Ch 158 – Werewolf King Jonathan

Lei Yu pretended he didn’t know what was going on and shrugged. “Who knew… could it be that the battle boots was capable of seeking out its true owner?”

“No! Impossible, impossible!” The Pope shook his head, refusing to believe what he saw.

Bel started floating over. “Looks like this item doesn’t really belong to the Vatican!”

“Nonsense!” The Pope’s eyes were filled with bloods vessels and looked like they were about to burst. He had tried many methods to obtain other holy objects but never succeeded. He never thought today one would appear before his eyes but was now taken by Lei Yu. How could he be willing to just let that be?

Lei Yu and Bel both frowned at the same time. They could feel a murderous aura condensing on the Pope’s body. They never expected the aura of resentment on his body would be this strong.

Was Lei Yu scared? No he wasn’t. These boots did not originally belong to the Vatican. The founder of the Vatican wasn’t Kalchas, nor was it Telephassa. Lei Yu didn’t have to further pretend being pleased with this sudden bestowment. Not to mention, these boots originally belonged to Minotaur Linos. If Lei Yu really wanted, the bull-head might even give the full set to him. Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and coldly said: “Your holiness, it seems you intend to do something about this huh?”

“Take off those battle boots!” The Pope’s voice had become emotionless. One can see that in his eyes, nothing else mattered apart from the battle boots. His previous friendly pretense was completely thrown out the door. Bel was pinpoint accurate before; people of the Vatican were hypocrites who pretended to be virtuous.

“What if I say no?” Lei Yu lightly moved backwards, ready for a sudden attack.

“Humph! How could I allow you to possess the Vatican’s holy objects?” The Pope’s body suddenly lunged forward. Lei Yu wasn’t frantic and casually dodged to the side.

The attacks made by the Pope were entirely supported by his own internal energy, completely different from Lei Yu. He and Bel were the same; they relied on their own body’s physical power and agility. Of course, their speed would also be their biggest advantage. Initially, Lei Yu realized his own speed was not as fast as Bel’s, but he did have his own unique methods of attacking and now that he had the battle boots as well, Lei Yu could now display his advantage.

“Whoosh!” Lei Yu wasn’t going to tolerate the Pope initiating the attack. His body like a ghost, he rushed towards the Pope as well. Borrowing the magical power of Ares’ boots, Lei Yu’s speed had reached unimaginable proportions. Watching from the side, Bel’s mouth was agape in shock. Having always been proud of his own speed, he was now overawed by Lei Yu and his desire to possess the treasure increased even more. Lei Yu wasn’t the same as the Pope who had powerful magical attacks. But the internal energy inside Lei Yu had barely been used while the Pope and Bel had previously had a big fight with each other. With the addition of Lei Yu’s newly added battle boots, the gap in strength between the two had been pulled closer. After dodging several of the Pope’s attack, he relied on his powerful physique to quickly condense the forces of lightning within himself.

Suddenly, Lei Yu jumped into the air. Before the Pope could even react, Lei Yu was already behind him. With a shout, “Lunar Star’s First Form!”

Purple lightning was flickering on Lei Yu’s arm with little white dots mixed amidst it. His original lightning energy was now mixed with the power of the moon and stars!

One could only see Lei Yu’s eyes focused on the back of the Pope. Using his powerful right arm, Lei Yu swung his arm drawing a perfect arc and a powerful light in the shape of a semicircle rapidly shot out.

“Agghh!” Bloodstain gradually spread out from a line on the back of the Pope’s white robe. Fresh blood continued gushing out staining a large area of his clothes. Lei Yu’s attack wasn’t considered very powerful but this was the result of him using a generalized attack. Not to mention, he was merely using his fist to release the first form of the Lunar Star Martial Technique, it couldn’t be compared to the sharpness of releasing it through a weapon. You definitely can’t even compare it to Minotaur Linos when he used it while holding onto Ares’ axe.

How long has it been now? Based on the Pope’s noble status, when was he ever seriously injured by another person? Perhaps this could be considered being smacked awake by Lei Yu. While breathing heavily, “Your strength is indeed really strong!”

Seeing that the Pope had stopped his attacks, Lei Yu also stood still but not relaxing his vigilance at the slightest. The increase in speed the Ares boots had given to him had not reached its limit yet. If he did push the speed to the limit, it’s quite possible the Pope would be receiving over a thousand strikes by Lei Yu already. Lei Yu was able to feel the horrifying degree of speed the boots was capable of increasing.

“If your holiness hadn’t previously been in a fight with Prince Bel, maybe I would be the one that’s hurt instead?” Even though Lei Yu had fought with the Pope, it wasn’t his intention and he only acted as a last resort. He still had thoughts of living in peace with the Pope. Even if two sides couldn’t be friends, at least they wouldn’t become enemies. This would definitely be better than living with a pair of predatory eyes on him at all times. “As for the holy object…” *Cough cough!* The Pope was heard coughing hard a few times, showing the injuries caused by Lei Yu was not light at all. It’s no wonder because with Lei Yu’s current strength of being mid-stage of [Detachment], he was already a one man tyrannical force. Not to mention the fight just then, Lei Yu had only used half the power of the first form of the Lunar Star Martial Technique. With just this, he was able to heavily injure the Pope. Needless to say, Lei Yu was capable to continuously using the first four forms; the consequences to the Pope would most likely be disastrous.

Lei Yu lightly exhaled. It seems like the Pope didn’t really want him as an enemy but his desire for the boots that technically didn’t belong to the Vatican was too strong. “I shouldn’t be staying the U.S. for too long, no longer than three years. For the next three years, I will hold onto this item temporarily. Once I leave the U.S., I will give it to you.”

