Ch 166 – I Love You A Lot

Dr. Tony thought for a long time before finally nodding his head. “This is indeed a good idea.”

Inside a manor in Idaho, involved personnel were living on the first floor amongst dozens of rooms. Lei Yu, the Pope, and some more important people were living on the second floor VIP rooms. Even the owner of this castle-like manor had been placed in a small room on the first floor.

There were even people living in tents outside on the lawn since the limit had already been reached for who could stay inside the manor.

At this moment outside the manor, there were still a large number of devout followers silently reciting the contents of the Bible. Still walking around the estate, Lei Yu couldn’t help sighing. “The Vatican hadn’t really helped humans with any actual foundations, but they have indeed helped them spiritually to their best effort. Having so many loyal followers was definitely an intangible wealth. It looks like anyone wanting this force to disappear from earth would not be something easy.”

Stretching his upper body, “I should really go back and cultivate now…”

Downstairs inside Hawes’s room – “You fool, you idiot! I created such a good opportunity and you still couldn’t grasp it!”

After hearing the shouts of Mr. Hawes, a weak female voice then replied: “He already has a girlfriend. Why do you still want me to get involved? Aren’t you forcing me to becoming that hateful third-wheel?”

It was at this time that Lei Yu stopped mid-stride. Frowning outside a door, he was listening to the conversation inside the room.

“Can you not do something that will help our family? As a descendant of the Burlinder family, have you ever thought of making some contribution to the family? Can you not see that Lei Yu will one day have amazing achievements? His achievements will definitely bring a lot of glory to our family!” Hawes sighed and continued saying: “I don’t care what methods you use but you have to capture Lei Yu’s heart. As for his girlfriend Ai Er, I will get someone to get rid of her so that he will completely forget about her. His girlfriend is an ordinary person and is living in our castle, so finding an opportunity to take care of here is a piece of cake!”

“You’ve gone crazy!” Lafayette was shocked; she never expected her own father would make such a decision. Was this still the polite and friendly father who was the Vatican’s Bishop?

“I’m not crazy. If we can smoothly resolve this situation with the Dark Council, then Lei Yu would become someone that is recognized by everyone in the world. Don’t forget the heavy-handed actions he took in the Kou country has already caused many people to pay attention to him. So for now, get close to him and seize the opportunity when it appears. Do you really want him to slip through your fingers?” Said Hawes in a hysterical manner.

“No! I will not do what you’ve said! You’ve gone nuts, are you still even my father?” Lafayette shook her head and shouted. “Ai Er is so gentle and her feelings with Lei Yu are on such a good level so why would you treat her like that? This isn’t fair. Just because of your ambitions, you’re willing to erase someone’s life. This is something I, absolutely are unable to do!”

“Pak!” A loud slap was heard. After that, one could hear Lafayette’s sobbing and Hawes’s loud breathing.

Lei Yu heavily exhaled as his heavy footsteps went up to the second floor.

Coincidentally, Ai Er had finished taking care of Mrs. Hawes tasks and was returning to her room.

“Ai Er.”

“Brother Yu, what’s going on?” Asked Ai Er when she saw that Lei Yu’s expression was a bit weird.

“Nothing much, I just feel like I do not really like this place anymore.”

“What happened?” Ai Er gently held onto Lei Yu’s arm and asked in a soft voice.

Gently stroking Ai Er’s hair, they both entered the room. “I don’t really want to hurt others but there are times that it can’t be avoided. I have to protect the ones close to me so it’s necessary to target them without prejudice to deal with the issue.”

Ai Er couldn’t really understand what Lei Yu was trying to say, but she still nodded in confusion. Gently kissing Ai Er’s lips, “Go to bed soon, I will head back to my room and cultivate.”

Everything seemed to be concentrated in one area now. On the other side, a Lamborghini sports car was being driven on the open road. Its destination was the other side of the U.S., a small town in the State of Idaho.

Although with his eyes closed, Lei Yu still couldn’t concentrate enough to enter a cultivating state. He simply lay on the ground so that he could completely relax. The direct contact with the cool floorboards on his bare back made him sober up, as he carefully considered how to deal with this family.

Lei Yu wasn’t too concerned when this family concealed their identity and set him up because in a manner of speaking, it had benefited himself. But now it was different, the current Hawes had harmful intentions to the closest person to him which made lei Yu reconsider everything.

“Should I give up the cooperation with the Vatican? No! This wasn’t a wise path; I can’t screw up the plans just because of one person’s (Hawes) ulterior motives. Doing this was no different than what a naive child would do. But I will always worry about Ai Er’s safety if we stay here so what should I do?” Lei Yu was rolling back and forth, his mind coming up with numerous countermeasures but he would then reject them one at a time.

“Donk, donk, donk!” Lei Yu heard knocking on the door. He quickly put on a shirt before opening it.

“Lafayette?” Lei Yu was surprised but looking at her face, it showed she had just recently cried.

“Lei Yu, can I say a few words to you?”

“It’s… it’s too late right now, how about we talk about it tomorrow? Moreover, Ai Er is right next door so wouldn’t it be a bit inappropriate if she found out?” Lei Yu didn’t want to point out what he had just overheard. After all, Lafayette stood firm in front of her father displaying her virtuous side. She was now the only person in the whole family that Lei Yu had a favorable impression of.

“I’m begging you, let me come in okay? I really have something important to tell you.”

Seeing Lafayette’s pleading look, Lei Yu nodded helplessly. “Fine then…”

After entering the room, Lei Yu deliberately left a gap in the door so it wouldn’t fully close. Standing in front of Lei Yu, Lafayette was looking at Lei Yu’s disheveled clothes before lightly biting her lips. “I’m sorry Lei Yu; I really do like you a lot.” After saying that, she immediately wrapped her arms tightly around Lei Yu.

“I don’t want to hurt you so I advise you to let go of your arms.” Lei Yu appeared very calm and didn’t show any abnormal behaviors due to her actions.

“No! I’m not letting go! I only want to be by your side. Whatever Ai Er can give you, I can also do it as well. I only hope that you will accept my love for you!” Lafayette’s voice was trembling a bit. One thing Lei Yu understood was that Mr. Hawes made her do this. But what methods did he actually use to coerce Lafayette into doing it? This was the unknown.

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