Ch 142 – Golden Bull God

The two went straight out to the other end of the path. As they neared the exit, Lei Yu used the incantation that Prophet Kalchas had previously taught him. This incantation was exactly the same as the ancient Greek scrolls he had inside his storage ring that was originally used to open the big boulder.

In the beginning, Lei Yu couldn’t understand how he could communicate with the people here. Lei Yu was pretty sure that he had never came into contact with learning the Greek language before, but compared to him transcending time and space, this language mystery wasn’t such a big deal. After Prophet Kalchas’s explanation, Lei Yu realized that he day he came into contact with the spring water, the moment the multitude of images in his mind appeared, he happened to form some type of connection with the ancient Greek language. Perhaps this was a foundation that was laid to assist his arrival to this place.

The sunlight outside shining on the labyrinth made Minotaur Linos and Lei Yu have some difficulty opening their eyes. At the edge of the cliff, a person wearing a large black cloak was trembling non-stop as he walked one step at a time towards the two.

“Kalchas, the mission you have entrusted to me has been completed. But I temporarily can’t leave yet, I’ve promised a friend to help him accomplish a task.” Said Lei Yu with a smile.

Although there was a smile on his face, it wasn’t hard to see that Lei Yu was holding back a lot of pain. The clothes on his body were all shredded; his whole body covered in blood, even his face had traces of blood on it. On his chest was a horrendous wound that people seeing it would feel worried about.

“Thank… thank you! Thank you so much!” As Kalchas neared the two, Minotaur Linos looked at this person with uncertainty. This person looked somewhat familiar, but because of the hood, he couldn’t really see the person’s face.

Kalchas’s voice was quivering as he excitedly walked up to Minotaur Linos. “Plop!” His knees landed on the ground. “Master! Master! You’ve finally come out! Kalchas can finally see you again!”

“Kalchas! You’re Kalchas?!” The big bull head who already had big eyes opened them even wider, scaring the daylights out of Lei Yu. It was apparent these two knew each other.

“I knew something was up.” Lei Yu thought as he coughed a bit, the pain in his chest bothering him immensely. It was obvious these two knew each other but Lei Yu didn’t feel like waiting for them to reminisce. “Can’t you guys chat after we go back? At least talk after I’m healed up or something.”

“Uh…, sorry, sorry!” Minotaur Linos helped Kalchas off the ground. The big bull head then walked up to Lei Yu, “Let’s go, I’ll carry you!”

Lei Yu frantically waved his arms, “It’s okay, it’s better that I ride a horse!”

Lei Yu had some trouble understanding how Minotaur Linos, a once mighty and fearsome fiendgod turned out to be such a nice character.

“Benefactor, no need to be so courteous. Have you forgotten that I’m much faster than a horse? I still have these boots given by the God of War – Ares.”

“Ares boots?” This was the first time Lei Yu had heard of this term. But when it came to the legends of the God of War, he too has heard a bit about it. So it appears that he had originally been calling them golden this and golden that, it actually had its own name.

Kalchas’s jaws had already dropped on the floor with incredulity but because he was covered by the cloak, no one saw his expression. He had never imagined that the great Minotaur Linos was willing to carry someone on his back. If this was back then, he still wouldn’t believe it if you beat him to death. Perhaps over the course of the millennia, it could mellow out a person. No, we should accurately say it had mellowed out the blood of a half-beast half-human entity.

“No need to be so courteous, just wait a bit!” Minotaur Linos walked forward a few steps and once he was about five meters from Lei Yu, his hands started rubbing the horns on his head.

“What the hell, what’s he trying to do?” Lei Yu blinked in confusion.

“Moo~!” The unique sound of cattle’s was heard as Minotaur Linos cried out to the sky. The sound was high pitched that made people somewhat uncomfortable. And at this time, a golden glow surrounded him as his entire body started undergoing changes. He was supporting himself on all four limbs’ golden hair started sprouting covering his body; and his body also started getting larger. Being wrapped in that golden light, Minotaur Linos’s original human body gradually became like a cattle’s. He was now humongous; his length over six meters and height around four meters. The sudden appearance of a huge golden bull made Lei Yu shocked beyond words. And the oddest thing was a saddle from unknown origins had appeared on the back of this bull. This huge golden saddle that strangely appeared was still quite dominant looking.

Appearing on its four hooves were U shaped shoes that shouldn’t belong to the bovidae family, these were horseshoes for horses, but it did add a bit of divinity look to him. The most striking feature was his head; wrapped around his two horns were some type of glittering sleeve that looked particularly eye-catching.

Lei Yu was pretty sure that these were transformed from the three pieces of Ares armors. The saddle on the back of the bull was the Ares armor; the horseshoes on the hooves was Ares boots; and the sleeves on the horns were most likely Ares axe.

The huge golden bull turned around, his nostrils constantly discharging white steam. “Today’s weather isn’t that cold right?” Lei Yu thought to himself as he was furiously blinking at the sight. Lei Yu finally noticed the previous bull head had become a cool looking golden bull that looked quite domineering. Whoever rode on his back will probably gain a lot of face.

“Please.” Said the golden bull in human words. Lei Yu didn’t bother holding back and walked up to Minotaur Linos. He then lightly jumped onto the saddle on the back.


