Ch 152 – A Group Of Troublemakers

Without hesitating, Lei Yu said: “Let’s hear the good news first.”

“Construction is going well since those Kou bastards don’t dare to be arrogant with us. When they see us, it’s like they’re treating us like their own honorable parents! It’s so refreshing! We’ve also just signed several big contracts and sister Ying Ying has been in contact with our country. They’re going to send a number of people to settle in the Kou country and it seems that before long, the Kou country will be within the grasp of Tenglong country.”

“What dog fart country, isn’t it just a small island? But it works out well since this will allow us to vent our hatred. Who told these dog bastards to perform those wicked deeds to our country over half a century ago?! So what’s the bad news?” Lei Yu asked.

“The bad news is… that there’s nothing else for me to do in the Kou country. I want to go to the U.S. to eat your food, stay at your place, and play around on your dime!”

“You scoundrel, are you really planning to come? When?”

“I heard you opened up a big nightclub in New York City so I took a taxi directly from the airport to the club entrance. But some snooty guys looked down on me since I was carrying a bunch of luggage and denied me entry. What should I do?”

“What the hell?! Just wait a bit, I’ll be right there.” Lei Yu hung up the phone and rushed out.

When it came to Liu Hao, Lei Yu treated him like a good brother. But Liu Hao liked to joke around a lot, a personality trait that could not be changed. Yet he still treated Lei Yu with utmost respect since he was filled with gratitude from being bestowed a cultivation method.

Liu Hao’s familiar face appeared in front of Lei Yu’s eyes. After not seeing each other for a while, his disciple did look a bit different from before; his previous carefree face had become somewhat more mature now.

Upon seeing Lei Yu, he wanted to run up and give him a warm hug. But after seeing the two big black bouncers eyeing him with disdain, Liu Hao sneered instead. “It shouldn’t be good for you guys that the boss is doing your job right? He is personally coming out to the entrance to greet me!” Liu Hao then shook his head, “I really have too much face here.”

Seeing Lei Yu come out from inside, the two big black guys was surprised before cold sweat started forming on their forehead. People that came here usually had some status or some special identity. They never thought this plain looking guy that looked like a refugee carrying multiple bags would be a friend of the boss. Looking at the boss’s face, the relationship between them shouldn’t be simple.

Lei Yu didn’t say anything and just rubbed Liu Hao’s head showing a caring face. The difference between their ages wasn’t that great, but their different status was very distinct. One could say that as the master, Lei Yu’s words were even more important than Liu Hao’s own father.

“Come on; let me help you carry those.” Lei Yu grabbed a backpack about to go back inside the nightclub.

“Young master, let us do it!” The two big black guys quick rushed forth hoping to help.

“There’s no need, just stay and do your job.” Lei Yu strode inside while Liu Hao bounced his head side to side with a funny face at the two bouncers before walking in after Lei Yu.

Opening the door to the private room, Lei Yu first went inside. Right after that, Liu Hao walked in and exclaimed: “Wow, there are so many western babes here!”

“Ah! Liu Hao!” Ai Er rushed over in surprise.

“Master’s wife! I’ve travelled thousands of miles to meet with you but I was stopped by the two bouncers at the entrance.”

“You’re so hateful, who on earth is your master’s wife?!” But Ai Er’s face was blushing and her heart was so happy from being greeted like that. Firstly being greeted with that title felt very fresh to her making her happy. Secondly, she was surprised and happy that Liu Hao had actually come to the U.S.

But at this time, something truly serious was happening. While Lei Yu and friends were inside the private room drinking and singing, a gang of people outside the club was causing a commotion.

Leading the people was a middle-aged man with long blonde hair. Even though it was currently night time, he was still trying to be cool while wearing a pair of sunglasses. As he was chewing some gum, he cursed out: “Ever since you guys opened this crappy place, our business has been getting worse and worse. Get your boss out here so he can see who the real deal around here is!”

The two big bouncers looked at each other; ever since they’ve started working here, no one has dared to cause any trouble here. Being able to be employed here as security meant they weren’t your average Joes. But seeing the hundred or so people here, it was definitely a difficult situation.

“If you know what’s good for you, you better leave quickly. If boss Bear sees this, he will cripple you all!” Said one of the bouncers.

