Ch 155 – It’s Not That I’m Afraid

It wasn’t that the Vatican was afraid of Lei Yu; it was because Lei Yu knew the secrets of the labyrinth. The secrets involved were something even Prophet Kalchas couldn’t understand completely. But these were only the thoughts of the Vatican; the fact was the labyrinth didn’t really have many secrets at all. Lei Yu only got rid of some guardians and nothing more. But then again, Lei Yu was indeed a powerful expert. After angering him, they could definitely subdue him but then the Vatican would suffer heavy losses. That’s basically the formidable effect of a Sixth Order Warrior so the Pope wasn’t stupid enough to risk it.

After sending everyone in the hall away, it was now easier for the Pope and Lei Yu to discuss things.

“I’m not sure how your holiness wants to cooperate with a small character like me? Could it be that you want me to join the Vatican and become one of your faithful followers? If that’s the case, then that’s considered a pretty lousy scenario for me.” Lei Yu jokingly said.

Being able to attain the position of a Pope meant he wasn’t a petty person but someone extremely shrewd. When dealing with Lei Yu or anyone for the fact, he would always step around cautiously. “Mr. Lei Yu, you are too fond of joking around.”

“Let’s get to the point. You want to know the secrets of the labyrinth right? Your holiness, I can tell you outright that there’s no other secrets except for a passageway that transports you back a thousand years ago to ancient Greece.” Lei Yu directly cut to the chase since he despised it when two people danced around a subject.

“Mr. Lei Yu, can you swear by what you’ve said to the almighty God? Prophet Kalchas once said that the labyrinth held an earth shattering secret, so could it really be as you’ve mentioned?” It was obvious the Pope didn’t believe Lei Yu.

“I really don’t know how Kalchas could live for over a thousand years, and I definitely don’t know why he would suddenly die a decade ago. But I did see him a thousand years ago and he must have known something was going to happen to arrange our meeting. I’m not going to say anything else unnecessary so if your holiness wants to take back the old ring, here you go. We’ll just pretend that I never entered the labyrinth.” Lei Yu directly took off the storage ring while waiting for the Pope’s answer.

The Pope wasn’t a fool. Perhaps there was a reason that Lei Yu didn’t want to reveal the secret, but even if there weren’t any secrets after all, he still wouldn’t take back the ring from Lei Yu. Doing that would definitely cause problems with their relationship so it was more cost-effective to win over a friend with the ring than to gain an extra powerful enemy.

“Ha ha! Mr. Lei Yu, as I’ve said before, you really are too fond of joking around.”

Lei Yu slightly smiled, his heart was definitely unwilling to return the storage ring. “About our cooperation, I’m wondering what his holiness has in mind?”

“Mr. Lei Yu is really a direct person. The terms of our cooperation is very simple, you merely have to help the Vatican eradicate the Dark Council so that we accomplish the task set forth by our almighty God.” Said the Pope as he closed his eyes in sincerity.

Lei Yu waved his hand in haste. “Your holiness is overestimating me; I don’t have the good fortune of being blessed by God. As I’ve said before, I’m merely a little side character and can’t achieve anything big. There’s also one thing you should have already thought of – the Dark Council has visited me. They’ve also discussed cooperating with me but I, Lei Yu still have a bit of intelligence and didn’t agree to their offer. I know how powerful the Vatican is so I don’t want to be saddled with such troubles. You can see my plight right?”

The Pope narrowed his eyes slightly. “Mr. Lei Yu, you should know the matters regarding the Dark Council. They are a group made up of Vampires and Werewolves with an ultimate expert from each race. While the Vatican only has me that has reached top step in strength. According to the ranks of your country, you are also an expert that has reached the top level. If you and I were able to team up together, we could definitely destroy them completely. This also saves a lot of innocent lives since their race requires using the innocents in order for them to continue living. Do you have the heart to let these atrocious things continue to occur?”

Wasn’t this guy using others to make himself look weak? Lei Yu lightly smiled. “Your holiness, the Vatican has been in conflict with the Dark Council for hundreds of years yet you both still exist. The reason for this is most likely the strength of you two are balanced. The strength behind the Vatican can completely suppress the development of the Dark Council. And you seemed to have forgotten to mention Dr. Tony, who happens to have the strength of an Ultimate Rank Mutant. Isn’t he someone completely loyal and faithful to you? Or else how could Dr. Tony so easily give up on killing me?”

“This…” The Pope didn’t expect Lei Yu to mention Dr. Tony but he was able to respond quickly: “Tony and Hasegawa had a deep relationship but we the Vatican, don’t want forge any enmity with you Mr. Lei Yu. That’s why we immediately consulted with Tony and stopped him from committing a stupid mistake. In fact, all of this was incited by Hasegawa so I hope you are clear on the rights and the wrongs.”

“Oh really?” Lei Yu sneered, anyone with half a brain knew exactly what was going on. Pushing all the blame on a dead person was a move he didn’t expect the Pope to come up with. If it wasn’t for setting the stage to lure Lei Yu into the labyrinth, no one would believe the Vatican would step forward and help him out.

But Lei Yu wasn’t stupid. There are some things they both knew in their hearts, but didn’t need to be said out loud because it will make the situation awkward and difficult. “There’s plenty of time to speak about this again in the future. Currently, the Dark Council gave me some ‘advice,’ which was not to join the ranks of the Vatican. Otherwise, I’d be inviting trouble to myself when they act against me.”

Lei Yu directly passed the buck onto the Dark Council, a move he copied from the Pope.

“What qualifications do these evil existences have to threaten Mr. Lei Yu? This is completely ridiculous, unless you are really afraid of their threat?” The Pope tried to goad Lei Yu but it didn’t seem to be working.

“It’s not that I’m afraid. Could I, a dignified Deputy Commander of Dragon Group and the second young master of the Lei family be afraid of a mere Dark Council?”

Lei Yu’s statement not only warned the Pope, he was telling the Pope that he considered the Dark Council beneath his eyes. He wanted to the Pope to clearly hear that he, Lei Yu wasn’t someone easily bullied. If something actually happened to him, even though far apart, Tenglong country would spare no effort. Multiple super experts will be sent out to seek justice so by then, the Dark Council would probably cease to exist! But Lei Yu would not allow that to happen since he didn’t want to rely on anyone’s power as his stepping stone. He only wanted to rely on himself and especially not borrow any strength of the Lei family.

The Pope seemed to be in deep thought for a while before saying: “The words you’ve spoken make a lot of sense. Don’t worry about anything for now, the Vatican will always treat you as a good friend and we welcome you to visit anytime. May the almighty God bless you abundantly.”

“Thank you.”

One thing Lei Yu wasn’t expecting was that his words made the Pope form new plans in his heart. But these plans shouldn’t appear in the thoughts of so called people of justice yet it had already started to sprout inside the Pope… frame them!

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