Once again crying out. “Boom! Boom!” The two huge hooves trampled on the ground emitting an earth shattering sound. Kalchas finally woke up from his shock. Pulling a horse while jumping on top of another one, he followed far behind the butt of the bull with Lei Yu on it, unable to catch up.

Lei Yu was extremely shocked because he was simply unable to see his environment clearly; the scene in front of him would be behind in an instant. Lei Yu was sure that if he was to wear the Ares boots, his speed would most likely be half of this. But if one really thought about this, Lei Yu only had two legs while Minotaur Linos had four right now. If he reverted back to his human form, who knows who would be faster.

Being as swift as the wind had satisfied Lei Yu’s need for speed. The far distance had been traversed by the super fast golden bull in less than one-third of the original time; arriving in front of the city’s main gates.


“Oh heavens! You guys quickly come look!”

The common people and soldiers by the city gate all had startled expressions on their face. They were all just too shocked from staring at a majestic looking shiny golden bull rushing towards them. With the current speed of the golden bull, it’s most likely no one would dare to stop them.

Lei Yu firmly smacked the big head, “Slow down! Don’t go smashing into anything!”

Minotaur Linos gradually decreased his speed before coming to a standstill in front of the city gates. His red eyes were staring at the soldiers guarding the gates, scaring them to the point that their legs were shaking non-stop. But once they saw the person riding atop of the bull, one of the soldiers cried out: “Isn’t that the warrior that defeated Silo? Oh god! He is actually riding such a fearsome looking golden bull!”

“That’s right, it is him!”

After seeing Lei Yu did they finally feel somewhat relieved. At least they knew Lei Yu wouldn’t commit anything terrible or else the great Queen Telephassa wouldn’t have recruited him to become the King.

With Lei Yu’s appearance, naturally no one dared to stop him from entering. The golden bull then carried Lei Yu valiantly towards the center of the city.

“They actually don’t recognize me? Then why would they still have my portrait on the flags?” The golden bull’s voice was very soft that only Lei Yu could hear.

“I say Mr. Bull Head, you are really quite dumb. You’ve changed your form to a golden bull right now! Who on earth would recognize you as such a huge thing? Maybe a thousand years ago people would know your other form, but this is a thousand years later! These common people and soldiers only know your bull’s head and human body form!” Said Lei Yu.

“Oh! Right, right, right!”

The lofty fiendgod Minotaur Linos was reprimanded by Lei Yu this way. If it was back then, Lei Yu’s words would have caused these two to battle it out fiercely. But as the things looked now, it’s doubtful something like that would happen.

Arriving in front of the huge palace, Lei Yu used his internal energy and cried out in an ear deafening manner: “Would Queen Telephassa please come out and receive the mighty fiendgod – Minotaur Linos!”

At this time, Lei Yu jumped off from the bull’s back. When in front of the Queen, he still had to give the bull head some face.

Lei Yu and the bull head both cried out: “Moo~!”

Right after that, Minotaur Linos’s body started transforming. In full view of everyone, the huge golden bull’s body instantly became smaller. From four limbs on the ground become erect to two; the long golden hair gradually disappeared; and his body gradually became a human’s. An armor was adorned on his body, battle boots on his feet, and his hands wielding a huge golden axe. If people couldn’t see his head, then this impressive scene would probably capture the hearts of millions of girls. Except once you see his head, then it was kind of…

Telephassa was currently in the throne room anxious about the incoming attack of enemies. Once she heard the familiar voice, she was immediately shocked! Wasn’t this the person she had been longing for day and night?

Hurriedly standing up from the throne, she hastily led the crowd of officials towards the front gates of the palace. The speed of her light body made some of these old officials feel like they were unable to catch up to her.

Once she saw Lei Yu, Telephassa started getting teary eyed, her red swollen eyes would give anyone heartaches. Since there were too many people around, she had to fight back her impulse of running towards Lei Yu and giving him a hug. She shifted her gaze towards the entity next to him, a tall and strong existence with a head of a bull and a human’s body.

The warriors and officials that were following the queen all looked at Minotaur Linos with big wide eyes. He was exactly the same as the portrait on their flag so there’s no way he could be a fake. They couldn’t believe the foreign guy could actually rescue their mighty fiendgod!

All those officials on the side even forgot their duty, their eyes staring at the mighty bull god in a daze. Their legs were trembling non-stop as they seem to have forgotten how to speak.


It was the queen’s clear voice that cried out. All the warriors and the common people on scene all kowtowed. The scene was too impressive and Minotaur Linos could not help sighing. “A thousand years of humiliation, today I have finally restored my glory. Benefactor, this all due to your credit!”

Lei Yu’s lips curved to a slight smile as he chided the bull head: “Nice ain’t it? You’ve been given so much face today.”

Perhaps it was his previous injury that made Lei Yu difficult to tolerate, making him start coughing.

“Why aren’t you guys getting someone to heal our benefactor?”

The bull head bluntly shouted causing even the ground to shake. Scared to the point with sweat beading on his forehead, a medical official immediately rushed forward to support Lei Yu. The bull head started following behind. Telephassa didn’t bother with etiquette either and also followed in a hurry. It appears that she was only worried about Lei Yu, even the fiendgod Minotaur Linos’s return was not as important. And it looks like she had completely forgotten about the enemy invasion at this point.


¹ – Yes, the raws really say: Lei Yu cried out and the bull head also cried out.

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