Ch 15 – Exchanging Pointers Competition

(T/N: exchanging pointers is where they fight in order to learn from each other, or to show off their skills to see who is better, but it’s not a match to kill or severely wound)

Suddenly, Lei Yu thought of something. Since he could not control it after the cut off, why not just continue controlling it, wondering what effects will occur?

Thinking up to this point, he once again made an attempt. Circulating the internal energy to his arms and legs then returning it back to the Sea of Energy. Lei Yu then extracted a small amount of energy from the Sea of Energy, shaping his internal energy into a thin line. This created a small connection between the energy of his dantian and the main vessels. Followed by controlling the internal energy from the other meridians to circulate, that previously made thin line acted like a coil of suction, following closely at the side of the main vessels where the energy from the other meridians were circulating. Regardless of where the main internal energy flowed to, this thin line always maintained a hint of connection with the Sea of Energy.

When all the energy successfully gathered together, the Sea of Energy maintained a trace of absorption there, Lei Yu was suddenly overjoyed. So not only could he perform a high-power attack, he will not completely exhaust his internal energy at the same time.

He Relaxed his body. Once the internal energy returned to the Sea of Energy, Lei Yu opened his eyes. The next step was to consider what type of attack skills to use.

The essence of close-quarter combat is very simple, described in three words: fast, accurate, and vicious.

Lei Yu’s speed and accuracy was quite good, if he had explosive power, then this vicious power could easily burst forth. The main flaw he had was that he could not combine everything together. Lei Yu had always been cultivating according to his own interpretation of the methods in his mind, he had never done any systematic training like someone from those ancient martial clans, therefore his moves did not have such coordination amongst itself.

If this was the case, then he can only rely on the benefit of surprise. Lei Yu possessed an unrivaled sharp spike, which should not be taken out unless it was a last resort. Lei Yu had always hidden the spike behind his back hip, and it will become a good killer move. While at a crucial juncture of a battle, his sudden thrust will play a vital role. Add the unique strength of Lei Yu into play, if that sudden outbreak of strength appears , then the chance of winning will be greater.

Cultivating all night, his improvement was almost negligible. Lei Yu put on his clothes, ready to return to Dragon Team. The standards for cultivating were quite strict towards the elites of Dragon Team, but Lei Yu was considered an exception. Even though they were less strict towards him, he would still go there every day.

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

“Little Yu, are you doing anything tonight?” asked Nuo Hu.

“Nothing going on, just about to go back to Dragon Team to train, what’s up?”

“Can’t you rest for one day? Want to come with Ai Er and I to a banquet?” asked Nuo Hu.

“Forget it, I don’t want to go, I’m not interested in those lively bustling environments” said Lei Yu as he shook his head.

“Oh my, brother Yu, just go, if you don’t go then it will get boring!” said Ai Er in a whimsical voice after grabbing the phone.

“Well… fine then!”

(T/N: Wàn suì was the actual word, meaning 10000 years of longevity, my “wohoo” suffices)

Today’s banquet was very special, it was a banquet for martial arts exchange. A lot of social celebrities will be attending so in order to participate in this banquet, one’s identity would have had to reached a high level of respect, while the majority of attendees will consist of Martial Sect’s ancient martial arts clans. This banquet’s main purpose was to use martial arts as an expression to make friends with fellow cultivators, and also to verify the junior clan members of their improvement and strength. Held once every three years, they would invite a number of representatives from each powerful force to attend. But the core attendees of the banquet would be from the ancient martial arts clans, after all, they were the organizers.

Accompanying Nuo Hu and Ai Er, they arrived at a highly rated restaurant. A lot of cars were already parked in the front. Lei Yu roughly swept through with his eyes and noticed all the cars were of luxury brand.

The banquet hall was on the second floor and the decoration there was indeed quite impressive. Everywhere the eye could see were the colors gold and white as the main focus, giving off a high-class impression.

Inside the banquet hall, it was completely filled with people. But everyone was portraying a gentle elegance, they all had an air of quality which someone belonging to the social elite would have.

Lei Yu, Nuo Hu, and Ai Er all went to a corner of the hall and sat down. Lei Yu carefully looked at the layout of the hall – the rectangular tables were filled with food and drinks, but no one consumed them, most were holding a glass of wine standing there chatting.

In the center of the banquet hall was a huge square shaped stage. It seems this stage was where the so-called exchange of martial arts would be held.

“Little Yu, Ai Er, you two sit here for a bit, I’m going to go prepare.”

“Okay, go ahead” said Ai Er while smiling.

