Ch 165 – Primus Hogue

Sitting at the end of the table was an honest looking burly middle-aged man who said: “They’ve already gone to Idaho and there are experts like clouds (experts everywhere). I don’t think we can take any advantages if we were to perform a large-scale attack on them right now. Not to mention our Werewolf clans’ Jonathan has already been killed by Lei Yu, so shouldn’t we first come up with a plan that guarantees our success?”

“Experts like clouds? They are looking down at our Dark Council! Should we allow them to bully us thinking we don’t have experts of our own?” Bel slammed his fist on the conference table. It seems like the quality of the table was quite good since there were no signs of it wanting to break apart.

“Isn’t this whole situation a mess your Kameno family created? If it weren’t for your family’s incompetence of being unable to forge an alliance with Lei Yu, would today’s situation emerge in front of us?” A person sitting at the corner with a cloak on that covered his face said so with a cold voice. “That day you acted like you were better than others and only sent a Lord from your pool of subordinates to settle matters. Now that negotiations have failed and you also failed to get the treasure that Chairman Primus Hogue wanted, you’re still daring to show your anger in front of us? Absolutely ridiculous!”

“What did you say?!” Bel suddenly stood up and pointed his finger at that person before saying: “Moka! If you think you had the ability, why didn’t you go yourself? What qualifications do you, a little Counselor have to dare speak like that to me, a Senator?!”

“Humph!” This person called Moka also stood up. “Are you disrespecting our Chairman Primus Hogue? Being his follower, could it be that I don’t even have the right to say something here? You should mind your own status!”

“You…!” Bel was suddenly speechless. Out of everyone present, he and Jonathan were indeed the most powerful. Now that he was the only one left with the strength at the Prince level, it wasn’t the case where he could say whatever he wanted in the Dark Council and it would be carried out. There was still the Chairman of the Dark Council – Primus Hogue. He was a supreme expert that exceeded the Sixth Order, a character that everyone was afraid of. But during these recent years, he hasn’t shown his face to them at all and it was just recently they saw him again. It was when the golden light appeared in the sky, Primus Hogue told Jonathan and him to retrieve that object.

But now Bel had messed up everything to this point. Not only did he not get the object he was sent to, the Werewolf clan’s most noble existence the Werewolf King had lost his life as well. Afterwards, he didn’t make any comprehensive plans and even started immorally attacking ordinary people. If Primus Hogue were to find out about this, Bel may be subject to some severe punishment.

For the time being, the atmosphere of the conference room became particularly intense as if a fight was about to break out any moment. Everyone started persuading and calming down the two who were at each other’s throat. It looks like the Dark Council’s unity needed an existence that could exert enough pressure for all of them to submit willingly. It was clear that Bel wasn’t this person.

They kept on debating about the situation but no solution or conclusions could be found, so they just shelved the whole thing for another day.

On the other side in a huge estate in Idaho, Lei Yu and Ai Er were walking on a lawn that seemed endless. They were romantically holding hands and looking up into the sky at the myriad of stars glittering above.

“Lei Yu!” Someone from behind called his name. Lei Yu turned around and realized it was Mrs. Hawes.

“Madam, do you need me for something?” Lei Yu asked with a smile. What Lei Yu had been surprised with all this time was how could a woman 30 – 40 years old maintain her skin that well. However, due to reasons of courtesy, he didn’t ask her. Furthermore, it’s hard for a manly man like himself to be asking skin care questions.

“Yes, there is something. For the time being, I can’t find the whereabouts of Lafayette. There are simply too many guests these past few days and the servants are overwhelmed. I was hoping to have Miss Ai Er help manage the female servants while I go out to take care of some errands.” Mrs. Hawes said.

“If that’s the case…” Lei Yu looked at Ai Er uncomfortably, his heart was somewhat reluctant. Even though they were quite close with the family, they still shouldn’t be having their guests perform tasks right?

But Ai Er didn’t seem to particularly care about this and nodded with a smile. “No problem. You go take care of your things and I’ll keep an eye on the servants.”

Lei Yu had originally wanted to go with Ai Er but because it was the female servant’s room, it wasn’t proper for Lei Yu to enter. He could only walk around the estate by himself to kill time.

Watching Mrs. Hawes drive away from the estate, Lei Yu turned around and a familiar figure gradually approached him. “Lafayette? Your mother was just looking for you.”

“I know…” Lafayette nodded.

“You knew? Then…” Lei Yu felt something was a bit off.

Lafayette blushed. “I… I have something to tell you.”

“Go ahead and tell me what’s on your mind.” Lei Yu looked very natural compared to Lafayette who was fidgeting all over the place.

“Actually… actually… I actually really like you. I was hoping you would give me a chance to get to know each other. I guarantee I’ll do even better than Ai Er!”

“Ah?!” Although Lei Yu showed a surprised face, this wasn’t that unexpected since he in fact had seen these kinds of situation multiple times. What he couldn’t figure out was that he and Lafayette never really interacted or spoke much with each other that much, so when did she start developing feelings towards him? No matter what, Lei Yu felt this whole situation was a little strange.

“I know you already have Ai Er by your side and won’t accept another person, but it doesn’t matter. As long as I can stay by your side, I am willing to do anything and I’m also willing to wait for you.”

These words of Lafayette’s were actually against her own desires. In fact, her feelings towards Lei Yu were just an attraction. If the two were to be separated, her feelings towards him would most likely gradually fade away over time. But since Mr. and Mrs. Hawes gave her this script, she couldn’t go against their words and could only say this to Lei Yu.

Lei Yu shook his head helplessly. “I’m not this great of a person you’re thinking of. Moreover, you’re so beautiful and your family’s status is so great, there’s no need for you to walk down this path. You shouldn’t be wasting your time on me, okay?”

“But I really…!”

“I’m sorry but I still have to go cultivate. If there’s anything else, let’s talk about it tomorrow okay? Be good and go to bed early and stop over thinking things.” Lei Yu smiled as he said this. He wasn’t expecting Lafayette would go replace Ai Er in managing the servants since he knew she definitely wasn’t in the mood for that right now.

Looking at Lei Yu’s expression, Lafayette didn’t know what else to say and could only turn around to leave.

It was around this time that the situation came to a terrifying crossroads. But this wasn’t happening to the Vatican or Lei Yu, and neither was it happening to the Dark Council. Something was going on with a fearsome person who had been hiding in the shadows all along – Doctor Tony.

In some ways, we can say his research achievements have reached its highest peaks. But his studies would not be recognized by any countries since the Yamaguchi-gumi, who were originally an organization with a big influence, was still exterminated by Lei Yu. That’s why no country was willing to take the risk in supporting his work anymore. And two days prior, he received a notice from the Vatican entailing the breakup of their partnership. This piece of news had made him completely explode.

“It looks like the Vatican and the Dark Council are truly treating me like I’m nothing!” Dr. Tony coldly said. “In order to cooperate with Lei Yu, the Vatican actually gave up our many years of partnership. And the Dark Council has been massacring my mutants’ non-stop, this is too outrageous!”

“Doctor, I think we should create some problems so the two will start killing each other. That way, we can clean up the mess and reap all the benefits.” Said a weird looking person standing next to Tony.

“What methods do you have?”

“Your daughter…”

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