“Really?!” The Pope suddenly stood up straight. It looked like his previous injuries weren’t actually that serious. Lei Yu never expected a dignified Pope who was admired by millions of people would be so concerned over external worldly possessions. This had made Lei Yu somewhat disappointed in him.

Lei Yu also really liked these cool looking boots but after all, it didn’t really belong to him. Even though the Vatican and Minotaur Linos was unrelated, Kalchas was still the prophet for the Vatican. Since there was more or less a slight connection based on that, giving it to the Pope shouldn’t be a bad thing.

“Rest assured, the boots are yours once I resolve some of my issues.”

One could clearly see the Pope’s mood was extremely happy even though blood was still constantly dripping down off his back. It looked like he didn’t care about it at all since Lei Yu had made him a promise. To super experts, committing to a promise was an important thing.

The two of them were chatting by themselves and looked like they were ignoring Bel. “Brilliant!” Bel clapped his hands as he approached Lei Yu and the Pope. “You two somehow concluded the situation all by yourselves?” It’s just too brilliant… that means you guys aren’t putting our Dark Council in your eyes right?”

“It appears Prince Bel also wants a piece of this?” Lei Yu turned around with a smile on his face.

“Mr. Lei Yu, I’ve always treated you with utmost respect. Your behavior really makes me confused. Since you’ve already attacked, why would you reach a consensus with the Pope that deserves death?” Asked Bel.

The Pope glowered angrily, “I deserve death? When did the Dark Council become so arrogant? You disgusting creature that hides in cold and wet places, what makes you qualified to discredit the followers of God?”

Bel coldly sneered: “Do you think you can still fight with me? You are seriously injured right now so killing you will be a piece of cake!” As a Senator of the Dark Council, Bel wanted to kill the Pope because he would gain great merit on the outstanding contribution.

“You…!” The Pope couldn’t help but cough out a mouthful of blood.

“What? Getting angry? Did you believe Mr. Lei Yu would help you fight against me?”

“I actually will!” Lei Yu nodded with a cold looking face. If the Pope was to really die, the waves of calamity would be bound to start. This could turn out to be something no one would be able to suppress. The rough estimate of Vatican followers could be over ten million. If they all rose up to cause a disturbance, then the consequences would be inconceivable. Lei Yu will never allow this type of situation to occur.

Bel’s mind had actually blanked out. Perhaps the speed he was so proud of was now considered less than Lei Yu, combined with Lei Yu’s words of assisting the Pope, Bel had now exploded with anger. He had to get the Ares boots no matter what! Bel suddenly attacked while Lei Yu was completely unprepared.


The blur of Bel’s figure was still remaining in his original spot but his body had already arrived in front of Lei Yu. All you could see was Bel’s hideous face glaring at the two. The Pope was no longer a cause for concern to Bel; as long as he got rid of Lei Yu, then the item will naturally belong to him.

“This is too funny!” How agile was Lei Yu’s reaction speed? Although his body wasn’t able to float in the air like the Pope, and it wasn’t possible for him to have a pair of wings to fly like Bel, but his ground techniques were solid and stable. Even if he was currently amidst a swamp, it still did not have much effect on Lei Yu’s speed.

“You may be fast but I’m faster!” Lei Yu utilized his speed to the maximum and a golden light suddenly shot out from the Ares boots. Like a cannonball, Lei Yu’s body shot out to clash head on with Bel.



The scene was like two bullets striking each other in midair. Bel hissed in anger as his body abruptly bounced up into the air. He then howled into the distance at a certain direction. At this time, Lei Yu’s senses clearly alerted himself that during his steady probe of the surrounding area, someone was dashing towards them at breakneck speeds. Lei Yu was shocked, “There’s actually another Sixth Order expert coming near us?!”

Since Bel was up in the air, Lei Yu could have jumped up in attempts to attack him but this would cause Lei Yu to be in a defenseless state. And the figure travelling at breakneck speeds suddenly emerged from edge of the dark woods of the swamp lands. “Haha! I thought you could take care of everything and didn’t expect you would call me out to help you!”

“Stop your bullshit and quickly transform!”

The person that just arrived had a head full of brown hair and a muscular body. His mouth started chanting some strange spell and his large body started to become even bigger. In mere moments, his 1.8 meter tall body became a giant at 3 meters tall. We can’t even call him a person anymore because the muscles on his body enlarged to a point of ripping all his clothes off. Shreds of cloth started fluttering to the ground while gray hair started extending out of his skin. The hair on his back became a lot longer than the rest of his body while his mouth and nose started stretching forward. Fangs with a flickering cold light was now exposed from his mouth. His hands and feet also underwent a big transformation – thick pads were formed on them while sharp claws started growing outwards.

“A Werewolf!” Lei Yu exclaimed in shock.

“No, not just a Werewolf.” The Pope in the back narrowed his eyes before continuing: “He is the same as Bel, a Senator of the Dark Council. He’s the leader of the Werewolf clan, Werewolf King Jonathan! Two people that usually don’t reveal themselves had actually appeared here today. It looks like their purpose of coming out here together is to assure themselves of gaining the treasure they don’t know anything about!”

“Werewolf King? He’s the King of the Werewolves? No wonder he has the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior.”

“Cut the bullshit!” Shouted Bel who was still flying in the air. “Weren’t you very strong? So let’s fight! Let me see what exactly do you Asians have to be so proud of yourselves!”

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