Ch 159 – Teleportation

Bel and Jonathan both rushed at Lei Yu at the same time. They didn’t even bother to deal with the Pope who had no more strength to attack anymore.

Even though the speed of Werewolves cannot compare to the ghostly dexterity of Vampires, the moment their strength explodes forth is still extremely strong. But for them to chose to clash with Lei Yu head on was a mistake – Lei Yu’s reinforced skeletal structure has metallic properties in them and an all out melee fight was what he truly preferred.


Jonathan and Lei Yu were the first to clash together, their bodies unable to separate for a brief time. Bursts of blood were constantly seen on Jonathan’s body because Lei Yu’s attack was simply too fast. Although the two’s momentum did not diminish, Jonathan’s body had started accumulating injuries that weren’t light at all.

For the Dark Council to be capable of competing with the Vatican for many of these years was due to their bloodthirstiness and their lack of fear of death. With blood red eyes, Jonathan had no intention of retreating at all. As for Bel, he pulled back and started undergoing a transformation. While Jonathan and Lei Yu were fighting each other, he had finally completed the final stages of his transformation. Every bone joint on the black wings behind his back had actually grown a sharp thorn like the point of a spear. His original fangs also started growing longer, sharper, and even more sinister looking. A dark red glow had now surrounded his entire body as it fluctuated the air around him.

Both Vampire Prince Bel and Werewolf King Jonathan had appeared together. These two pillars of the Dark Council showing up together were epic proportions not seen in a thousand years. The Pope could only sweat for Lei Yu engaged in the battle. There was no way he could fight right now because the injuries Lei Yu gave him weren’t something that could be healed in a short time. There was only one thing he could help Lei Yu with, but now wasn’t the right time.

Jonathan roared out: “Asian man! You dare to harm my noble body?! I am going to rip you into thousands of pieces! Complete and utter shreds!” After roaring again, Jonathan rushed forward head on.

“Do you have the ability? You dark creatures of night are able to survive in this world due to the blessings of the heavens. If I were God, I would definitely not bless you bloodthirsty villains!” Lei Yu’s tall figure suddenly exploded backwards. The next moment, the spot he was original at had become a large pit of mud. This was an attack that Bel initiated while he had been flying in the air all this time, but fortunately Lei Yu escaped just in time.

Having undergone transformation, Jonathan was someone who won’t bother to stop attacking. Without hesitation, he rushed forward again. Lei Yu coldly humphed before shouting: “Lunar Star’s first form!”

A purple light mixed with white starry dots brightened up on his arm. Lei Yu rotated his arm and swung out a semicircular light that completely stopped Jonathan’s advancement.

Lei Yu didn’t stop what he was doing and focused his stare on Bel’s body. “The second form!”

Compared to the first form, the second form was like a meteor with much more lethality and speed. Bel flapped his wings trying to move to the side, but how could Lei Yu’s attack be so easy to dodge?


The meteor-like power cut through one of Bel’s wing. At this moment, not only was he in pain, but he also lost his balance and was on the verge of falling.

Lei Yu saw his opportunity. The two colors purple and white started making “pak pak” sounds on his arm. The domineering purple light with white dots in the background soared into the sky.

At this time, it was night already. With Lei Yu’s arm emitting a bright light, the clothes on his upper body instantaneously shredded into pieces. With his exposed tanned skin, the lightning brand on his right arm looked particularly clear and striking due to the internal energy pulsating through it.

“I knew the Dark Council wasn’t something good. Since you both are here, it makes things easier for me. I doubt the Dark Council will have anymore existences of ultimate experts? I will take care of both of you here and now!” Lei Yu coldly shouted. His loose hair started fluttering in the wind making him look like a grim reaper that had experienced countless kills on the battlefield. Lei Yu was now filled with the domineering aura of an emperor, and it even made the injured Pope on the side feel humbled by that sight.

Even though Werewolves and Vampires were creatures of darkness in Europe, they still borrowed their strength from beasts. Whether they were Werewolves or Vampires, facing Lei Yu who was emitting a bright light made them feel a bit uncomfortable. This was undoubtedly a psychological deterrence that interrupted their previous momentum. Bel who was struggling to stay afloat inches above the ground, subconsciously felt an impending danger. Was this the power a Sixth Order Warrior was supposed to have? No! It’s not! The strength Lei Yu exhibited was something beyond the Sixth Order, a strength on the same level as the Devil Lord! The two became hysterical because it was now useless whatever they try to say to Lei Yu. They were the ones that struck first and not Lei Yu. They didn’t even have time to think things through because Lei Yu had already completed condensing his power. “Lunar Star’s third form!”

The dazzling bright light made everyone in the area unable to fully open their eyes. Lei Yu had spent a lot of internal energy for this move so if the attack missed, the chances of winning this fight would become very difficult. That’s why no matter what, Lei Yu had to completely lock onto his target!

“Now’s the chance!” His left index finger and middle finger clamped together. He then slid those fingers along his right arm from top to bottom guiding his energy down the arm. The fully condensed energy at a terrifying level instantly burst forth. It appears Jonathan and Bel was in an overlapping straight line (one behind the other). This was exactly the condition that Lei Yu wanted!



Jonathan, Bel, and the Pope who wasn’t that far away to the side all stared with big round eyes.


This was Jonathan’s first thought. Someone on the same level as him was actually capable of releasing such a powerful attack. This was something too unbelievable yet the reality was in front of his eyes. The attack Lei Yu released was purple electricity filled with white starry dots, like a moonlit poisonous snake in the dark night. Its smooth scales of shining light rushed forth giving everyone who laid eyes on it the chills.

The speed of the attack wasn’t something the naked eye could see clearly. Merely a brief moment and the attack had penetrated through Jonathan’s strong body. It went in through his stomach but did not stop there. Behind Jonathan was Bel who was completely shocked, but we have to say his reaction speed was extremely quick. In the microseconds of time, he saw Lei Yu’s attack arriving near his chest and at the last moment, his body suddenly disappeared from the spot!

“Shit!” Lei Yu said to himself. “It looks like this damn Vampire is not only very fast; he also has some powerful ability up his sleeves. I underestimated my enemy, damnit!”

Jonathan’s bloody red eyes were round and wide as his body slowly toppled to the ground. Because he was seriously injured, the mud around his feet was like the demons of hell that started slowly swallowing him. Watching his own body gradually sinking down, Jonathan didn’t even have an ounce of strength to resist it.

Bel’s sudden disappearance wasn’t accidental. This ability he activated in the nick of time was something unique to Vampires – teleportation!

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