They’ve personally witnessed Gray Bear’s overbearing personality. When they were in the process of being selected as security, Gray Bear was in charge of the ordeal and it was an eye-opener for them to witness his powerful strength. And Gray Bear had a bad temper to start with so apart from the young master and Black Panther, he would never submit to anyone.

“Brother Bear? More like loser right? ¹ The boss of yours inside is a useless loser? Ha ha ha…”

The hundred or so people started laughing out loud. Pedestrians on the sidewalk glanced over and quickened their pace away, fearing that they would get involved in this conflict.

The two bouncers clenched their fists. Gray Bear happened to be their idol; at least he was qualified to be it when it came to melee fight. If someone was to insult their idol, how were they supposed to tolerate that?

One of the black bouncers stepped forward and pointed at the long blonde haired guy: “I’ll repeat it one last time: Leave if you know what’s good for you or else it will be too late to regret it when shit goes down!”

The long haired guy disregarded those words and sneered. Standing next to him was a muscular white guy with white hair that flashed forward and initiated a high speed attack.

“Ugh! Aghh!” One of the black bouncers staggered backwards as his chest was already punched by the muscular white hair guy. With blood spraying from his mouth, the other bouncer immediately went over to support him. It looks like there was an expert in the midst of this gang of people!

The hundred or so people became even more unrestrained as they screamed in commotion. The first being they had a lot of people with them, and secondly, they had the white haired guy called Shura with them. Shura had never met anyone that could take him on. Perhaps the strong experts never bothered to fight him which made him think he had sufficient status to cause a ruckus here.

With such an unruly atmosphere, this made some customers wanting to enter the nightclub leave the area. Some stood across the street watching while some simply drove away from the place.

“What happened? What’s going on with his large group of people?” A charismatic voice came from behind the two bouncers. When the two looked behind them, they were instantly overjoyed and exclaimed: “Young master, this bunch of guys are here to cause trouble!”

When the female receptionist at the lobby noticed the disturbance, she hurriedly went to the private room where Lei Yu was to inform him of the matter. She knew exactly which room Lei Yu was in because she was the one that arranged the room in the beginning when Ai Er and friends came in. Knowing there was a ruckus; Lei Yu hurriedly came out with Liu Hao trailing behind him.

Baring his teeth, the guy with the long blond haired asked: “So you’re the one in charge here?”

Lei Yu did not even bother glancing at the group. These were your typical thugs that were unqualified for Lei Yu to even look them in the eye. Slightly closing his eyes and extending his senses, everyone in front of him were just lowly rabble. The only one worth some attention was the white haired clown that had the strength of a Third Order Warrior. Lei Yu grinned, he could sense that Black Panther was also coming out of the nightclub at a high speeds. “Okay, you two go back inside.” Lei Yu said this to the two bouncers, so they started walking back into the lobby area while Liu Hao stepped up.

At the same time, Black Panther came out of the nightclub. Lei Yu simply faced him and said: “Don’t dirty the front entrance too much.”

“Understood, young master.” Said Black Panther as he bowed. When he noticed Liu Hao was here as well, he was somewhat surprised because he didn’t get word of his arrival yet. But this wasn’t the time for them two to reminisce as Black Panther noticed the hundred or so people gathered here. With a glance, the situation was clear – the guy with the white hair standing in front was the strongest out of all them. But for someone like Black Panther who had just attained the strength of a Fifth Rank Mutant, this gang of scoundrels was even less than a dog’s fart.

Casually cracking the joints of his fingers, Black Panther suddenly stomped on the ground. A black shadow that was undetectable by others had already arrived in front of the white haired guy. The white haired guy called Shura was only able to see Black Panther’s eyes that didn’t belong to a human appear in front of him; those eyes stared at him with coldness and disdain. Shura’s eyes popped out with fear as he didn’t even have the chance of raising his hands to defend.


¹ – A play on Chinese words. A hero in Chinese is written in two characters: 英雄. The last word is pronounced “Xiong” which is the same pronunciation of bear as well. If one removes the 英 of the word hero and changes it to a dog, 狗, then the meaning become a loser/useless person. So the author wrote “dog bear” but when said out loud, it means loser/useless person.

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