Ch 149 – Don’t Keep Me Guessing

Ai Er wasn’t able to handle it anymore and fell asleep. Lei Yu carried her onto the bed before returning to the living room. This had now developed into a habit as he started taking off his clothes.

Breathing in and out a few times, Lei Yu then focused his will. According to the cultivation methods imprinted onto his mind, he circulated his internal energy through the predetermined paths through his meridians.

After circulating his internal energy for one cycle, Lei Yu opened his eyes. “Wanting to improve is really not an easy thing.”

Shaking his head, Lei Yu re-entered his trance. This time, he was going to experience the vastness of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique. Half an hour later, Lei Yu was able to grasp something. The flashing of stars started appearing in his mind, each of them with different degrees of darkness that covered the vast universe.

With breakneck speeds, Lei Yu was able to find the position of the Thirty-six Lunar Stars. Based on his understanding, the connecting paths of the Thirty-six Lunar Stars were how his internal energy was to circulate inside his body. After returning to the modern times, this was the first Lei Yu was going to experience cultivating this technique. Inside his Sea of Energy, he unraveled the energy with starry lights from his own purple energy.

Gathering energy was very important when releasing an attack, and the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique happened to be designed for someone to concentrate their power at one single point. Lei Yu could clearly feel that the power unleashed would be extremely strong. Although he had just touched the surface of the technique, Lei Yu’s strong foundation will allow him to master all the moves in a very short time. With this technique, it would greatly help him when dealing with enemies in the future.

Within the Thirty-six Lunar Star mantra, Lei Yu could only understand a portion of it. A single Lunar Star was able to release a single attack at its limit. While every six stars was considered a group, and those six stars could be combined together to release a set of combination attacks. It was only after that would it release something unimaginably strong and unblockable.

But this was still not the most powerful attack… The first set of six stars was naturally inferior to the second set, pretty much a full grade of difference. The second set of stars was then inferior to the third set and so on. Once you master the essentials of the six sets of six Lunar Stars, this meant you have now fully mastered the Thirty-six Lunar Star Technique and are capable of unleashing its maximum power. Combining the full collection of the thirty-six Lunar Stars would result in a powerful attack of armageddon proportions! Of course, this took time to gradually master and required one capable of comprehending its mysteries. Even though Minotaur Linos had taught Lei Yu the entire thirty-six forms of the technique, he himself had only mastered a little bit more than half of it and unable to unleash its full power. When Minotaur Linos was on the battlefield against General William, the move he executed was merely the tip of an iceberg.

Lei Yu was only capable of grasping three stars for now. Lei Yu understood one principle after cultivating this long: haste does not always bring success. Wanting to have a solid foundation in a martial technique requires one to move gradually one step at a time. There are no shortcuts in life unless you encounter some miraculous stroke of luck, such as an extraordinary encounter or some precious treasure. Otherwise, working hard at cultivating would be the key.

Nearing noon, Lei Yu stretched his body. Since he was cultivating a martial technique, he had to use at least 50% more time than usual. It looks like he will have to spend more time on this in the future since it’s natural if one wants to be an expert, then they have to expend more effort than others.

Ai Er had already went out and brought back some delicious smelling pizza. The two just stayed indoors to eat this casual meal.

Recently, Gray Bear had been the main person watching over the nightclub. Black Panther rarely showed up there because he was dealing with a more important issue – Ai Er’s safety. Lei Yu would not necessarily leave her side but when he did have to, bringing Ai Er along would not be realistic. That’s why Black Panther continued playing his role of a bodyguard like he was back in the Kou country.

Unless Ai Er was together with Lei Yu, otherwise Black Panther will be protecting her hidden not too far away. In Lei Yu’s eyes, Ai Er’s safety was more important than his own life. He didn’t want to lose anyone close to him ever again.

Sure enough that evening, five people once again came to the nightclub. According to Lei Yu’s instructions, Gray Bear passed on the address to those guys. The five then left the nightclub and drove to 36 Broadway. The address location was a small and inconspicuous bar. There were very few people inside and apart from the waiter, there were only a dozen or so guests drinking and chatting. The bar was playing some mellow music, and Lei Yu was sitting alone at the bar on a high stool sipping a glass of red wine.

Seeing the five people enter, Lei Yu turned around and smiled. “I’ve been waiting for you guys for a while.”

“You are Mr. Lei Yu? Your reputation precedes you! I’ve been hearing your big name recently quite a bit!” The Vampire who was identified as the Lord from last night came over with a smile and extended his right hand. The four behind him hurriedly rushed forward to catch up to the Lord.

