Ch 160 – Forging Great Hatred

This ability was something he wouldn’t activate unless it was a last resort. This was because the consumption of energy was simply too large. He would only use it if it was a life or death situation, and he had to be pretty sure his life would be forfeit if not used.

When Bel reappeared again, he was already next to the Pope. Since he couldn’t take on Lei Yu, then he might as well do something that was beneficial to the Dark Council – kill the Pope!

“You f*cking bastard!” Lei Yu glared at Bel. The sudden change in the situation made him unable to react.

Bel’s hand clamped around the Pope’s neck. He only had to use a bit of force and the Vatican will suffer their biggest lost in history.


As the situation became tense, a heart chilling howl was heard – this was the howl from a wolf. The first to react was Bel. When he looked over at Jonathan who was about to be submerged into the swamp suddenly dig himself out of the mud, he could not help rejoicing in his heart. At the same time, he noticed up in the sky was a full moon.

“You guys are dead! Jonathan has achieved his ultimate form!” Bel faintly smiled showing a pale face that was even more hideous looking under the moonlight.

An extra layer of golden hair grew on Jonathan’s back. His face that was not much different from a dog’s was obscured by a golden light. His limbs became several times sturdier than before and the muscles on his body became more toned. His originally sharp claws and fangs started growing longer, and his previous height of 3 meters had now become about 5 meters tall. Red hair started growing on his head that was twice as long as before. With his enlarged and robust shoulders, combined with a gigantic body exuding a dark red light, Jonathan now displayed an aura that was completely breathtaking. With a body that was filled with power, even Lei Yu’s previous momentum was squashed down. The blood red eyes of the Werewolf King had never left the full moon. We could say Lei Yu was quite unlucky to have encountered Jonathan on a night of the full moon. This was the time a Werewolf released the full power of their nature, a time when people would fear them the most!

Jonathan didn’t say a word; perhaps it wasn’t even necessary for him to say anything. His actions will be his words. His figure disappeared in a flash as he directly burst forward. After all, the Werewolf King was different from other werewolves. The moment he charged forward, one could see that his enlarged body did not diminish his speed in the slightest. In fact, you could say he became in more agile and fast. With a muffled roar, his speed somehow doubled in an instant. His two huge front paws with sharp claws made a swiping motion, creating a loud “swishing” sound. Ten piercing white streaks of light then flew straight at Lei Yu’s location.

Lei Yu wasn’t dumb enough to just stand there and wait for the attack to arrive. He leaned back forming an arch-like bridge on the ground as he beautifully dodged the attack. Lei Yu watched the ten streams of white light continue flying behind him. It appeared the white light wasn’t targeting Lei Yu anymore but started heading towards the Pope and Bel’s location.

“You freaking moron! Your violent true form truly doesn’t distinguish friends from foes!” As a last resort, Bel reluctantly released his grip on the Pope’s neck to dodge to the side.

“Not good!” Lei Yu shouted out. At a critical moment, the Ares boots shone brightly as his body charged forth like a shell being shot out of a cannon. Lei Yu’s goal was to block the ten streaks of lights heading for the Pope.

The white streaks of light were fast, but Lei Yu was even faster. He had utilized his own speed along with the Ares boots to its maximum, making his speed almost comparable to teleporting!


“Whoosh~whoosh~” Lei Yu’s body shook a few times before standing firmly again. Fresh blood was seen dripping down his back and onto the mud.

“You… are you okay?”

Lei Yu shook a few more times before spitting out a mouthful of blood. Even he didn’t know why he would wage his life on the line to save the Pope.

Maybe Lei Yu saw the crown on top of his head, making him remember Queen Telephassa from thousands of years ago. Or maybe Lei Yu was doing this for world peace. Lei Yu didn’t consider himself as anything great; rather than let the dark forces win; he might as well protect the forces of light. To him, this was a mentality every normal person should have.

Lei Yu was heavily gasping for air. “I haven’t died yet!”

The friendship shown today, the Pope will silently remember in his heart. In the past, the Pope could be considered as strictly using Lei Yu to achieve his purposes. But now, he was truly grateful to him. That previous attack was simply too fast and its destructive powers too great. As someone that was already injured, once the attack landed on the Pope, he would then definitely die. What Lei Yu did was basically saving his life, so how could the Pope not be grateful towards that?

At this time, two pairs of dark red light in a distance became brighter. A pair belonged to Werewolf King Jonathan who had already gone mad while the other belonged to Vampire Prince Bel. The two were very close and all you could see were two red lights colliding in midair. Suddenly, a burst of sound like the air being torn apart was heard. Without hesitation, Jonathan once again rushed forth while Bel relied on his fighting characteristics and opted for long-range attacks. Bel wasn’t as ambitious as Jonathan so he naturally would not want to fight head on with Lei Yu who possessed insane melee capabilities. Even if Lei Yu was already injured, he still preferred to act with caution. With large strides, Jonathan rushed forth like a meteor while howling in an imposing manner. His body was like a mountain as it pounced forth onto Lei Yu.

