Ch 163 – Arrival Of The Pope

On the Vatican’s side, the Pope personally went into action. He brought three Red Cardinals and eighteen Holy Knights. Only people who had attained the strength of a Fifth Order were eligible to enter into their ranks, and these eighteen people only listened to the orders of the Pope. Even though they were on the same level as the Red Cardinals, but in a different sense, their status was more distinguished than the Red Cardinals. The Holy Knights weren’t something ordinary people got to see or meet on a daily basis.

Today was different from the past since the Dark Council had now made their move. Since the Vatican and Lei Yu had forged an alliance, they had to spare no effort in supporting him. Lei Yu had saved the Pope’s life after all. So as the supreme ruler of an organization, he didn’t want to owe someone such a large favor. There’s a saying that at times, the favor eclipses the heavens and is very difficult to pay off.

The Burlinder family was extremely busy. Everyone used their fastest speeds to clean and furnish the rooms. There were two master bedrooms, one for Mr. Hawes and his wife and the other one for his mother. Now the original furniture of those two rooms has disappeared and have been changed to their new owners, the Pope and Lei Yu. There’s no doubt about the Pope’s distinguished status since the family originally took orders from the Vatican. Since Lei Yu was his mother’s benefactor, in addition to having a deep relationship with the Pope, Lei Yu naturally received the most favorable treatment. As for the other people such as the Red Cardinals and Holy Knights the Pope brought along, they had to share the guest rooms with 2 – 3 people to a room.

Mr. Hawes and his family were standing directly outside the large manor waiting. This place was suddenly bustling with activity so it was natural for outsiders to ask what was happening. Once they found out the Pope was coming, these believers devotedly stood on the lawn outside the manor and around the estate to await his arrival.

But at this time, everyone looking at the roads and the air didn’t see any incoming cars or aircrafts.

“Lafayette.” Mr. Hawes faintly called his daughter.

“What is it father?”

“What do you think of Lei Yu?” Mr. Hawes voice was very soft, soft to the point that only Lafayette could hear it.

Being asked about Lei Yu, Lafayette suddenly shyly blushed. “Why are you bringing his name up?”

Mr. Hawes smiled, “I can see that ever since Lei Yu left our house, you’ve been a bit gloomy and are completely different from before.”

“You’re so hateful; I’m not going to talk to you.” Lafayette pouted and couldn’t hide her shyness.

“If you like him, why not pursue him? You need to know that it’s difficult to find such a young man with this much strength and status in any country. Do you really want to miss out on this opportunity?”

“But… but he already has Ai Er. How could I…” Realizing her slip of the tongue, she abruptly stopped talking further.

Mr. Hawes wasn’t too concerned, how could he not know what his own daughter was thinking? Still with a smile, “In this world apart from family, your personal love will be the next most precious thing. If for certain reasons you give up on your own personal happiness, then you might regret it for the rest of your life. In other words, there’s no shortage of women behind the figure of a strong man. Not to mention how beautiful my daughter is, there’s no need to fear some competition!”


“It’s a deal then. I will create a chance for you this evening so that you and Lei Yu will be alone together. You must grasp this opportunity!”

Lafayette nodded shyly, her face already buried in her collar making her look quite cute.

But who knew that Mr. Hawes move right now would make him beyond regretful in the future…

A lot of people were crowded around the property of the huge estate. Everyone was extremely excited hoping to glance at the Pope’s figure. We don’t even need to mention the aspects of order here because the people had nothing but respect for the Pope. Everyone watched their manners and stood in place with their heads lowered.

Just then, the sound of a helicopter was heard from a distance. “The Pope, his holiness is arriving!” Someone shouted in the crowd. All eyes turned to the sky and sure enough, they saw a helicopter arrive and land in a clearing. The Pope was dressed in his usual attire; white robes embroidered with golden threads. Following behind him were the three Red Cardinals.

“May God bless you all, my children!” The Pope had a benevolent face while saying this.

All the believers were excited to the extreme. Many of them were clutching onto the Bible while reciting the verses. The Pope didn’t want to stay outside for too long in fear of causing a commotion. It was best to head inside and talk about matters later.

The Pope directly walked towards the castle-like manor and went inside. The Burlinder family also hurriedly went inside while several bodyguards stood by the door as if fearing people would rush in. If unwelcomed visitors did manage to get past them, then they would suffer the consequences of dereliction of duty.

Entering the castle-like manor, the non-essential people were denied entry; only the old woman and Mr. Hawes were allowed entry. Even Mr. Hawes wife and daughter Lafayette weren’t eligible to enter for now.

The Pope’s entourage quickly settled the necessary tasks before leaving in a hurry. The rooms inside the castle were specifically prepared for the Pope and his high-ranking followers.

“Follower of the Prophet, has Mr. Lei Yu arrived yet?” Asked the Pope.

Hawes stood silently to the side, not daring to say a single word. It looked like he was even afraid to lift his head up. Hawes had never been qualified to see the Pope, which meant he had no qualifications to speak to him today as well. One could see the tension on his body was immeasurable as he was now face to face with the Pope.

The old woman replied: “Most holy father, Mr. Lei Yu has not arrived yet. You should first rest for a bit and I believe he should be here soon.”

The Pope nodded. “All of you leave first. Bishop Hawes, you stay.”


The old woman and the three Red Cardinals left the room, leaving a nervous wreck Mr. Hawes. Having attained the rank of a Bishop was all due to his mother’s connection. In fact, the Burlinder family was originally a noble family. Back then, Hawes’s father was the original follower of the prophet, but he had passed away due to certain reasons and the old woman succeeded him. The old woman did her job well and gained the appreciation of Kalchas. It was because of this that made the Vatican favor the old woman, which allowed her to know a lot of their secrets.

“Bishop Hawes, please remove the thing on your finger.”

Hawes quickly presented the ring in a very respectful manner. The Pope lightly nodded and said: “I have clearly seen your loyalty towards the Vatican. The merciful God will definitely bless you.”

“Thank you, your holiness.” Hawes respectfully said.

“Okay, you may withdraw now. Once Mr. Lei Yu arrives, do not hinder him regardless of the circumstances and allow him to directly see me.”

“Understood!” Hawes left the room, his heart still palpitating. Now he was even more concerned by his own plans. It looks like the Pope sees Lei Yu in a very favorable light and their relationship wasn’t simple. Just a single person was able to form an alliance with the Vatican meant that his future was limitless. His heart had become more urgent for his daughter to pursue Lei Y now.

Playing with the old storage ring in his hands, the Pope mumbled: “I wonder if the old demon of the Dark Council would appear or not. If he does appear, then I can only rely on the scroll inside the ring to deal with him!”

The two old rings must be together in order to summon the ultimate arcane secret. No one knows about this; it was only told by Prophet Kalchas to each generation of Popes.

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