Ch 148 – Uninvited Guests

During the time when no one noticed, a few uninvited guests arrived at the nightclub. There was nothing unusual with their seemingly ordinary attire. But the eyes of these several people showed an arrogant attitude, this arrogance wasn’t forced but it seems like they were born with it.

Lei Yu chatted with Bianca for about an hour before the two came out of the private room. At this time, the nightclub was full of people. Just one night of the first floor’s business and their income exceed a million dollars. Lei Yu was almost to the point of being numb when it came to money and was now indifferent to making it. The most important thing he was looking to was retaining some experts in the latter part of the competitions.

Hasegawa’s death didn’t mean much only that some super strong people have entered New York City, a place that was originally peaceful and quiet. On the other hand, Dr. Tony’s forces cannot be overlooked. Even though the mutants killed weren’t in the small number, it still won’t damage his roots. Also, Lei Yu never believed that Dr. Tony would stop creating trouble for himself. And Mr. Hawes and the old woman that helped him behind the scenes, what their true identities were was still a mystery. He couldn’t rely on others but only himself at this point.

After returning to the modern era, Lei Yu’s detection ability that disappeared in ancient Greece had returned. Relying on his own body’s lightning ability and the magnetic resonance field, he could easily detect the strength of people even when they were a level higher than himself. So when he encounters dangerous situations, it would be extremely useful since he would at least know whether he could handle his opponent or not.

Heading towards him were five people dressed all in black, each of their face giving off a dark atmosphere. Lei Yu couldn’t help paying attention to them and thinking to himself: “What are these people here for?”

Lei Yu sent out a probe and realized the people across from him; three had the strength of a Third Order Warrior, one of them was a Fourth Order Warrior, and the last one a Fifth Order Warrior. But there was no life essence coming from their bodies, as if they were something cloaked in human skin walking around at night. From this, Lei Yu concluded these people in front of him were the so called Vampires from Europe. According to their ranks, there were three Marquis, a Duke, and a Lord. What are these non-human monsters planning to do here?

Lei Yu pretended as if he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and walked past them. He was planning to observe what these people were up to.

Pulling Bianca to a corner by the front entrance, “You should go back first, there’s something I have to deal with back inside.”

After Bianca left, Lei Yu went up to the bar and grabbed a drink. He then calmly followed the five Vampires into the corridor to some private rooms. The five then stopped in front of a particular room. Lei Yu extended his senses and realized Gray Bear was inside that private room, currently chatting and drinking with some regular customers. Lei Yu’s brow wrinkled up, “What are these guys planning to do?”

Opening the door, the five went inside. “Are you the one in charge here?” Asked the Vampire Lord looking at Gray Bear who was in the process of downing some alcohol.

“Is there something you guys need?” Gray Bear asked. All the others who were happily drinking also stopped and looked up.

“I want to meet with your boss.”

Gray Bear’s eyebrow twitched, “Do you think our boss is someone you can meet with so easily?”

“You piece of shit!” A young looking Marquis behind the Lord cursed. “Do you know who you’re talking to? A mere mutant trash like you dares to speak to our Lord with such a tone? You must have a death wish!”

Outside the room, Lei Yu’s mouth formed a sneer. It looks like his conclusion was correct, these guys were indeed Vampires. Based on various sources, Lei Yu learned of the various ranks of these vampires. Starting from low to high, they were: Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Lord, and Prince. But amongst the Vampires, there was a supreme existence that was extremely mysterious and never showed him or herself. This existence had already surpassed the Prince rank in strength, becoming a super-strong expert known as a Blood Emperor.

Gray Bear suddenly stood up from the sofa and then pointed at the young guy and cursed: “You dog bastard! You dare to run wild in our young master’s territory?! I’d really like to know who doesn’t know the meaning of death!” Slamming the wine bottle on the ground, Gray Bear’s temper was originally quite violent. Apart from Lei Yu and his fellow teammates, he had looked down on pretty much everyone else.

The young Marquis was restless, ready to give Gray Bear a little lesson. Those sitting around Gray Bear were ordinary people so after seeing the Marquis’s aggressive posture, they didn’t say anything and started shuffling aside to the corner of the sofa.

“We’re here to discuss something and not to cause trouble!” The Vampire Lord coldly scolded the Marquis behind him. He then forced a smile, “Can you help us out a bit? We really do have something important to discuss with your boss.”

Gray Bear coldly humphed. But since the others had lowered their tone and acted courteously, Gray Bear couldn’t keep pushing it. “I will mention this to the young master but I can’t guarantee he will see you guys. You should come back tomorrow.”

“Excuse us while we take our leave.” The Vampire Lord turned around and left first. Those behind him all gave Gray Bear an evil look but due to the presence of their Lord, they didn’t dare to say anything and followed in leaving.

Lei Yu’s body was extremely quick. Just as the Vampires opened the door to leave, he was already ten meters away from the door. Coincidentally, there was a drunken girl there so Lei Yu grabbed her waist pretending to be concerned with her condition.