Although one wouldn’t call Lei Yu’s combat experience to be rich, but at least he still had the ability to resist while being injured. With a shout, he grabbed onto the Pope’s collar and they both flew backwards creating some distance from Jonathan. And the spot there were original at, a bottomless pit with elongated marks was seen in the mud – this was made by Bel’s attack from a distance.

Lightly exhaling, Lei Yu calmed himself down. Looking at the fast approaching Jonathan, Lei Yu started condensing what’s left of his meager amount of internal energy into his hand, the purple light looking especially remarkable at night. Combined with the dots of starry light belonging to the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, Lei Yu focused his attention on Jonathan who was his target.

Even though Jonathan had underwent transformation to his violent true form, the spot below his chest still had traces of a wound caused by Lei Yu’s previous attack. It wasn’t considered much when compared to his huge body, but the wound did directly go through and out his body so there were still traces of blood spilling out.

Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless. The energy that was ready to burst forth was giving off a “hissing” sound on the palm of his hand, creating an extremely heart chilling effect. This was Lei Yu’s last chance at an attack!

Lei Yu’s ability with theoretical thought was not too bad now. Ever since he received the cultivation method of the Thirty-six Lunar Stars, in a short time he was able to fuse his strongest original powers with the new technique into the best compatibility. Because of the fusion of two different powers, it turned out to be at least twice as strong as either stand alone power. Using the Lunar Stars as the point of attack with his own power of lightning as the base; with those two mixed together; as long as Lei Yu willed it, then he could easily release an explosive power.

But doing so would quickly use up his internal energy. Even if he could defeat Jonathan quickly, behind him was still Bel. Lei Yu couldn’t care too much about that anymore since gaining a bit more time equals giving him a bit more opportunity to survive!

Watching as Jonathan’s distance became closer and closer, Lei Yu shouted: “Now’s the time!” The lightning net on his palm instantly struck out as he flew forward to greet Jonathan.

Lei Yu’s speed was too fast, making Jonathan unable to brake in time. Since the mud was simply too slippery here, Jonathan had stopped his feet but his body still slid forward about half a meter. The key was this half a meter since this was what took his life!

Lei Yu’s hand had already penetrated into Jonathan’s previous wound. The terrifying force of lightning first paralyzed Jonathan rendering him unable to move. Then, the huge power of Lunar Stars instantly burst forth. Jonathan didn’t even have time to feel any pain before the area where Lei Yu’s hand had penetrated instantly exploded. The scattered remains of flesh and blood had completely stained the surrounding mud!

In the middle of Jonathan’s huge body, a large hole the size of person was seen. From the perspective behind the huge body, Lei Yu was still in his attack posture while Bel’s wide and round eyes stared in disbelief.

Based on Jonathan’s extremely powerful defensive body, an artillery attack on him may not even harm him in the slightest. But Lei Yu happened to rely on his personal strength to kill the Werewolf King who had already transformed to his violent true form!

Sometimes when power is too spread out, it would actually lower the defensive nature of it. But when it’s concentrated into a single point, unexpected results may arise. For example, if a door was slammed onto an elephant, it may not sustain too much injury. But if we used a small knife, even if we use less power than using the door, then it could lead to serious injury or even death for the elephant. This is the scariness of concentrating one’s power at a single point, and Lei Yu apparently did this quite well.

He utilized his own power to break open Jonathan’s defense at a single weak point. He then used the explosive power of the Lunar Stars to instantly destroy the surrounding area of his hand.

It was also at this moment that the Pope started murmuring something in the distance. A white light that wasn’t very noticeable appeared around the Pope before beaming towards Lei Yu’s back. The latter’s body trembled slightly but he didn’t turn around to look. A warm energy started slowly spreading out through his entire body making Lei Yu feel very comfortable. Perhaps this was the true power that the Pope possessed. Still floating in the air behind Jonathan, Bel was only focused on Jonathan’s dead body and wasn’t paying attention on what the Pope was doing.

Lei Yu suddenly lifted his leg up and performed a side kick, kicking Jonathan’s almost five meter tall body off into a distance of at least ten meters. Whether his body would sink into the swamp or not, it didn’t matter anymore since he was no longer alive. Even if there was a full moon hanging in the sky, it no longer played any role for Jonathan.

Bel’s body was trembling as he floated to the ground. Enunciating his words one at a time: “Lei Yu, you actually dared to kill Jonathan. Not only have you forged a great hatred with the Dark Council, you have also become enemy number one of the Werewolf clan… you have killed their most noble and most powerful Werewolf King!”

“Are you f*cking stupid?! So I shouldn’t kill him and just let him kill me?“ Lei Yu cursed.

“Jonathan was the noblest descendant of their bloodline, you will pay for this!”

“I find that you scums enjoy putting the blame on other people. Think about all the people you’ve killed so far, have you ever thought that one day retribution will fall upon yourselves? Would I just stand here and do nothing while waiting for you guys to kill me? Simply ridiculous!” The logical reasons Lei Yu spoke made Bel unable to respond at all.

“You just wait…!” Bel started flapping his wings and flying into the air. “You will regret your actions today! We will show you the consequences of going against the Dark Council!” The voice of Bel started getting softer as he flew off into the distance.

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