Ch 144 – Leaving Quietly

Lei Yu walked forward a few steps right up to William. The latter carefully raised his large sword, the tip pointing directly at Lei Yu.

You could see Lei Yu grasp the sword blade gently with his thumb and index finger while displaying his signature smile. Right after that, an irrepressible power burst forth along the blade and into William’s hand. William’s body suddenly started shaking; the hair all over his body standing on its end; the veins on his neck started bulging out; and his eyes looked like they wanted to pop out and land on Minotaur Linos.

The warriors behind William had no idea what was happening, they had no clue why their General was acting this way. But Minotaur Linos was very clear on what was happening, this was Lei Yu’s special ability – the power of lightning.

About half a minute passed by before Lei Yu withdrew his fingers and rested his arms by his side. He lightly smiled while looking at William, while the latter’s hair looked like he was struck by lightning. With an extremely embarrassed look, William did not look at all like a general that commanded a hundred thousand troops; his mouth was wide open with white smoke coming out of it. When he glanced at Lei Yu again, the word “fear” wasn’t enough to describe the look in his eyes.

“Let me say it again, you have to stay while the others can leave. Perhaps you didn’t hear me clearly the first time?” Lei Yu once again repeated his previous words.

Although he feared meeting his tragedy if he stayed, if he didn’t do what this youngster demanded, it’s most likely he will lose his life at this spot. Not to mention he didn’t want to experience the living hell that he had just encountered previously.

“Withdraw the troops!”

“Acknowledged!” A Vice General behind nodded. Two soldiers lifted up their two-colored flags and started waving it in a certain pattern. All the soldiers then started moving away in an orderly manner. Thus, a hundred thousand troops all withdrew cleanly leaving behind a cloud of dust in the air.

“Benefactor, why are you making him stay?” Minotaur Linos moved his huge head towards Lei Yu’s face before asking in a whisper.

“What the hell?!” Lei Yu suddenly jumped to the side. “You freakin bull head, you scared the crap out of me!”

William blinked a few times. Daring to speak with a fiendgod in such a rude manner, this person in front of him was… William then finally realized what Minotaur Linos called this youngster and suddenly became pale in fright. Could it be that the fiendgod Minotaur Linos was able to leave the labyrinth because of being rescued by this person? Then how powerful was this person?

“Do you know the reason why I wanted you to stay?” Lei Yu looked at William and asked.

“No… no idea!”

“You should know who Pelagon is right?” Lei Yu asked again.

William sucked in a breath of cool air, everything was clear now. It looks like this person in front of him really rescued Minotaur Linos from the labyrinth. Now that he mentioned Pelagon, that means he must have met the Emperor from long ago right? If all of this was accurate, that meant Pelagon was still alive all these years. An army general like him dared to seize the command of the entire kingdom… If Pelagon was still alive, then even if he died ten thousand times, it still wouldn’t be enough.

With a “plop” sound, William’s butt fell on the ground and he stared at nothing in particular in a daze. He understood that his days were numbered.

“Pelagon has already died after fighting with me.” Lei Yu continued saying.

William suddenly looked up, a hint of joy instantly lit up in his eyes before quickly disappearing without a trace. But he wasn’t sure what Lei Yu was planning or what he meant by those words.

“That’s great! You are really too powerful. You should know that Emperor Pelagon was once the strongest warrior in my country. I would never have thought that you sir, are so powerful! Able to actually kill him, I really admire you! Admire you from the bottom of my heart!” William started flattering Lei Yu. With many complex thoughts and calculations, William came to the conclusion: This youngster could fight with Pelagon and kill him, that meant those two shouldn’t be on the same side. But William would have never imagined that his conclusion was completely wrong.

“You are truly a real bastard. Pelagon and I are friends, and you actually dare to insult my friend?” Lei Yu coldly humphed as he glared at William.

Pelagon and Lei Yu merely encountered each other by fate, and the two formed a bond entirely from their fight. It was all due to Lei Yu’s statement that made Pelagon restore his sanity and get rid of the mind control. And if it wasn’t for Pelagon, Lei Yu’s death would be certain for sure. Therefore Lei Yu had no hatred for Pelagon, only gratitude.

William’s brain short-circuited, his mind simply became paste. His face immediately became gloomy unsure of what to do. His eyes instantly became red, the tears in his eyes like a waterfall gushing out like it didn’t cost money. “Emperor Pelagon! How could you leave this world just like that? Did you know? All your subjects have been waiting for your return! You can’t just die like that!”

Lei Yu couldn’t help but be filled with loathing as he looked at William’s face. If this guy worked in his company and starred in a movie, there probably won’t be many actors that could compare to his acting. He could cry or laugh on cue; he was even faster than the stock market rebounding on certain news.

“Shut up!” Lei Yu shouted. “Wipe your snot you loathsome thing!”

