The golden axe slightly shook before flying into Lei Yu’s hand. “Oh shit! It’s actually this simple to control it!”

Walking up next to Minotaur Linos, Lei Yu raised the axe and a golden beam of light flew out and sliced the chain apart. In actuality, the big bull head’s power wasn’t weak. It was due to the hooks locking his shoulder bones causing him unable to utilize his strength. After the heart wrenching pain passed, Minotaur Linos stood there like a dummy. He didn’t dare to believe that he gained his freedom so easily, it was just too incredible to describe.

“Hey, why aren’t you leaving?” Lei Yu patted his bloody shoulders as he asked this.

“What about you?”

“Me?” Right now, Pelagon’s dying request was playing in Lei Yu’s mind. Since he had promised him, he would not go back on his words. Since Lei Yu could freely choose to return to any point of time, then he wasn’t in a rush to put the spring water into the golden bowl. Turning his head and looking back, the area where Minotaur Linos was locked by chains, a spring water vortex was slowly rotating in the middle of the wall filled with star lights making it look very pretty. “I will go back with you. My guess is that Prophet Kalchas is still waiting outside for us, let’s go.”

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