Ch 147 – Seeking Vengeance

Several police officers were seen photographing the murder scene. Hasegawa was then lifted out of the car and placed inside a white body bag. Yellow tape was being used to cordon off certain areas and the crowd was dispersed.

Lei Yu turned around and went back to the car. Ai Er could see there was something wrong with Lei Yu’s expression so she asked: “So what’s going on? What happened up front?”

Lei Yu gently exhaled, “A murder took place up front, let’s go back first.”

Using the sidewalk to help make a U-turn, the two returned to their hotel.

“Hey Bianca? If you’re free, come by the hotel because something important happened.”

After hanging up the phone, Lei Yu laid back on the sofa and let out a long breath. Hasegawa had actually died… with his strength of an Ultimate Ninja, who would have the ability to kill him?

Lei Yu thought back to what he had just witnessed. From the signs of the windshield, Lei Yu was certain the killer was a super expert. It was pretty clear that a direct punch was used to kill Hasegawa. Apart from the hole in the glass, there weren’t any signs of cracks around it. From that we can see how fast the punch was, probably even faster than a bullet.

After tracking his whereabouts for so long and thinking how hard it would be to get rid of Hasegawa, that’s why he started developing his own force in the U.S. Who would expect in one night, the person he hated the most would mysteriously die like that. Lei Yu was very curious who this killer was.

Lei Yu hugged Ai Er while he waited for Bianca to arrive.

Half an hour later, someone knocked on their hotel room door. Lei Yu personally went to get it.

“You should know what happened right?”

“Hasegawa is dead.” Bianca apparently knew about this already.

“Right, do you know who the killer is?” Lei Yu asked.

Bianca shook her head. “This was something even Dr. Tony couldn’t figure out. I also received news from other sources that at least seven other mutants died yesterday.”

Lei Yu then asked with surprise: “What’s going on? Could it be bounty hunters? But they wouldn’t be capable of killing Hasegawa as well right?”

“Nope, this was definitely not perpetrated by bounty hunters because last night’s mission list did not contain the names of the mutants that have died. Those mutants that died were directly controlled by Dr. Tony so there’s no way for them to become targets.”

“Then what on earth is going on?”

“According to my analysis, I believe it should be the deed of a… Werewolf!”

“A Werewolf?! How…”

“Last night was a full moon which to Werewolves, is a time their blood reverts them to their original forms. If my guess is right, last night was the time the Werewolves initiated a large scale assassination strike. Because Dr. Tony has been linked with the Vatican; and he used the bounty hunters to help the Vatican hunt down Werewolves and Vampires; I believe this was their counterattack.” Bianca analyzed.

“Then why didn’t the Werewolves directly kill the bounty hunters that attacked their brethren, instead of killing those mutants? There’s especially no need to kill Hasegawa right?” It’s not that Lei Yu didn’t want these people to die; he just felt this situation was too strange.

“My analysis is not definitive, but the way Hasegawa died is similar to the moves of a Werewolf; a quick strike and the heart is dug out of the victim resulting in their death.”

Lei Yu nodded. It appears the seriousness of this matter has gone beyond the scope of his imagination. But this was fine as well since he could watch them fight each other. This saved him a lot of trouble and he could just watch this at the sidelines.

Nighttime. The first night of the competition truly made Lei Yu shocked. The hundred or so private rooms in the first floor had been fully booked without a single vacant room. Since the occupants were equivalent to watching the fights live, Black Panther had made some changes where the lowest cost of a room was $500 U.S. dollars. But that was still nothing compared to the second floor. Around half of the ten thousand plus seats on the second floor were occupied, and each seat ticket cost $100 U.S. dollars.

The competition was extremely fierce, everyone involved in the stakes were screaming like crazy. Looking at the two participants in the arena covered in blood somehow aroused the excitement and the evils of a human heart.

After the competition, Lei Yu and Black Panther approached the staff that handled the financial calculations. Deducting all their expenses, and merely counting the alcohol and admission tickets, they made a net profit of $1.3 million U.S. dollars tonight.

To wealthy people, this kind of money is probably nothing much to them. But if they were to know that this money was the net profit of one night; in a nightclub with merely 2500 square meters; then they would certainly become hysterical.

But this was still the petty cash. The real big fish was with Gray Bear who was responsible for the gambling aspect. From the odds, the favorite guy had a payout of 1:3, while the unsuspecting underdog had a payout of 1:7. With these kinds of probability, they didn’t have to fix the fight and Gray Bear’s side took in $14 million U.S. dollars.

Lei Yu suddenly felt that the money in this world was really made out of paper.

Perhaps this was like a saying when you’re determined to grow some flowers but they won’t bud, but when you casually plant it and they will grow in abundance. Lei Yu had never thought about how much he could earn because money was never important to him, satisfying his needs was good enough. Yet he never thought that he would actually make so much.

“You two are too capable!” Lei Yu patted their shoulders and the two was so happy that they didn’t know what to say.

This was hardest on the little staff members dealing with the money, each of them were beyond busy. They had to separate the cash according to their denominations, then put them in stacks and finally pack them into metal boxes.

The next morning, an armored truck arrived at the front door of the nightclub. Under the protection of Black Panther and others, they loaded the cash into the armored truck. The drivers of the truck didn’t dare to ask the origins of the money. Even when it arrives at the bank, no one will ask because their superiors had already instructed them that this wasn’t something they were qualified to interfere with.

Black Panther then went to the bank and made a series of transactions. Six million U.S. dollars were withdrawn to create six separate bank accounts. Six bank cards were then issued each having access to a million dollars.

When someone does something for you, then you need money to seal their mouths. This of course was a necessary requirement. But only a day’s income and they could seal the mouths of these greedy government officials for a whole year, definitely worth it!

The competitions did not occur every day but once a week. If there were daily competitions, then Lei Yu would probably become tired of earning so much money. Discussing with Black Panther, they decided to have matches between those that had abilities beyond an ordinary person a month later. For the time being, having death row inmates fighting was good enough.

But there was one thing that didn’t stop, there were deaths every single night for the past few days. And the way these victims died were truly horrific which made Lei Yu start paying attention to.

Bianca and Lei Yu were discussing something inside a private room of the nightclub.

“These past few days, several mutants had become murder victims. Even a priest from a church was killed so these events are creating a huge sensation with the public. According to my observations; Werewolves aren’t the only ones making a move, the Vampires seem to be seeking their vengeance as well!” Bianca’s voice sounded somewhat excited.

“Isn’t this whole situation a bit weird? Then again, this isn’t something I’m going to involve myself in. Since they want to kill each other, what does that have to do with me?” Lei Yu showed a face that this had nothing to do with him, but deep inside he was actually quite shocked. Bianca said that most of the mutants that have died had the strength of a Third Rank Mutant. Then how strong are the murderers that killed them?

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