Lei Yu didn’t make any moves to shake his hand and merely lightly smiled. “I’m curious to know why you guys are looking for me.”

The Lord suddenly felt a bit awkward but did not say anything. He directly sat down next to Lei Yu and spoke to the barkeeper: “Tonight I’m reserving the entire premise so kick everyone else out!”

The barkeeper was slightly surprised. The business in this place has been so-so and could barely maintain itself. There has never been a time when someone would reserve the entire premise. Today the sun must have risen from the west! If the boss knew about this, he would certainly gain some rewards from this. The barkeeper quickly came out from the bar and said: “Sir, just wait a moment and I will clear the place for you.”

The dozen or so guests grumbled as they left the bar. For someone that could reserve the whole place, they either had a ton of money or had some type of authority so they didn’t dare say anything out loud.

The Lord dumped a stack of hundred dollar bills on the bar counter, a full $20,000 U.S. dollars. This tiny bar couldn’t even earn this amount in a whole month, causing the barkeeper to beam with happiness. He quickly ushered the rest of the staff towards the back for employees use so these guests could speak privately.

“Mr. Lei Yu, I am Lucas from the Kameno family. You can directly call me by my name.”

Lei Yu nodded with a lukewarm expression, making Lucas once again slightly awkward. The arrogant Marquis from last night then opened his mouth and said: “Don’t fail to appreciate our kindness!” ¹

Lei Yu slightly frowned. “Is this how you teach your men?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Lei Yu. My men are inexperienced so I hope you won’t mind.” Luca smiled.

Lei Yu sneered. “I don’t mind… but while you, a Lord is speaking and your men dares to interrupt you, that means your status is nothing much. Why don’t you have someone with more weight come talk to me? If you want my cooperation, you should at least bring out some sincerity. Otherwise, there’s no use for us to continue!”

After leaving these words, Lei Yu got up from the stool and was about to leave. Lucas did not have enough time to respond when the young Marquis directly placed his hand on Lei Yu’s shoulder. “Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?”

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes, “Get your hands off me!”

“I don’t feel like it, what are you going to do about it?” The young Marquis arrogantly replied, wholly believing on how noble and powerful his Kameno family was.

Lei Yu shook his head, “Then sorry for doing this.”

Quickly circulating his internal energy to his shoulder area, a powerful and irresistible suction force firmly adhered the young Marquis’s hand to Lei Yu. Shortly after that, the horrifying power of lightning then crazily struck out at him.

The Marquis didn’t even have the strength to cry out and could only feel his body become weak before falling over twitching on the ground. The Vampires around were all stunned beyond belief. They’ve heard from their upper ranks that Lei Yu was a formidable character, but they never thought that without even moving a hand, he was able to easily render a Marquis incapable of retaliating. What kind of strength was needed to accomplish this? A Prince rank?

At this point, Lucas realized that he really did not carry enough weight to deal with this matter. But there was one thing he couldn’t figure out; how did Lei Yu know he was here to get his cooperation? Ignoring his underling that was still twitching on the ground, he politely stood up. “Mr. Lei Yu, how did you know that we were looking for your cooperation?”

“Do I even need to answer that? Since you know my name, that means you have investigated my background. Would it be possible that you didn’t know about the affairs between Hasegawa and me? I know that even though it wasn’t your clansmen that killed him, but you guys and the Werewolves are on the same side. Your group killed Hasegawa and are so polite towards me, then isn’t it for the sake of my cooperation?”

Lucas clapped and said: “Mr. Lei Yu is truly formidable for being able to deduce everything. You have my admiration!”

“As I’ve said before, show some sincerity or else there’s nothing further for us to talk about!” Lei Yu was about to leave when Lucas’s next words stopped him in his tracks.

“Mr. Lei Yu, I’m pretty sure you would like to know what hidden identity the Burlinder family possesses right?”

Lei Yu suddenly turned around, “You know the truth?”

“Of course I know!” Seeing that Lei Yu was interested, Lucas once again sat back down.

“Don’t you guys want me to stay? So don’t keep me guessing! I can get rid of you five with the slightest of effort so you aren’t qualified to put up such a face in front of me!” Lei Yu coldly said.


¹ – This one is a difficult thing to explain since Western society would not use this idiom. It can be used in a variety of ways but for our context, it’s similar to “if you know what’s good for you, don’t look down on us while we are treating you kindly.”

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