Ch 156 – Descent Of A Heavenly Treasure

Creating the illusion that the Dark Council murdered Lei Yu! If things really happened according to Lei Yu’s words, those two powerhouses of Tenglong country would both go to the United States and spare no effort in crushing the Dark Council. When the snipe and the clam grapple, wouldn’t the fisherman be the one to reap the benefits?

Lei Yu didn’t want to stay in the Vatican headquarters for too long so he immediately returned to New York.

The distribution of power between the Dark Council and the Vatican were very interesting to observe. As long as one of the forces appears in a city, the other party would also appear. This was to balance out each other’s power and neither of them was willing to compromise.

After Lei Yu returned to the U.S., a year has now passed by. Nothing troubling occurred during the year, giving Lei Yu lots of peace and quiet. Everything went according to plan and Lei Yu’s funds have currently reached a staggering amount of $2 billion U.S. dollars. But Lei Yu didn’t really care about this monetary number, what he was excited and happy about was gaining talents for the past year.

In addition to Black Panther and Gray Bear, Lei Yu now had eight underlings with the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior; twenty Fourth Order Warriors; over a hundred Third Order Warriors; and numerous underlings below that. Exactly as they said before: As long as you have money, recruiting talents would not be a problem.

Among them were some that were completely loyal to Lei Yu, but the majority of them followed Lei Yu because he was strong. He was someone that could possibly lead them towards newer heights and at least wasn’t a weakling that could be taken down in one night.

Lei Yu could now be described as rich and powerful, enough that the government didn’t dare to intervene in his affairs. But it was mainly Black Panther and Gray Bear that had given them a gift in the beginning that shocked them too much.

This past year, Lei Yu also had some minor improvement in his strength. For someone at the similar level as him, having a bit of improvement was already something not easy to accomplish – Lei Yu was now at the mid-stage of the [Detachment] stage. As for the Thirty-Six Lunar Stars technique, he had mastered five of the stars and only missing one before he can release his first combination attack. This attack would probably be something so powerful that no one could handle, therefore Lei Yu felt highly confident in himself. Of course one couldn’t feel too pleased about themselves since Lei Yu had also experienced sadness after great pleasures.

Sitting in front of a bedroom window of his nearly bought villa, Lei Yu was gently stroking the half-piece of jade pendant that had accompanied him for these few years. Based on his current strength, he should be qualified to get revenge for his grandfather now right? Lei Yu also really wanted to see his mother but where could she be?

While letting out a long sigh, Ai Er came in at this time wearing a long white dress. This past year, Ai Er also changed a lot – from a cute girl to a charming young woman that looked reserved and quiet. The two didn’t say anything while Ai Er just nestled herself against Lei Yu’s chest. An indescribably warm atmosphere spread through the bedroom as neither of the two wanted to leave each other’s embrace.

At this moment, a golden light was seen rapidly flying through the air and off into a distance. Out the window, Lei Yu was sure the light wasn’t anything like an airplane or a bird. This golden light somehow gave Lei Yu a very familiar feeling.

“Ai Er, I’m going to head out and take a look, you stay at home and wait for me.” Ai Er nodded. Lei Yu directly opened the window and jumped out of the third floor before driving off in his car to catch up with the light. At the same time, several organizations were making their own moves.

Near a swamp land, Lei Yu used up nearly a full day to catch up with that light. He clearly saw the golden light had disappeared somewhere into the swamp. Lei Yu got out of his car and started walking on foot through the swamp.

He wasn’t the only one that detected the golden light. When the golden light first appeared, the people of the Vatican had already contacted the Pope who was far away in Greece. The Dark Council was also getting ready themselves, hoping it was some descent of heavenly treasures. Something like this had happened a few hundred years ago and the person who gained this was none other than the Vatican’s Pope. The Dark Council wasn’t willing to be outdone so of course they had to find out the origin of this light.

The golden light had landed in the center of the swamp, a place where ordinary people couldn’t easily access. Lei Yu relied on the superior control he had over his body to easily enter the swamps.

“It’s over there!”

Lei Yu found his target and started heading to the center at breakneck speeds. As he got closer, Lei Yu felt the emitting force becoming more familiar. Also at this time, a black figure flew out from another direction and managed to reach the golden light first.

“Who is it? They have amazing skills!” Lei Yu said to himself. Being able to use the soft mud of the swamp to leverage a jump, this was definitely not something an ordinary person was capable of.

It appears the other person had seen Lei Yu as well. “I’m really sorry Mr. Lei Yu, but this treasure will belong to me.”

As Lei Yu got closer, “You know who I am?”

“Mr. Lei Yu’s big name is naturally known far and wide. Let me introduce myself: I am one of the Senators of the Dark Council, a Vampire Prince of the Kameno family named Bel. Mr. Lei Yu may have heard of it before?”

It was now that Lei Yu carefully looked at this person’s appearance. A pale and thin face without a trace of color as if the blood was completely drained; an elegant tuxedo was worn over a shapely body made a good fit; inside was a flower collared white shirt that looked like it was tailored specifically for him; and black hair that partially covered his left eye. As a gust of wind blew by, Lei Yu noticed that his left eye was completely blood red.

“I have heard of you.” Lei Yu replied.

“I’m truly sorry. Since I was the first one to arrive here, then the treasure should belong to me.” Bel smiled with elegance as he pointed to the item buried in the swamp yet still shining a golden light.

Lei Yu shook his head. “Prince Bel, it seems like there’s no such thing in this world with a rule of first come first served. Everything depends on your strength… Now I wonder if you possess that strength to lay down your claims?”

After hearing Lei Yu’s words, Bel couldn’t help but frown. “Could it be that no matter what, Mr. Lei Yu has to fight with me over this?”

Lei Yu’s lips arced into his signature smile. “Nope, I don’t intend to. Except you seemed to have forgotten that the news of this will travel fast within the Vatican. I doubt the Pope would sit at home without doing anything and wait for the treasure to be delivered into his own arms!”

Lei Yu said this because he could feel the Pope’s aura approaching. “Mr. Lei Yu is indeed correct. How could our Vatican miss this opportunity?”

The Pope’s voice was heard at a distance not too far away. They both turned and noticed a white figure rapidly floating towards them. That’s right, it was floating because one could clearly see the Pope’s feet unmoving yet his body approached at high speeds.

“It’s so lively today.” Lei Yu was in the mood to watch a great show play out. Mainly Lei Yu understood that he would not be in any danger today – it was impossible for the Vatican and the Dark Council to join forces against him. Plus Lei Yu wasn’t afraid of either of them. In another sense, if Lei Yu became slightly closer to any of the parties here, the other will definitely meet their demise. Those two were looking at Lei Yu like he was holding a balance scale; wherever he tilted it would cause a completely different outcome.

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