Seeing Nuo Hu leave, Lei Yu asked: “What’s he doing?”

“In today’s exchange of martial arts assembly, there’s a competition where they fight and learn from each other, and my brother is one of the participants.

“Eh? Then we better cheer him on!”

At this time, from a distance came a teenager, well-dressed, one look and you could tell that he was rich. His facial features were quite attractive looking, but had a pair of bottomless eyes that made people uncomfortable when looking at it, because you couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“Ai Er!”

They both turned towards the voice and Ai Er frowned a bit, “how come you’re back as well?”

“Once you left, there was no reason for me to stay abroad, so I returned.”

“Don’t use me as an excuse.” Ai Er was obviously not too happy, grabbing onto Lei Yu and trying to walk away.

This teenager frowned and looked at Lei Yu who was at the side of Ai Er, “who is this guy? Why does he have such a close relationship with Ai Er?”

“Hello everyone!” In the center of the hall stood a host on top of the stage. “Today is the martial arts exchange banquet held once every three years, we are very honored to have with us the governor Liu Wen Jin to be the judge of this, let us all warmly welcome him!”

The sound of applause rang out through the hall, Lei Yu looked up and saw a fat man standing below the stage, waving his hands in greeting to the audience. Even though he was fat, his demeanor seemed very friendly. When Liu Hao had not undergone his training, he too had that plump and elegant demeanor.

Besides Governor Liu, Lei Yu saw his own disciple Liu Hao’s figure, apparently Liu Hao did not see Lei Yu.

“And the other two judges – first being Instructor Zhuang from Dragon Group, and the second being Eagle Group’s Captain Zou. Captain Zou rushed over here all the way from another province thousands of miles away, let us all warmly welcome them both!”

Followed by another round of applause, once the applause ceased, the host continued: “In addition, we also invited the young genius from the special Lei family household, belonging to the main family, Lei Tian.”

Lei Yu’s brow went up with a frown, why would there be a figure of the Lei family here? Lei Yu had heard of this martial exchange banquet before, but the Lei family had never participated in it before.

A twenty something year old young adult looked around smiling and waving his hands. The current sound of applause was even more enthusiastic than before. Everyone knew of the Lei family, they were a commercial family, their wealth could match the country’s, and the inner workings of the family were very mysterious. Many people wanted to get close to them but had no way of doing so, but they actually appeared here today so how can people not be surprised and become excited? Although only someone of the younger generation within the main family, but he was still an important member of the Lei family.

Lei Yu recognized this person called Lei Tian. On a normal day, he was usually a smooth talker, often hanging around Lei Yun Tian to suck up to him, and his status in the family did carry some weight. But Lei Yu had always looked down on this person because his actions were no different from a henchman. As for his current cultivation rank, Lei Yu was not too clear on. After all, he had never seen the Lei family’s cultivating methods, did not know how their techniques worked, and also did not know how they advanced in rank.

Seeing Lei Yu frown, Ai Er with an apologetic face said: “I’m sorry brother Yu, I did not know someone of the Lei family would be here as well, you should know that if this was the case, then I will not have let you come.”

Lei Yu laughed a bit, “don’t worry about it.”

As both their eyes were on the stage, the host then said: “Without further adieu, we will begin the competition. In this competition, we will select the first, second, and third place. The top three will have a huge monetary bonus as a reward, and there’s a possibility that they will be selected to join either Dragon Group or Eagle Group as an elite soldier of these two powerful armies.

Once his words came out, the audience suddenly went into an uproar. This piece of information was really shocking to them since of all the armies Martial Sect controlled, the most powerful were Dragon Group, then followed by the Eagle Group. And the recruitment process for these two armies were extremely strict and harsh, even to unimaginable proportions. And now actually be able to be selected here and directly join them, how can people not be surprised?

Although both army’s military training were extremely harsh, they did receive good compensation for it. It can be said that belonging to those two armies were something a young passionate person would dream of.

A long table was pulled besides the stage, Governor Liu, Captain Zou, and Instructor Zhuang were then seated in order. And the Lei Tian who was introduced early on, began moving towards the back, it seems that he would be participating in this exchange of martial arts competition.

“I’m going to stop spouting useless words, let the competition begin. This competition is purely for exchanging pointers, friendship first, ranking second! Participants get ready.” Once the host stopped talking, from the door at the back of the hall walked out two young adults. They appeared to be the first round of participants for the competition. The both had a smile while getting onto the stage, clasping their hands together to greet each other, they then prepared for the fight.

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