Ch 162 – Some Movement

“He sounds really powerful!” Lei Yu couldn’t help lament in his heart. What extent of power has someone like this achieved? Could it be that he had already exceed the strength of a Sixth Order? “Ascetic cultivator? What is that? Also, you said that he appeared together with Prophet Kalchas right? So what type of relationship did those two have?” Lei Yu asked.

“An ascetic cultivator could be considered as one that practices bitterness. His cultivation method is very unique, where one uses various means of torture to inflict on their own bodies. Tolerating the pain that normal people aren’t able to handle to achieve an unimaginable willpower is also a way of cultivating. As for the appearance of Prophet Kalchas and him… When the Vatican was first established, no one dared to ask what relationship they had since those two were the ones that assisted the Vatican on its path to glory. A few decades ago, when the previous Pope had pushed the Vatican to its peak of glory, Prophet Kalchas and Lord Romon left the Vatican. Tens of years later when I took over the position as Pope, Lord Romon suddenly returned to the Vatican and informed us of the passing of Prophet Kalchas. This piece of news caused a huge commotion. After the death of Prophet Kalchas who rose up with the Vatican, his previous followers guarded his memorial tomb for a full ten years.”

“When you refer to his followers, that’s the Burlinder family Bishop Hawes’ mother right?” Lei Yu asked.

“That’s correct. And the sudden reappearance of Lord Romon was followed by him leaving again without a trace.” As the Pope was saying this, he seemed really emotional showing how regrettable it was for Prophet Kalchas to have died.

“I really want to meet this ascetic cultivator.” Lei Yu faintly said.

“That’s impossible.” The Pope repeatedly shook his head. “Even I wanting to see Lord Romon is an impossible matter. Unless he appears on his own accord, otherwise no one knows his whereabouts. Besides, Lord Romon has never met with anyone not belonging to the Vatican. There’s only one person and one issue he cares about in his entire life.”

“One person and one issue? What are they?” Lei Yu asked out of curiosity.

“One person represents Prophet Kalchas, since Lord Romon has followed him ever since the beginning. The one issue is very strange to describe… Lord Romon has a habit that no one has figured out. Whenever there’s thunder and lightning, he would go outside to the Vatican’s ritual platform and sincerely worship the skies while Prophet Kalchas stands behind him. No one has ever dared to ask why they do that.”

“Worshipping the lightning?!” Lei Yu repeated in surprise.

When Lei Yu was in ancient Greece and hadn’t come back to the modern times yet, he used the pseudonym Lightning. Since this Romon person was inseparable from Prophet Kalchas, it looks like there’s a certain relationship to ancient Greece. But the validity of his was hard to determine. Perhaps this was purely a coincidence but Lei Yu still felt surprised about the situation.

But there’s one thing that Lei Yu had doubts about – did Prophet Kalchas really die? When Lei Yu travelled back thousands of years ago to ancient Greece, Kalchas had already existed for at least a thousand years. There’s no doubt there was a connection between Minotaur Linos being his owner and his longevity. But now that Lei Yu once again heard of Kalchas’s name, since he can live for at least three thousand years, how could he so easily die? Maybe his death was for real, but there’s a chance it may not be.

Despite these questions; since the Pope said that even if he wanted to see the ascetic cultivator would be near impossible, there’s no need for Lei Yu to keep bringing this matter up. Returning to the main topic: “You holiness, when do you think the Dark Council will make their move?”

Without hesitating, the Pope replied: “There are two possibilities: Vampire Prince Bel is currently seriously injured and the Werewolf clan’s Werewolf King Jonathan has been killed by you. The strength of the Dark Council has been greatly reduced so I believe even if they want vengeance, this shouldn’t happen in the near future. The second possibility is that they simply do not dare to act. The Vatican and the Dark Council have always been irreconcilable; since we could never find the location of their headquarters, wanting to destroy them in one go is impossible. But them want to overturn our Vatican is wishful thinking as well. With the blessing of God and the protection of Lord Romon, they aren’t capable of it. One thing I am sure of is they won’t take any actions for now.”

Lei Yu nodded since he felt the words of the Pope was reasonable.

That day when Bel left, he should understand that Lei Yu had saved the Pope’s life. Even if one thinks with their butt, they should realize Lei Yu and the Vatican was now standing together. The Vatican now had two Sixth Order experts while the Dark Council only had one left. Moreover, there was a problem the Dark Council didn’t know about and could only take a guess – and that’s Dr. Tony. Cutting off the relationship with Dr. Tony was something Lei Yu and the Pope had just agreed on, so even Tony himself didn’t know about, not to mention the Dark Council.

Taking the airplane prepared by the Pope, Lei Yu returned to New York City.

That night, something terrible happened in New York City. Lei Yu was unaware of this because he was in a deep trance while cultivating. Once Black Panther fully grasped the situation, he arrived at Lei Yu’s place early in the morning.

“Young master, something bad has happened!”

“Tell me.” Said Lei Yu as he dried his wet hair.

“Last night, the streets of New York City were covered in Vampire shadows. Around three o’clock in the morning, over a hundred bodies were found!”

“What?!” The color of Lei Yu’s face paled. “How could something like this happen?”

Lei Yu couldn’t believe something like this would happen. Ordinary people were also the target of their attacks?

“This indeed happened. Last night our nightclub was also attacked but there were only a dozen or so Fourth Rank Dukes and a dozen or so Third Rank Marquis. Gray Bear and I, including some of our people were able to kill some and scare some away so there weren’t any casualties on our side.”

Lei Yu frowned. “It looks like we’re their target and the ordinary people on the streets were attacked to cover-up their scheme. This won’t work… tonight we’ll stop our business for the night. I want to see what they’re capable of!”

Lei Yu didn’t expect the previous speculation he and the Pope discussed would be completely wrong. The Dark Council actually dared to attack in such a short period of time which means the seriousness of the situation was bigger than anticipated. What Lei Yu had to do now was to bring his people together so that those that needed protection would be protected, and the rest will all be on stand-by for a fight!

Even though Lei Yu felt that he wasn’t able to accomplish much while alone in the U.S., things in life were at times contradictory. If there were a large amount of people under him, that meant a lot of people would need to be protected which may drag down his efficiency. But as a man, if he couldn’t even protect his own woman and friends, then he might as well admit he was a little b*tch and call it a day!

Escaping wasn’t a sign of cowardice, they were merely preparing for an explosive attack later on.

After Lei Yu contacted the Vatican, those two forces both headed towards Mr. Hawes’ huge estate to group up.

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