The Vampires didn’t notice anything out of place as they left in a hurry.

Right at that moment, a door near the private room where Lei Yu and the girl was opened. A big heavy set guy came out wearing a doo-rag. His unbuttoned shirt revealed his fat body, his blonde chest hair sparsely filling his chest, and his unhappy facial expression was staring at Lei Yu.

“Get your filthy hands off her! Don’t you know that you’re touching the girl of your father, I?”

Lei Yu blinked a few times before loosening his arms around the girl. Since the girl was too drunk, once Lei Yu let go, she immediately fell to the ground.

Her four limbs spread eagle, the miniskirt she was wearing suddenly revealed her spring of happiness. Lei Yu took one glance and immediately turned away, intending to leave.

“Stop right there!” The burly guy shouted. “You want to leave after taking advantage of her? Pay up, or else my brothers inside will teach you a lesson!”

Lei Yu was somewhat helpless. “Money? I don’t care about the money but if I do give it to you, that would mean I admit to taking advantage of your girl.”

“Do you know who I, your father is? Do you know who opened this place? You dare to act wildly in the young master’s territory? You really think your father I, is someone to be messed with?” The burly guy cursed.

Lei Yu frowned before instantly appearing next to the burly guy. With a roundhouse slap, a crisp “pak” sound was heard. The burly guy could only feel his whole world spinning before Lei Yu coldly said: “Stop saying your father this and you father that, you can’t handle the meaning behind those words!”

About ten seconds later, the burly guy finally recovered from his dizziness and was about to let out string of curses. At this time, Gray Bear happened to come out of his private room and noticed the disturbance. He hurriedly rushed over to Lei Yu and gave a respectful bow before asking: “Young master, what’s going on? Did something happen?”

“Brother Bear, this punk dared to…” Before the burly guy finished his sentence, he finally realized how Gray Bear greeted the person in front of him. His eyes bulged out of his head as he cautiously asked: “He… he… he’s the young master?!”

“What did you just say?!” Gray Bear glared at the burly guy. “You dare to call the young master a punk? Do you want to die or something?”

“Ahh! Ahh, I’m so sorry oh young master! I really didn’t know! A big person has a magnanimous heart! You shouldn’t bother yourself with a lowly person like me!” The burly guy was now shaking in fear. With a “plop,” he kneeled on the ground. “It was entirely my fault; I really didn’t know you were the young master!”

“I already told you that you can’t handle the meaning behind your words.” Lei Yu helplessly shook his head, as if he was going to bother with ignorant fellows like him.

The burly guy let out a long sigh of relief. Seeing that his girl was still on the ground in a rather compromising position, he raised his head with a perverted smile on his face. “Young master, if you like this girl, would you like her to serve you tonight? This girl’s methods in bed are first class!”

“F*ck off!” Lei Yu blurted out in Tenglong language before changing back to English and shouting: “Don’t f*cken ruin your father, I’s reputation!”

Gray Bear’s mouth was agape on the side and it took a while before he then said: “Young master, do you know how many girls in this place want to sleep with you? Why bother with this one? Let’s go to the private room in the back; you can have as many as you want.”

Lei Yu formed a fist and knocked it on Gray Bear’s head. “You bastard, stop spouting nonsense!”

“Ouch young master!” If someone were to hit him, it wouldn’t hurt at all because his skin was rough and his muscles were thick. But Lei Yu was different since what sort of level figure was he? With a toothy grin, “Young master, I was wrong! It was all my fault!”

“Tell this guy to take his girl and get out of here, I don’t want to see him again!” Lei Yu then turned around and said: “After that, come to the back room for the arena stairs entrance. I have something to tell you.”

Lei Yu left right away towards the room with the stairs to the second floor arena. Gray Bear was rubbing his head while glaring at the burly guy, “Hurry up and get lost! Do you really think the young master is that kind of person? Don’t let the young master see you again or else you’ll get a beating each time!” After saying that, he quickly chased after Lei Yu’s figure.

A youth noticed Lei Yu and Gray Bear enter and after seeing Gray Bear’s eye movement, the youth left so the two could speak alone.

“I already know what happened so if they come tomorrow; just tell them I will meet with them. But not here in case something happens or else wouldn’t we wreck this place?” Lei Yu straightforwardly said this.

“Young master, you knew already?” He then realized why Lei Yu was nearby and encountered that situation. Gray Bear then asked: “But who were those people? And what’s up with that so called Lord?”

“You should know that these past few days, mutants have been killed right?”

Gray Bear nodded, “I’ve heard about it from Black Panther.”

“They’re the ones involved but it was perpetrated by a separate group. I know they are quite strong because the person behind them was able to kill Hasegawa. Since they want to chat with me, I believe they won’t cause too much of a disturbance and just want to cooperate with me. Tell them to come to 36 Broadway tomorrow night and I’ll wait for them there. I will make arrangements after tomorrow night so don’t mention this to anyone else, understand?”

“Understood, young master.”

Lei Yu nodded and left, driving back to his hotel.

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