Ch 151 – The Good And Bad News

Lei Yu had indeed rescued the old woman yet this show was staged after she returned to the U.S. Although she did not have a lot of power in the Vatican, she was still valued by them due to her special identity. She was follower of the Prophet, one that served him and she happened to be the only one in existence.

When they knew Lei Yu had abilities that exceeded ordinary people; and the fact he caused a media storm in the Kou country and even obliterated the Yamaguchi-gumi; Lei Yu quickly gained the attention of the Vatican which caused them to set this trap to win his trust. They originally thought it would be easy for them to get Lei Yu to spill the secrets of the labyrinth but they didn’t expect the unforeseen circumstances.

But there was one thing we cannot deny – this old woman was truly grateful towards Lei Yu or else she wouldn’t have given him such a precious gift. Perhaps she was able to look at a person and know their character, that’s why she knew Lei Yu would honor his commitment and promises.

There would only be two outcomes from Lei Yu entering the labyrinth: either he never comes out or if he does come out, then he would tell them everything that went on inside. But no matter which result happened, it wouldn’t have too much of an impact for the Vatican. The contents of the scrolls were already memorized by the old woman so she knew how to open the entrance to the labyrinth. This was merely a play staged within their family.

“What? You don’t understand what I’m saying?” Lei Yu lightly smiled. “As a Bishop of the Vatican and a follower of the Prophet, you two should be clear what I’m talking about right?”

“Lei Yu, listen to our explanation!” Hawes suddenly stood up while Lei Yu just waved his hand. “There’s no need to explain. Some things get more complicated the more you try to explain it. There are two reasons why you’ve come tonight right? The first, you want to learn about what’s inside the labyrinth; the second, you’re representing the Vatican to talk about cooperating with me.”

Lei Yu’s guess hit the mark. Not that he was overestimating himself, but those with the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior were beyond rare in this world. Any large and strong organization would not have more than two people with such strength. Of course, Tenglong country’s Celestial Court would be an exception.

“Child, we’ve truly considered you as a friend.” The old woman’s face was trembling because she knew that she had lost her benefactor’s friendship and trust.

“So you actually watched me go off and while my safety was in danger? Old madam, you are willing to enter the labyrinth and sacrifice yourself for the Vatican but I’m not a member of the Vatican. Since you have considered me as a friend, have you ever thought about the consequences if I was unable to get out? What about my family and my friends?” Lei Yu was slightly emotional because this family had disappointed him.

Silence. One could hear the loud music through their door but inside this private room, no one said a word creating a weird atmosphere.

What Lei Yu couldn’t understand to this day was how the old woman entered the labyrinth yet would be standing outside when he returned at a predetermined time? (Shortly after looking for the old woman inside.) This mystery may be related to how he had changed history creating a divergence in the future. But this was problem that would be too hard to explain so it wasn’t worth looking into.

After a while, Lei Yu heavily sighed. “I found your so called holy object when I went back in time a thousand years ago to ancient Greece. I’ve experienced a huge war and then returned to the modern times and that’s it.”

The old woman became excited, “Then did you meet the great Prophet Kalchas? Also did you see the holy objects?”

“I did meet Kalchas, but as to the holy objects, I’m not sure what exactly you’re referring to.” Said Lei Yu.

The old woman was so excited that she started rubbing her hands anxiously. “The holy objects… the holy objects are comprised of four items. One of them is a golden crown which is currently being worn on the head of our great Pope. The other three items are an axe, battle armor, and battle boots.”

Lei Yu was somewhat surprised; weren’t these items supposed to belong to Minotaur Linos and Telephassa? When did these things become the holy objects of the Vatican? And the golden crown was actually in the possession of the Pope, so who passed it on to him?

Would there be some relation to Telephassa? Since the Vatican’s prophet was Kalchas… Wait, according to the old woman, Kalchas had died not too long ago, probably around a hundred years. So how did the old woman become a follower and serve him?

Perhaps in his heart, he was yearning for this goddess that he couldn’t let go of. Lei Yu knew that having these thoughts were wrong, (the chance of Telephassa still being alive) they were people of two different worlds and different eras. Additionally, Lei Yu already had Ai Er so he shouldn’t be having these absurd thoughts. But the human mind can’t always constrain what they think, so it’s inevitable for him to have these thoughts of the heart.

Although this wasn’t considered any earth shattering love story, a flame was still lit between them. And according to Telephassa’s view, Lei Yu was the only man she has ever fallen in love with. Probably to this day, her thoughts of him had never changed. Perhaps Lei Yu may see her again in the future, but it’s more likely they would never see each other again.

“Would I have the pleasure in meeting the honorable Pope in person?” Lei Yu then continued saying: “I have something to say to him directly and it’s more convenient in person. It would also make it easier on the messenger to go back and forth between us constantly.”

“The honorable Pope also had this intention!” Mr. Hawes smiled while continuing to say: “Now that I know this idea is acceptable to you, I will relay this message to the Pope and you two will meet very soon.”

Lei Yu nodded. “It would be best if it’s one month from now since during this time, I have a lot of things I need to resolve and don’t have time to deal with issues such as cooperation. Regarding the holy objects, I will speak in length about them once I meet up with the Pope.”

The two of them didn’t say anything more and could only agree to Lei Yu’s intent. Within Lei Yu’s heart, he didn’t really want to make enemies out of Mr. Hawes and his family. As for the cooperation with the Vatican, Lei Yu had new plans for that but it was still early and he wasn’t in a rush to set it in motion.

Since things have been settled, the two of them would only feel more awkward if they stayed. Mr. Hawes and the old woman got up to leave and Lei Yu didn’t try to persuade them to stay longer.

It was rare for a whole month to be so peaceful. Each day, Lei Yu would either spend time with Ai Er or cultivate inside the hotel. It was now only a few more days until the agreed time between the Dark Council and the Vatican.

It’s also been over half a month that he hadn’t visited his nightclub. Bringing Ai Er along, she had a sudden desire to go sing some karaoke. Lei Yu only agreed because there wasn’t anything else to do. They also called up some of Ai Er’s friends and when they met up; their group of about a dozen people was pretty much all girls. Lei Yu never expected that all this time Ai Er had spent in the U.S.; she barely had any male friends.

Once a private room was arranged for them, Lei Yu finally sighed in relief. The craziness when a group of girls were together had overwhelmed him somewhat. Lei Yu was never in fear when dealing with enemies, but when it came to girls, this super expert had become helpless. The girls kept making him do shots with them but luckily his phone rang so he had an excuse to rush out of the room to answer it.

“You brat, you’ve finally decided to give me a call?” Lei Yu jokingly cursed.

“Don’t blame me master, I’ve been helping sister Ying Ying all this time.” His clown like disciple Liu Hao’s voice was heard over the phone.

“So what’s going on? Everything working out well?” Lei Yu asked.

“I have some good news and bad news, which one do you want hear first?” Liu Hao asked, pretending to be mysterious.

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