Lei Yu frowned, he was too lazy to use his own hands on this type of person. Waving his hand, two soldiers on top of the city walls could see that Lei Yu was calling for them. They hurriedly rushed down and out of the city gates. Since the enemy army had already retreated, there was no danger anymore. And because the invasion happened too quickly, these soldiers and citizens weren’t sure if this was the time to cheer or not.

“Your lordship!” The two soldiers respectfully stood in front of Lei Yu and the bull head.

Lei Yu pointed to William who was still crouching on the ground blowing his nose. “Take him to the arena so we can see a good show!”

William had no clue what Lei Yu was referring to, and he definitely didn’t know that from Minotaur Linos’s return, he had helped Silo recover a portion of his injuries. He was soon going to be food for Silo.

“Understood!” Grabbing onto William, these two soldiers felt like they had so much face now. Being able to capture the enemy’s commander, this was the perfect time to show off… even though they didn’t personally subdue him. And knowing their country had two powerful figures, who would dare invade them now?

Telephassa smiled while looking at her beloved man. Unfortunately, this man will be leaving soon and never be able to come back. She seems to be the only one that doesn’t know about this, thinking Lei Yu’s return meant that he will never leave here again.

On a high platform of the arena, Lei Yu, Minotaur Linos, and Telephassa all stood together as they watched a perplexed William on the field.

“Your majesty…”

“Call me Telephassa.”

“Uh… Telephassa.” Lei Yu pointed at William in the field and said: “Please do me a favor. When I was in the labyrinth, I promised Pelagon to save his subjects. I hope that you will send them a Peace Treaty and form an alliance. That way, my friend will be able to rest in peace.”

After thinking for a bit, Telephassa then said: “But their country’s emperor is too weak and incompetent. Forming an alliance with them will not benefit us at all.”

Lei Yu lightly sighed. Folding his hands behind his back, “Are you not aware that having a weak ally is better than having a strong enemy? I will do what I’ve promised Pelagon. As for whether his country will continue to exist in the future or not will depend on the current Emperor, and if he will strive to become a better person. At least I’ve kept my part of the promise.”

“Fine then.”

At this time, a metal gate on the side of the arena opened up. A fearsome Silo came out one step at a time but did not forget to bow deeply to where Minotaur Linos was. We can see how much he respected the fiendgod. Even Telephassa had never received such treatment from Silo before. But when Silo looked at Lei Yu, his eyes were conflicted. Lei Yu had injured him yet rescued the fiendgod, which made him unsure how to treat such a person.

In the fields of the arena, William had gone bat shit crazy. “Ahh! Silo! Silo! It’s actually Silo!” His heavy armor was no longer something to protect his life, but a burden that hindered him from running away.


Silo roared before rushing towards William. Although the arena looked like a duel between a person and a monster, but it was really a one-sided attack. The other was like a grasshopper trapped in a cage with a rooster coming after it. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to escape his fate.

No one looked at Silo as a form of entertainment. Even now they wouldn’t because the merit he has achieved for the country was too much. He had saved the country more than once already. But because of his overly tyrannical nature, Telephassa could not help but have him locked up.

But if we thought this through a bit, would anyone truly be able to lock Silo up? No, not possible. It’s only because of the order given by Minotaur Linos that he was this kingdom’s guardian, that’s why he acted accordingly.

A bloody scene appeared in the arena. All the citizens and soldiers spectating became excited to the extreme as they roared out a cheer.


Late in the night, Lei Yu quietly entered into Telephassa’s chambers. Beside her bed, he observed her coquettish looks and her near naked hot body. Her smooth tempting skin that revealed a sexy look in the evening made it even more difficult for a person to resist. Lei Yu swallowed hard. Even though he was unwilling to part with her, he still had to leave. Cautiously moving closer, Lei Yu gently kissed her forehead and then kissed her lips. His hands trembling, he gently wrapped his arms around her body and embraced her. The touch of her soft body caused an explosive temptation in Lei Yu, making him unable to resist and a tent shape popping out in his pants.

Shifting her back onto the bed, Lei Yu retreated out one step at a time. While leaving the room, Lei Yu was reluctant to look away from this unforgettable goddess of beauty, yet he had to go.

Sighing heavily, Lei Yu turned to leave as he parted ways with the sexy sleeping goddess.

“Bull head, everything will be all on you in the future. I have to leave now.” Lei Yu patted the shoulders of Minotaur Linos.

“Rest assured, this is my country. Since she has the crown of Ares, I have to protect her.” Minotaur Linos nodded.

“Prophet Kalchas, how long will the stuff you gave her persist until?” Lei Yu asked.

“It should work to at least sunrise.”

“That’s good.” Even though there was nothing to see, Lei Yu still looked at Telephassa’s direction in deep thought.

“Shall we leave now?” The bull head cried into the sky. His body underwent a dramatic change and once again became a golden bull god.

Lei Yu then jumped onto the saddle and just like a meteor shower at night, they disappeared into the endless horizon.

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