Ch 153 – Dumbass Disciple

The next moment, Black Panther waved a single hand. In the eyes of the hundred or so people, the most powerful guy they knew called Shura fell to the ground unable to get up anymore. Blood was pouring out of a gruesome wound on Shura’s head.

Black Panther then turned around and ignored the shocked expressions of the gang of thugs. “Clean this place up. Young master said not to dirty the entrance.”

Regarding these ordinary people, Black Panther didn’t bother to get involved with them. He had carefully selected the two black bouncers so even though they weren’t the white hair guy’s opponent, they were more than enough to deal with ordinary people. Not to mention the goal was merely deterrence, so there wasn’t any need for him to act personally.

The two black bouncers grinned, revealing their teeth that were the only white part of their body. Clenching their arms to reveal their muscular biceps, one of them then said: “Why aren’t you taking your dog shit Shura and scramming? Do you want us to do it for you?”

The whole situation came up fast and transpired quickly, barely taking up too much time. The spectators on the sides of the street were left with their mouths hanging. One thing they were sure of was none of them were able to figure out how that person suddenly appeared in front of the white haired guy. It looks like the person behinds the scenes capable of opening such a large nightclub shouldn’t be an ordinary person.

For Lei Yu, Liu Hao, and Black Panther, alcohol was no longer able to affect them. In a positive tone, they were considered drinkers with high tolerance. In a negative tone, drinking alcohol was similar to not drinking anything at all for them.

Liu Hao was introduced to Hu Jiong and the two of them hit it off instantly. Thus everyone had an enjoyable time and partied to about 2AM in the morning.

Back at the hotel, Ai Er was already at her limit and passed out in the bedroom while Lei Yu and Liu Hao stayed in the living room.

“Master, my strength is currently at the rank of a Fourth Order Warrior!” As he was saying this, he lifted up his shirt. “Take a look, you used to say I was a bit fat but now all my muscles are toned and solid. You won’t believe how many hot girls are obsessed over me including those major and minor female celebrities.”

Lei Yu’s mouth twitched, “Stop being so smug. So are you planning on staying in the U.S. for a long time? This works out well since you can help me out with things.”

“Master, you’re somewhat different from before…”

“Oh? Really?”

“Before you preferred to do everything yourself and didn’t want us to encounter anything dangerous. Now you’re different, it looks like your thoughts have cleared up and your horizon has been broadened.”

Lei Yu stretched a bit before saying: “You could say I’ve changed a little. I used to think that I had to handle everything personally, but then gradually realized I wasn’t all knowing and there’s some things that I’m not good at. My previous practices allowed my family and friends to live in peace, but I never considered the consequences that if something happened to me, you guys will be the ones suffering. Sometimes the power of solidarity is stronger so even if someone is powerful, they need to be part of a community at times for assistance. I’ve only now realized why this world has so little lone rangers since pretty much any decent organization would have a team stronger than themselves. I need to increase our power since this is the only way to survive. I don’t have the ability to destroy the Vampires and Werewolves right now, but I believe they will eventually use humans as an essential good for survival. I can’t just watch this on the side and not do anything about it. I understand the fact that you and I, and the rest of us aren’t some sort of saviors of the world, but since we have this power, we have to use it responsibly. This is what it means to be a Tenglong citizen.

After hearing Lei Yu’s speech, Liu Hao became lost in his own thoughts. He recalled the actions Lei Yu took in avenging the country’s vendetta that happened over half a century ago. Even though his actions did not cause any large-scale massacres, Liu Hao understood that Lei Yu was showing people the difference between a Kou person and a Tenglong person. We, the sons of Tenglong need to be compassionate and not rely on overwhelming force to take away someone’s right to survive. Causing economic damage is the most powerful weapon we can use during this peaceful era.

“Master, when you’re free, can you tell me everything that’s happening in the U.S?”

Lei Yu smiled and nodded. “No problem, but first I have something good to share with you.”

“Something good?” Liu Hao’s spirit perked up. “What’s this good thing? Hurry up and take it out!”

Lei Yu took a piece of blank paper from the desk and started drawing on it with a pen. Liu Hao was completely confused as he watched from the side. He just couldn’t understand what Lei Yu was trying to draw.

Half an hour later, Lei Yu smiled. “Take this and I will give you a mantra to accompany it. This is a martial technique for attacking, it’s a method inspired by the thirty-six Lunar Stars of the universe. Since I’m unable to transfer this image directly into your mind, I can only draw it for you.”

Liu Hao took the piece of paper and looked at all the intricate lines connected all over the place. He simply couldn’t understand what he was looking at but he wasn’t worried since Lei Yu was by his side.

Throughout the night, Lei Yu imparted the mantra and the meridian’s circulation path to Liu Hao.

Lei Yu had nothing to hide. Some masters may hold back a little but Lei Yu had no need. Every set of martial technique relied on a person’s insight to achieve a certain level. Teaching some of the intricacies was necessary, but their future accomplishment still relied on a person’s own insights.

Moreover, Lei Yu understood that even though Liu Hao and he were cultivating the same set of martial technique, Liu Hao still won’t possess Lei Yu’s uniqueness – the brand on his right arm that gives him the power of lightning. Just this alone will result in Liu Hao never being able to surpass his master’s rank in power.

“Good. Now we will aim for the final breakthrough.” Lei Yu stood in front of Liu Hao with his hands clasped behind his back. “With your current rank of a Fourth Order Warrior, you’ll only be able to grasp the attacks of two Lunar Stars. There’s no need to for you to rush things so just take your time. First of all, condense and then suspend your breathing in the upper and lower body.”

When Liu Hao heard this, he then held his breath but was soon confused about something. “Master, I understand holding my breath for the upper body, but what does holding your breath in the lower part mean…?”

“Dumbass, it’s your anus!”

“The anus? How… how am I supposed to do that?” Liu Hao blinked in a clueless manner as he asked this.

Lei Yu slapped himself in the face with a look of frustration. “How did I ever accept such a dumb disciple? Do I really need to describe something so disgusting? Your anus! It’s the action where you’re taking a shit and you squeeze it off halfway!”

“I understand! I understand!” Liu Hao grinned in a cheeky manner.

After several days, Liu Hao still hadn’t improved much. He still couldn’t even grasp the most basic power concept behind the technique. But he wasn’t in a rush since he understood that he wasn’t some type of talented person anyway. He just took it one step at a time and wasn’t looking for a quick success.

Inside the nightclub, Lei Yu was quietly waiting for something.

Then, four strange looking people entered the nightclub. Standing in the lobby, Lei Yu glanced at them and said to himself: Although these people of the Dark Council do unethical things, at least they’re punctual.

“Ah! My dear Mr. Lei Yu, how have you been recently?” Lucas went up to Lei Yu and wanted to give him a hug.

Lei Yu avoided one step to the side. “Not too good, I’m very troubled these days.”

“What happened?” Lucas pretended to have concern on his face.

Lei Yu’s lips curled contemptuously. “Ever since you approached me about cooperating in the future, the Vatican also sent people to ask me to work with them. I’m now in a quandary and don’t know what I should do.”

After hearing Lei Yu’s words, Lucas knew something like this would happen. But before he came here, he already came up with a rhetoric. He then accompanied Lei Yu into a private room while the other three stood outside not daring to go in as well. The previous Marquis that was taught a lesson by Lei Yu also did not even dare to show his face today.

“Mr. Lei Yu, don’t worry bout a thing. There’s no need to listen to those hypocritical Vatican scums.”

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